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Pier's -

I did not hear too much happening from the piers this week. Anglers can expect to catch mostly croakers, blues and some small flounder from any of the bay piers right now with blues and sea mullet from the ocean piers. Croaker action is best after dark with shrimp, squid or fishbites, blues at dawn or dusk on gotcha's or cut bait, flounder have been biting with moving water on live gudgeons or berkly gulp grubs. With the warm weather pattern developing the past week and heading into this week you can bet that a bunch of anglers will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of cobia here in the bay!

Surf -

RF228 reported a skate fest down at Sandbridge yesterday, and I did hear of a few small blues and sea mullet down that way as well. Along the beaches of the bay from cape Henry to Willoughby Spit, you can expect some blues, small flounder (with the occasional keeper), croaker, and yes plenty of cow nosed rays to eat your cut bait and give you some pullage. Bucket and Kibaro had a nice run of pups at Lynnhaven Inlet/Lesner last week, but Kibaro and I came up empty on the pups on Saturday. Puppy drum have been hitting Berkley Gulp grubs or a small piece of fresh cut bait on a jig. Rudee Inlet had a decent run of Chopper Blues up to 38" this week. Cut bait on the bottom was working best to land these monster blues.

Boat -

Offshore wrecks still producing some sea bass and tiles. Inshore around the CBBT by the Eastern Shore is still producing some nice Red and Black Drum. Go with hard crabs for the Red's and sea clams for the Blacks. Tog action is still good even though the water temps are climbing. Don't be surprised if you pull in a sheepshead while tog fishing as they should start making an appearance any time now. Flounder fishing has still be happening along the CBBT drifting live baits or squid strips. Again it may not be too long before someone lands a cobia by boat as long as the water temps keep climbing.

That's it for the week, hope everyone has a safe holiday and get's a chance to get out and wet a line!


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