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It's been since last fall since we have hit Back Bay NWR for a little fishing. Bucket, Kibaro, Parko03, Alleycat and myself all met in the parking lot around 6:15am. Unpacked the vehicles and loaded the pier carts for our hike down the beach. The beach looked like it had flatened out a bit since last fall, but we had the last 3 hours of the incoming tide so there were a few spots that looked good.


Got set up and it was time to put lines in the water to see what the day would bring. We were armed with Bunker, spot, croaker, squid, mullet, crab, clams, and all the fake bait you could handle. Bucket proceeded to get his Lami/Blue Yonder combo and cast off into the daybreak.


From there we all baited up and set out the rods. I was the first on the board, with the dubious distinction of the clearnosed skate on the other end. I proceeded to catch a few more, before taking a break and sipping on a few cold ones :icon_pidu:!


Down the beach I saw that Saltdawg and crew had arrived, so I went down and talked to them. As soon as I walked up, Saltdawgs clicker does the click, click, click dance and he pulls up a skate as well (Guess I was a jinx there!). Good to see you again Saltdawg and nice to meet the rest of your group as well. Stayed around for a few and walked back down to our set up while we sipped a few more cold ones and waited for something to happen.


Not much else to speak of the rest of the day and we packed it in about 12:30pm and headed home. Total count for the day was about a dozen skates, two small blues, and some scattered spot and croaker. No runs, no hits, no errors on the big fish. Nice day and enjoyed being back down at Back Bay, were it truly is a bit of a getaway.


On the way into the refuge, it looked like some jerk decided to dump his trash :angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4: and other household belongings on the road. Not cool at all when we are trying to get them to allow access for us at night during Drum Season. So if you see anyone in the refuge after close screwing off, please call the Police to report it. We don't need the a few bad apples ruining all the hard work we have done to try to open this access in the fall.

P.S. #2

Thanks to Alleycat for taking these photos!

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nice report...I miss those. September can't come soon enough!

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Nice pictures and report. Thanks Dixie!

Can you email me a higher resolution of that silver water picture? Man, that is BEAUTIFUL!

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