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:coffee2: (Report from 5:45am - 8:45am)

Started off early this morning and headed out to Rudee to see if I could get a shot at some of the Blues that had been coming through lately. Got there around 5:45am and RACN and Leonard were already there.

Not long after I start plugging away a guy down on the rocks pulled in a nice 30" + Bluefish with cut bait on the bottom. Start plugging some more then I see another blue come in on cut bait at 34"+. Started to think OK here they come :eusa_dance:, but it was not to be. Ended up seeing one more big blue pulled in along with a few 2-3# blues, but that was it.

Rory and more of the crew showed up later and I think between us all we pulled up over a dozen undersized flounder all of which RACN tagged and released for us. Flounder were hitting gudgeons on naked jigs or double bottom rigs. Tide slowed down and so did the fishing.

I managed one 16" fllounder so at least I didn''t get skunked!

Good seeing everyone out there and would have stayed longer, but didn't want to feed the meter and I got a ton of mulch to shovel here the rest of the day today.

Hope to post another report tommorrow from somewhere TBD!


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Thanks for the report...RACN35 has become "KING OF THE RAIL"...lol...seems the season is starting out right...

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and RATTLER has been know as QUEEN OF COUCH for the 4 YEARS I have know him !

yep over a dozen steve- 18 tagged and set free

5:55 back at 'em in just a few minutes........



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That pic makes me laugh!:icon_tongue:

Headed out now for some pups and flounder and got the tagging gun with us!

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