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Ok, this topic usually gets quite a bit of chatter......So I pose the question, what is your favorite all purpose Lure? Bait? and Rig? I would have to say the most productive Lure I use is a Stingsilver Jig, this has provided many dinners for me. I have caught just about every fish in the bay on these things too...well not every fish but you get the point. The trout love them, Blues like anything shiny, Stripers can't resist one jigged in front of thier face etc and so on :lol: Bait???? Well I'd probably have to say Cut Menhaden on the beach and Squid in the bay, again very versitle with the fish you can catch......and Rigs....Well thats pretty easy without much explanation either. When Fishing the bottom from a stationary location (ie. Anchored boat, Surf, bank or pier) My favorite is defenitely the fish-finder rig, however when drifting in a boat I just can't beat the old standard double bottom rig.....

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I do most of my fishing from the surf and a little off shore,,,I leave the offshore stuff to my pop but as far as surf fishing, my favorite bait would be fresh cut bunker chunks,,,now as far as rigs, since the beginning of december, I have been playing with what I would call a 2 hook fish finder rig,,,I fish 4 rods and 2 have this 2 hook fish finder and the other 2 have a typical 3"-8" fish finder rig,,,most of the fish have been caught on the 2 hooker,,,maybe just coincidental, but I will continue to use it until the onslaught of doggies and skates,,,when that occurs, I go with a really big circle hook with a very large chunk on a typical short ff rig,,,I will be utilizing the 2 hook rig and ff rig for mainly stripers, drum, and blues,,,kingfish, croaker, and spot, I use a short hi-lo rig or one those premade kingfish/spot rigs,,,flounder in the summer from the surf, I use a bucktail with a squid strip with 2 teasers seperated about 12" apart, cast and retreive,,,SHARKS!, I use a 10/0 or bigger j hook on a 5' heavy wire leader followed by 15'-20' of 250lb mono leader connected to the main line,,,these are my main goto rigs from the surf,,,I haven't used much as far as lures except for flounder but did catch a striper on a plain hopkins.

red drum, *stripers, blues,,,goto bait, bunker

flounder,,,goto bait, squid strips on bucktail

croaker, spot, kings,,,goto bait, squid, fishbites, small cut pieces of bunker

shark,,,goto bait, anything bloody and oily - blues, bunker, mackeral, and kings

*clams are always my backup bait in very late fall into the winter and early spring when fresh bunker isn't available.

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I have many as I do fish all over.


Pike & Perch in the rivers > red and white shad dart tipped wth a minnow, @18" under a bobber. Blue & Silver Rapala.

Rockfish, bay trolling > Red White Bucktails or Green & White depending on water clarity.

Rockfish, chumming/drifting > White & Red Bass Assassins or Calcutta plastics in white or natural colors or live bait on a circle hook.

any Sabiki rig. been using these for @2 years now and while we mostly use 'em for catching Spot, Bunker, Perch, Grunts ect. for use in live bait fishing, it's been a HOT lure for ALL inshore fishing. Barbara(wife) and I went out to visit my brother over the Christmas holidays and got to fish the bay in San Deigo and off in the Kelp beds and the Sabiki was "TITS" above everyother lure we used. made a believer out of my brother 8)

offshore is another story > for Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo & Marlin I preferr "naked" baits(ballyhoo & mullet) or we might dress them-up wth a Pink skirt or Pink & Blue skirt. as for just lures, I like the Dolphin colors or the blue & black Mackerel colors

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