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Kibaro, Bucket and myself decided to give a hole we have not tried in awhile a shot in West OV. Got set up around 6:40pm and fished the incoming tide until 11pm.

Between the three of us we tagged and released 2 flounder (17 1/2" and 12"), Caught 3 nice taylor Blues up to 3#'s, numerous little (I mean little) croaker, and Kibaro also had a fat 20" schoolie rock which went home for his lunch today.

Flounder were caught on Berkly Gulp with a 1/4oz jig head, Blues on cut bait, croker on fresh clam and the rock was caught on fresh cut blue.

I gotta work today, but I think Bucket and Kibaro were headed to Lynnhaven Inlet to try their luck!

Nice nice last night and was hoping for more rock, but I'll take what I get! :icon_thumright::icon_thumright:

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