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"I've caught bullhead frequently from both Gardner Lake and Bog Meadows. Right off the dam is as good a spot as any to catch a bullhead at the bog. Gardner Lake has produced brown bullheads on the worms that have been intended for its walleye. Try fishing off the dam and spill way at the north end of Gardner Lake, where the road crosses its outflow stream.

All the lakes in the chain of impoundments from Glasgo Pond to Ashland Lake, including Pachaug and Hopeville Ponds as well as Aspinook Pond on the Quinebaug River, also have populations of bullheads to catch. Try fishing from the launch area along the eastern end of the pond or Johnson's Cove from a boat.

The Thames also has some bullheads, though anglers are more likely to land much larger ones below Greenville Dam to the harbor. White cats have deeply forked tails and white-chin whiskers as opposed to dark ones on bullheads."

Reference: Bob Sampson of the Norwich Bulletin

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I bet catching those big ole cats is fun. I remember fishing the Tuckahoe River in Queen Anne's County for cats, but they were never really that big (2-3 pounds).

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