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Fished out of HI with Tony, Ron and Bruce spent the night in Frisco to avoid the 0200 wake up call required to launch at a decent hour. Left the inlet @ 0530 and had lines in before 0700 and it busted WIDE OPEN fished around the 160 line in 60 to 100 fthms in 77 degree, clear blue water we had 12 gaffers before 1000. Started moving south and a bit shallower where we spotted a 2” x 12” floating with hundreds of baitfish under it. As we pulled past it all eight rods go down, we managed to get seven of the fish, four beautiful gaffers and three Wahoo the eight fish stripped at least 350 yards before it cut us off. This piece of wood really paid off for us as this scene was repeated countless times for the next three hours troll past the wood five on… get them in circle around troll past the wood three on… we actually ran out of thawed bait (five packs of Ballyhoo in all were expended) so as we recovered from the mayhem and waited for our bait to thaw we put two bailing rods over with some Albacore and wham fish on… so much for recovery. Finally got everything re-rigged messed around the wood for a while longer till we were completely out of fish box room!!!!! Headed home at three enjoyed a beautiful ride in and was home before dark. Just an awesome day!!!!!

110 line to the 185 line, 40 to 100 fathoms, 77.6 degree water, everything on blue and white with meat.

Final tally: 27 gaffers 3 Wahoo

Thanks again to Tony, Bruce and Ron!!!!!

[Here are some pics:














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Incredible fishing! Thanks for the pics and report! :icon_thumleft:

Such nice pictures I decided to put them on the introductory page to AtlanticAnlgers.com

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WOW - thanks for sharing! Beautiful fish!

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