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Thanks to everyone's help in bringing the issue to light about the "Resident Only/Zone 14" parking at Willoughby Spit by the public Access Walkover. It has been a long (over 2 years) struggle to convice the powers the be at The City of Norfolk to eliminate or modify the signage, not allowing the general public to park on 15th View or for that matter Ocean View as well at times.

The Good news is that all the negotiating that has been done over the years and this spring has finally paid off. With all the meetings and constant letters and pressure everyone has kept, the parking at Willoughby Spit has finally been changed.

Attached below is the proposal that is now in place at Willoughby Spit. While it may not be what we originally had, it is more than we had the past two years which was none!

Please be sure to let everyone you know about the new parking regulations and most importantly, educate everyone you see about the new parking and keeping the area clean, so we all don't face the City of Norfolk taking this away due to neglect or misuse!

Chalk up a win for the little guy!


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Thanks for all of your hard work and congrats!

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VCAN Restores Real Public Access to Willoughby Spit Beach Written by Mark Feltner


Friday, 29 June 2007 http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp?S=6731035

Congratulations to all VCAN members and supporters of public access for making a difference in restoring real public access to Willoughby Spit Beach as you now have some place there to legally park!

Of course, and trust me when I say, we fought hard for a year for more then just 4 daytime parking spots/2 loading zones both on 15th View and some dozen plus 24/7 marked parking spots on Ocean View Ave. However, that's another long story. Bottom line we won more then what they wanted to give us.

Sad part is that now you have all these different parking signs about every 12 feet cluttering up the scene, when I saw it all for the first time the other day, knowing what I know, I could only shake my head and laugh at how ridiculous and unnecessary it all was. Oh well, it is what it is for now - the bigger up side - a win on the board for the public's access to Virginia's coast.

I cannot thank you all enough for tying an action to a thought, the calls made, the letters written, and voices at City Council, the public meeting, and on all fronts everywhere to make a positive difference.

Special thanks to:

Mr. John Keifer, Norfolk Director of Public Works for really working with us and the Willoughby Spit residents to make it happen.

Mr. Andy Fox of Wavy10 and Mr. Dennis Hartig with the Virginian-Pilot for capturing and sharing this access issue with the public.

And, the Norfolk City Council for listening to us!



... and now if they'll just forgive me for that last parking ticket?!

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