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Had the day off from work and needed to fish, so I ended up calling AndyMedic and we met up at 9am at the little flounder hole in hopes of getting some flounder and possibly a bay season striper.

I arrived a touch earlier then Andy and set up camp by tossing out my 1267 with a piece of fresh spot on a fish finder rig. I then tied on a 1/4 oz chartreuse jig head and finished it off with a 4" chartreuse Berkly Gulp swimming mullet.

Took about 5-6 casts, but I found the flatties. First was a 8" flattie then a 11" flattie. Nothing to write home about, but entertaining and no skunk! :icon_rr:

Tossed back out and reeled back in only to find I had picked up some junk on my jig (or at least I thought it was). Went to pull the junk off my jig and was amazed by what I saw. It wasn't junk, but turned out to be a seahorse. The seahorse somehow wrapped up around the hooked, but was not hurt at all. Glad I brought the camera, so I could take a picture of him. In all my years fishing, that is the first seahorse I have ever caught.

Andy then showed up and set the heavers out with fresh bait and started on the flounder as well with some live gudgeons. Unfortuneately, the water stopped moving and the bite slowed down to a halt. However, we were provided some entertainment when the ships for Harborfest (downtown Norfolk) started to file in on the parade lap to their destination. Some pretty boats wnet by for about an hour straight while we just sat down and enjoyed a few cold ones.:drunken_smilie::icon_pidu::drunken_smilie:

After the ships finished coming in, we went back to fishing again and picked up a few more small flounder each. I then took another cast and felt like I was stuck, but all of the sudden, my line starts going crazy. Get the fish to the top and it's another nice flattie somewhere in the 18"-20" range. Well the Pop-Net had some issues at the time, then the flounder spit the hook, sat on top of the water for about 5-8 seconds, then slowly waived goodbye back to the bottom of the water.:icon_pale: Oh well, it was his day today!

Packed up and headed out around 1:45pm as it was getting hot and the bite was slow still. Looks like the dog days of summer are'nt too far away. Pic's below for you to enjoy!

Hope to get back out on Sunday!




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was a pretty hot day out there but still a good time...no skunk at least...i might go back mon night or mon morning and do some floundering...

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