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Harbor Tackle’s Fishing Report, May 27, 2007

A few weeks ago, one of my customers that fishes the bridge came by to tell me that he caught a tagged striper off the Rt. 50 Bridge; in fact the fish was tagged twice. The first tag had fallen off along its way and probably that is why he was tagged again. The first time the fish was tagged it was by Rutgers University in April of 2005 and was 26 inches long. When the striper was caught this May of 2007 the fish had grown to 28 1/4 inches long. The transmitter that was inserted into the body of the fish looked about the size of a test tube and weighted a little less than 2 ounces. The gentleman did not have any info for the second time the fish was tagged. The University told him where to contact with regard to the second tagging. As of yet, the information has not been relayed.

Some big cows caught at the beach this week. Bill Goins came in with a 44 inch 35 lb 4 oz striper on Monday, May 21st caught on fresh bunker (photo made the front cover of the Coastal Fisherman). As if it could not get better for Bill, he comes in Friday morning with two more fish he caught Thursday evening. Bill had a 33 inch 21.3 lb and a 39 inch 21.11 lb striper. What a week for him! Ed Baker caught a couple of 34 inch stripers and a 28 inch bluefish on Wednesday. Ed’s dad, Tom Baker caught a 40 inch striper on Thursday. Friday Lou Menchen took a 36 inch striper. Tom Walker hooked up with a 45 inch striper on Saturday. And the big catch of the week is Katie D’Adamo (Poppy’s daughter, aged 14) with a 49 inch 43 lb striper caught Sunday. Congratulations to Katie! There were plenty more big stripers taken at Assateague over the weekend. Last Sunday the Fenwick surf produced a 38 inch striper for Dave Price and for his friend, Cole, a 29 ½ inch striper. Fresh bunker was used as bait on the surf. Donald Sweiter found a nice flounder in the Thorofare. The flounder weighted 6.10 lbs. A 20 inch flounder was taken off the Rt. 50 Bridge on Saturday. Squid, shiners, and minnows are the bait for flounder. Most of the legal flounder are being found around the Rt. 90 Bridge and the northern tip of the Thorofare on the edges of the flats. The Inlet is producing lots of small striper as well as the Rt. 50 Bridge. Saturday evening one fisherman had over 20 blues almost hitting anything plastic. There were some shad mixed with the blues and two 30 inch stripers taken also. Lots of small stripers are at the Rt. 50 Bridge. Michael Pennycook was fishing by boat on the north side of the Rt. 50 Bridge on Friday. Friday day he caught one striper and one blue 28 inches long. Friday evening Mike caught at least seventy fish. The mix was thirty shad, four stripers from 16 to 18 inches, and the rest were bluefish in the 10 inch to 24 inch range. Mau-en Lee hooked up with a 4 lb 1 oz tog using live sandfleas at the bulkhead at 2nd & 4th Streets. Pictures to follow later.

Harbor Tackle has fresh bunker, live chowder clams, live eels, live minnows, live green crabs, live peelers, and 2 sized of live black saltys.


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