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I am getting the hang of this website stuff, Search Engine Optimization and all of the other little tricks to make this site the best on the East Coast.

What I need is your input.

For example: OcSnapper has suggested a WIKI integration into this site. He has told me about it on several occations and I have yet to really give it some serious attention. I know it would be a great addition to the site, but considering the time involved, my other work, family and fishing... To my dismay, I have not had the time to really "dig into it".

OcSnapper is a great fisherman and I have the utmost respect for him and his family.

This, my friends is a perfect example of what I am looking for. If any of you have any technical knowledge of what would make this site better, more efficient or more informative, PLEASE give me some support.

I would like to expand into the offshore community. I know there are a handful of guys who go offshore on a regular basis and I need there expertise! If you can shed some light on what goes on out in the deep, blue sea, lets get this ball rolling!

Same Thing goes with fresh water fishing, fly fishing and any other types of fishing we can think of. This site is for IT ALL!

As you know, Carrie and I are expecting a new baby in the next 8 months or so and the next 8 months will be filled with my job, fishing and other things that are going to inevetablly take away from the website.

I'm asking you all to send me ideas and Hopefully, I will be able to appoint another administrator to help out with the different upgrades and transitions.

We have a redundant (mirrored) server that will has been set into place to back up the site on a regular basis. Don't feel like you can't make changes, give opinions and ideas. I look forward to getting some great moderators and one more administrator to assist me in the technical side of the site.

One more thing before things get out of control and I bore you all to death:

if you see something that you don't like, think is not appropriate or you see something that should not have been edited, feel free to contact me at sam@atlanticanglers.com.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to another great fishing season. :icon_thumright:

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