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Headed back to the flounder hole with Bucket along with me. Arrived and started fishing to a falling tide at 10am.

I picked up two small flounder within the first 40 minutes, then Bucket got nailed by a nice pup @ 17" that was released. I tossed my white grub in front of him and got smacked about 5 minutes later and had a nice 19" flounder on the other end. Successfully landed him and bathed him in flour and hot oil tonight for the kids and wife. Man my kids and wife love some fresh fish and it was tasty!

Fished from 10am - 4pm and total count was Bucket with 6 small flounder and 2 pups and I got 4 small flounder and 1 flounder at 19". All fish caught on Berkley Gulp grubs (White and Red today was the choice).

Nothing on cut bait or any other lure. Crabs were out in full force today that is for sure.

4 days of fishing sure was fun and I don't look forward to going back to work tommorrow, but gotta do it. Weather looks good all week, so hope to get back out sonner or later!:glasses1::glasses1:

S-dawg give me a shout if you get a chance to get out this week!:blob1:

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... nice little local run today :happy3:

Only thing I can add is that we were using 1/4oz chartruse and white jig heads with a real slow retrieve especially when those potato chips would start to pick'em up :icon_tongue:


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