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Harbor Tackle’s Fishing Report, May 20, 2007

My customers have told me some great fishing stories this week. Last Sunday,

on an undisclosed area of the Ocean City beach, one fisherman limited out on blues. They averaged 15-20 inches and caught at high tide. He lost a 30 inch striper in the wash and also hooked up with a 4 ft. dog shark. Tuesday and Wednesday of last week blues were at the Isle of Wight Park. The blues were all over 30 inches. A 40 inch and 28 inch striper was taken from the beach and a 47 inch striper caught on Thursday. Also on Thursday 3 boats limited out on flounder. Friday evening on the Rt. 50 Bridge

a nice sized flounder was caught but let go as the fisherman thought that it was not the right kind of fish. He only wanted stripers. Friday the Inlet was filled with blues and on Saturday one boat caught 12 stripers on black saltys and only one fish being a keeper. Last Saturday blues were also at the Rt. 50 Bridge. They were ranging in size from 15 to 18 inches. There were four people fishing and they caught 18 blues. Danny Sargent caught a 23 inch flounder in the back bay behind Harbor Island using minnows as bait. Monday at Assateague one fisherman took 12 blues ranging from 16 to 19 inches. Then the slow down began. I heard of nothing caught. Thursday Will Simmons hooked up with a 42 ½ inch striper from the Inlet using a spec rig. Then Friday night things picked up a little bit. At the Rt. 50 Bridge blues were taken. Saturday 2 nice blues at 6th Street and several throw back tog with a couple of keepers thrown in. The Assateague surf picked up Saturday with one person catching 3 keeper stripers sized 31 and 34 inches and one I do not know the size. Phil Krute got his striper limit of a 29 inch and 27 ½ inch on Saturday. Jorge Ochoa hooked up with 2 – 18 inch, 1 – 20 inch and a 16 inch blue on the surf. Fred Lagman caught a 32 inch striper. Jorge and Fred saw a 35 inch striper caught just down from them and possibly another 35 inch striper they saw by binoculars farther down. Sunday on the surf also turned out to be good fishing. Peter Yee AKA Tunafish caught a 34 inch and 45 ½ inch striper Sunday morning. Peter and his fishing partner, Brian Jackson AKA Huntsman, got into some blues. Fishing by boat on Saturday and Sunday was the Metcalfe family. Madonna out fished her husband Scott and their daughter Abby by catching the biggest blue. They hooked up with some blues 15 to 25 inches. According to the Metcalfe’s Saturday the blues seemed to be all over the bay and Sunday the blues were staying close to the Rt. 50 Bridge. If you fished the beach bunker and peelers were the baits of choice with a mix of finger mullet and chowder clams thrown in the mix. In the bay squid, shiners or live minnows were the ticket. And almost anywhere a person fished for blues fresh bunker or finger mullet was put on the hook. Of course fishing at night at the Rt. 50 Bridge or the Inlet lures were usually used.

Harbor Tackle has fresh bunker, live chowder clams, live eels, live minnows, live green crabs, live peelers, and live black saltys.




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Thanks for the report, Bev and Terry. That is a great striper catch using spec rigs. :icon_thumleft:

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