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For my husband Chris Rogers birthday Sept. 28, 2000 after his death on

March 20, 2000 my daughter Logan and I placed a stepping stone of a

deer head on his grave. He loved hunting and fishing so when I saw the

deer head stone I thought it would be perfect for his grave until his head

stone was finished. By Oct 31, 2000 the stone was stolen off of Chris's

grave. It made the newspapers and the local tv news. The local CBI unit

called me last Thurs. and said someone turned in the person who had

stole the stone. I gave them a picture chris's dad had taken at the grave

sight. they took the picture and were able to return the stone to us

yesterday. Thank you to the person who finally turned the person in, 6 1/2

years later and thank you to the lady whose yard the stone was in who had

been given it as a Christmas present.


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If that isn't something! That is the best news....to know that stone has been returned to you after all this time!!

I remember when that happened just like it was yesterday... and hard to believe that it did happen at all....

and now after 6 1/2 years you have it back... Guess we all need to "Keep the Faith" ~!~ :angel5:

Thanks for letting us know....


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I'm Happy to hear that the man upstairs works in Mysterous ways and the stone found its way back home.

But, I have to say... As I read your Post - I am just Overcome w/ Anger. How can someone Stoop So Low and Remove a Stone from someones Grave site? That is Lower Than Scum IMO.

Best Wishes to you and your Family.


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