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Took Randy and Phillip out to the bass grounds this morning after the rain stopped.

Bad positive wire to my battery left us without electronics, so we fished it 'old skool'.

Phillip dropped his line down and 5 minutes later hooked up a 20" flounder.

It was a little sporty on the water, not the greatest of conditions....we'll get back out after 'em, repairs are done, so look for a Cbass report tomorrow.




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......Thanks So Very Much for the fishing trip and the B&B, we had a great time wth some great friends and great food:happy2:

the Tuna and Flounder were Very tasty, Bev @ H/T donated some clams which the girls steamed-up, we had some wine Barb brought but that went too quick:confused3:

then we took a walk on the boards, got my mid-night fix of a "PJ" all-the-way:evil6: then we stumbled into a Blues Bar and listen to a band called "Time Warp" and they were pretty good:icon_thumright:

then on sunday, we went and looked at boats, houses and I made a business-call at Sunset Provisions and meet wth Scott and sold him a dozen ThumbDingers:happy3: then it was off to Snappers for "cold beer" and lunch, thanks again Dave:hello:

as always, a great time in OC thanks again to Bob, his wife Estela, his parents Pat & Doris, Bev @ Harbor Tackle and Dave @ Snappers:icon_thumleft:

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Now that sounds like a fun weekend!

Great job on the flatty, Phillip!

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