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Bradford Pear and Dogwoods blooming andwith pollen in the air, ahh the sweet signs of spring. Headed out saturday morning with Bucket for a little getaway if only for a short while.

On the way down stopped at Hatteras Jacks for a little reel maintenence (Thanks Jimmy) and Bucket got himself a new Abu 6500 C3CT Blue Yonder (Sweet reel) with some upgraded drags. Scored bait then headed out only to stop at Frank and Frans, then Red Drum to get a little more bait (Never know who's got the best). Hit the ferry at Hatteras and relaxed on the way over to Ocracoke. Landed at Ocracoke and stopped briefly at Tradewinds to meet the new owners (nice people) and again had to score some more bait.

Hit ramp 72 and aired down only to have my 4WD start to give me fits. Could not tell if it was in or out so what the hay, we are here and we are going on the beach come hell or high water. On the beach and drive down to see the usual Drum Line at the end, decided to park a little North after getting stuck for a few (hit a dang soft and I mean soft spot) minutes.

Conditions were Wind out of the S/SW 10-15 and clear and the water was pretty clean too (not too drummy looking). Lines in the water with fresh bunker and mullet on the heavers and a little shrimp, bloodworm, small cut bait, fishbites (you get the picture) on the smaller rods hoping for pups or whatever.

Fished the incoming till about 8pm or so, picking up a few taylor blues (1-2#'s), clearnose skate, small rays, smoothe doggie, blow toads, and a few small sandbar sharks. Outgoing started with the sun going down and the moon shing bright, and we were hoping that this would bring it on. Well it just wasn't happening and I decided to get a little sleep in around 10:30pm or so.

Bucket continued the night fishing on the outgoing till around 3am picking up a few small sea mullet, small croaker and one baby spot. Baby spot was immediately sliced for bait and out went his head and a chunk (Drum Candy please work!!). NOTHING even touched it!

I took back over early this am for the incoming and right off the bat I got a small ray followed by a ray from Bucket, the a had a fiesty little sandbar shark. That was it for this am's incoming. We both fished a bit of the morning outgoing, but nada, zip, zero! Packed up and headed out. Water was just still too cold, with no warmer water pushing in liked we hoped. Did not hear much of anything else except some Blow taods and Blues sporadically.

4WD worked perfect on the way out, go figure!

Just got unpacked and took a shower to get the stench of bunker and cut mullet off me and going to have a bit to eat and crash! Caught 9 species of fish (not bad), but no drum (next time), but had a blast and enjoyed relaxing for a little while.

Hope to get some Grey trout this week at my usual haunts back at home. Check the Delmarva Board for reports later in the week!

Out till later............................:icon_pidu:

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Great report. Sorry to hear no Reds around.

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