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I am not sure if Steve has done a tune up post in the past but either way here goes.

Tune ups should be included in your normal maintenance I usually do mine in the spring. A tune up consists of changing your plugs, pcv valve, fuel filter, air filter and inspecting all vital hoses and tires. With gas prices the way they are and no telling how high they will go this year, I will let everyone know the best way to improve gas mileage, I am sure all have heard to run tire pressures at max etc, I am more concerned with engines right now. Your engine is like an athelete, the better it breathes the more fuel efficent it will run and the more power you will get from it. Start with your spark plugs and other basic tune up procedures( a haynes or Chiltons guide will take you step by step) then instead of just putting just another paper air filter in upgrade to a lifetime air filter where all it needs is a cleaning once in a while. I would also suggest upgrading your exhaust system. Manufacturers always use a design that is both economical for them and one that helps with noise and emissions. Not always the best design. I would recommend a cat back system designed specifically for your vehicle, while at first the cost is a little steep, well worth it in the long run. It will most likely consist of bigger tubing and a slightly louder muffler, but it will save you gas, give you more power and torque. pound for pound the cheapest way to add a few ponies and sipp fuel. If you dont have the money for a full cat back set up I would suggest just vehicle specific muffler( flowmaster, borla, etc) you can also upgrade your air intake from just a lifetime filter to a full fuel injection performance kit or cold air intake system, I recommend the first of the two. Other things you can do are simple such as a good engine cleaning, fluid changes etc, if anyone has any questions pm me or post it. Just have to think of your vehicle as a kid whom needs attention and direction. with proper care they will last you many years with just minor problems.

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