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This is a quote from Bill Graves - Bangor Daily News

"Actually searching out laid-up fish by wading along a brook or floating about in a boat, and then presenting the right fly or bait to induce a strike, is the exhilarating and rewarding fishing routine I prefer above all others."

"Opportunities to employ sight fishing are rare in Maine. Brook trout, and on rare occasions, salmon, school up near cool-water creek mouths on hot summer days and can be spotted under the right light conditions and cast to with varied success. Striped bass can be found in shallow coves and bays when summer turns sultry, and these larger solitary fish can be stalked and cast over, and occasionally even caught. But for guaranteed action, day after day, year after year, spawning smallmouth bass are the best sight and fight quarry for all ages and all ability levels of anglers."

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