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Capt Todd Byrum::: We had a trip booked today with a local elderly couple who wanted to take the grandkids fishing, the weather looked bad so I had given them the option to re-schedule, Grampa said the kids want to try it, so I called the famous 1st mate Jamie and said we were a go, Wed, we depart at 8am and head to Bluefish Rock to try and stay out of the rough chop, we get set up and the weather over there was great, sunny, little wind and as the day went on, it slicked out. Started right away with dogfish and skates, and after awhile of that, we move for something they can eat, Found birds working so out goes some trolling spoons and bluefish hit the deck, ended up over at the 3rd island as the day went on and the wind picked back up and caught striper and Blk seabass, at 2pm, grampa says lets go so we ease back toward lynhaven, a good day after all and Jamie did an outstanding job in the cockpit, he was a natural, even with the 1 grandchild that was slightly autistic, That kid had a blast and that is what it's all about, Grandpa said afterwards that he had trips with more fish, but none could compare with the enjoyment, Great Job Jamie!!! We have another trip Sun.




I will be there before you ever get outta bed Capt Todd !! Got rods/reels here at the house to be re-spooled and rigs to be made.....I had a blast yesterday,it was my pleasure indeed. I would rather go with a kid like that than some stuffed shirt know-it-all anyday !! We didnt get any keeper flounder but they went home with fresh striper filets in their cooler !!

The LUCKY DOG has a new home & its in Virginia Beach -


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