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Harbor Tackle’s Fishing Report, January 22, 2007

After having a total knee replacement I’m sort of back to work. No rest for the weary. My weekday store hours are limited because of therapy, doctor’s appointments, and sleep from pain pills, please call before coming by. Fishing has slowed down – but there are still plenty of fish to catch. The blues have stopped in the surf; however, the stripers are still here. It seems more legals are being caught. Fresh bunker and fresh clams are the ticket. If you cannot find fresh, frozen bunker will work. The Rt. 50 Bridge is still producing stripers. One of my customers has fished about 20 times during the daytime and only taken 1 keeper. He has been catching a good number of undersized ones. Tog fishing is good. Some nice sized ones being caught at 2nd & 4th Streets and at 6th Street. My customers have been using frozen sand fleas. Dale Miller of Ocean City was striper fishing by boat around the Inlet yesterday. He caught 2 legals and lots of smalls. He was using black saltys. If you have not seen the article in the Audubon Magazine with regard to surf fishermen, I think you may find the article interesting. Here is the link www.audubonmagazine.org/features9791/incite.html. A letter writing campaign has started with regard to the Audubon article. Go to www.umsnet.com and click on UMS NEWS and you will find a form letter already written for you, just print out, sign and mail to show your support for keeping the beaches open.

We will be open as long as bait is available and the fish are still biting – trying to find fresh bunker for this weekend.

Harbor Tackle has fresh bunker, live chowder clams, and live black saltys.

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