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Ok, I got really brave yesterday night and thought I was going to take my nice brand new Penn Mag 525 apart and clean it up good. Everything seemed to go great, easily disassembled both sides and cleaned the salt grime off. I put everything back together and I thought I did a good job until I noticed my free spool doesn't work. It just clicks like its taking drag. So I disassemble again and carefully put it back together thinking I missed something but I get it all back together and poof the same thing. I am kinda stuck and have no idea what to do. I do notice that when I move the lever from free spool to retrieve the inside gear moves in and out, so I assume I got the reel handle side of the reel together correctly. so i really took my time putting the mag side of the reel together and I still have the drag clicker operating in the free spool(casting) mode. If I turn off the clicker the problem seems to be fixed, however I don't believe that is the correct answer to my problem. If anyone can let me know how much of a dumb bass I am and let me know what I missed or did wrong please enlighten me!

Thanks for any help!


PS -- there might be a beer in this for you!

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I am starting to think its really not broke and working as designed.

I just don't remember having to turn off the clicker to cast the rod. Of course its possible that my clicker was turned off all the time.

Thanks Bob for the link, i'll check it out.

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