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I asked the NPS folks for some emergency numbers.

The Chief Ranger at AI, Mike Anderson, stated that everyone uses 911 as the standard contact for everything, USCG, EMS, Police, etc.

I suppose if my fishing buddy was adrift in his yak I would probably call USCG directly along with the NPS folks directly at their number. Living in an urban area as I do, I don't always trust 911.

Obviously, you wouldn't dial 911 if you see someone tearing up the dunes.

Chief Anderson provided non-emergency numbers for reporting purposes.

I am attaching inline his entire reply to me, use what numbers you feel you need to. We here at Delmarva Fishing just want you to have the numbers you hopefully will never need. I appreciate the reply and info from Chief Anderson, hopefully we will have a safe 2006 season.



Fire, EMS, and Rescue is always 911

NPS uses 911 as its primary emergency contact number. This line will ring

into the Wicomico County Central Dispatch or the Va Chincoteague Police

Department depending on your location on the seashore. Dispatch will

contact us by radio.

The ranger station phone number in MD is 410-641-3030 for reporting

non-emergency but law enforcement related incidents. For example, if you

observed someone driving in a posted closed area or driving on the sand

dune then use this number.

For Assateague State Park law enforcement emergencies you can call 911 or

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police at DNRP Communications and

Dispatch at 1-800-628-9944.

The Salisbury Office for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Enforcement Division is 410 548-7070.

For the U.S. Coast Guard call 410 289-7559.

I hope this helps and thanks for spreading the word.

Chief Ranger Mike Anderson

Assateague Island NS

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