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Well, after reading all the ways people were knobby magging their reels and feeling like I may be getting robbed some distance with the way I had it mag controlled, I decided to give it a shot. I was a little worried about drilling into the side plate and destroying my reel and almost did but it worked out perfect. I was also concerned about making it look very clean after installing, almost as tho it's suppose to be on the reel.

The whole thing to me about 20 minutes, but I probably could of done it faster but was being very careful on the drilling. Parts cost me less than $3.00 but I had to buy tap which added another $12.00 but I plan on doing more than 1 reel...What I bought from Home Depot...5/16 x 1 1/2 thumb screw (stainless), expansion nut, and tap. I also had some extra magnets from K&J. If anyone does this for an avet sx, you must use the THIN magnets so you can piggy 2 of them if need be. You will not have enough room to piggy back the standard magnets.

I first drilled in to close and had to stop realizing that the screw may hit the clicker mechanism and then drilled on the other side. Luckily I caught it pretty quick before I drilled to far. You can see on the pic where I made that mistake but everything turned out ok. I then tapped it with a 5/16 tap to match the thread of the thumb screw.

I then cut the nut part off on the expansion bushing to allow the bolt to fit snug into the bushing. I was left with just the bushing. I then epoxied one small magnet (smaller diameter than the screw so I can install into side plate) on the bottom of the screw. Then I slid the thumb screw into the bushing and the screwed the screw into the side plate. One thing I needed to do was trim the bushing down to the point where it became very hard to screw down to keep the magnets from hitting the spool but you can loosen it and still keep nice tension. The bushing allows for a very snug fit allowing you to make an adjustment so it will not come loose and seals the reel.

I hope all this makes sense, it was very simple and works perfect and I think looks very good. Now I have a seriuos casting machine for weight and bait and plan on picking up more avet sx's! clear.gif my AVET!







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Looks great, Scott. :icon_thumright:

Thanks for sharing.

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