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Newbie here! I am really interested in expanding my love for Surf Fishing to Sharks!!!!! I have read bits and pieces about Land SHarking and would like to get a Rig together for the Spring any suggestions on a good rod and reel combo for Young Family man on a budget??? Also is their any technique that works best?? I have heard of guys paddling out there lines by kayak and by kites??? I have a decent yak for this type of thing. Also I would be on the North Side of Indian River Inlet or Up at Cape Henlopen. Any thoughts on which area would be more productive??? :?::?:

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Welcome aboard JT. Stand by for some excellent sharking advice! You only have a few more months before the large toothy ones arrive. I'm getting ready to shut down for the night, but I'll let you in on all the goods in time! Coop and Steve are very knowledgeable about sharking also. :D

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Aye, Charkin' it is you want Matey?

Read through the Extreme pages and you'll see some examples of gear and techniques.

Basically you want a stand-up boat rod, heavy one and the biggest reel you can afford with 50-60 pound test on it, some Malin #15 hard wire, coffee colored, 250# shock, 225# swivels, Mustad Sea Demon 12/0 J-Hooks.

And the sleeves to conect the lines together.

Far a reel, you really should use a trolling reel, like a Penn. My personal favorite is a Penn 115L 9/0 with 4500 feet of green Ande 60#.

If you can get hold of an old Penn 65 Long Beach, that would be great. They're less expensive due to their age but are nice, they hold a lot of line and that's the primary thing, LOTS of line!

You can order the terminal tackle from Bass Pro Shops.

Swivels: Item #38-400-066-01 2 packs

Sleeves: #38-424-236-00 2 packs

Mustad Sea Demon 12/0 hooks, 10 in a pack: 38-493-567-32 2 packs

Malin wire: 38-481-678-02 2 packs

Leader: 38-424-290-00 1 pack

Total $133.46

You can get by with one pack of each for $77.70 total.

Additional gear:

Crimpers for the sleeves: 38-481-626-00

Standard 10 inch (or more) channel locks or pliers to remove the hook from Charkey's mouth.

A decent WATERPROOF headlamp, something you can put the elastic band around your head with a light attached. (if fishing at night)

If yaking out baits at night get some of those break and shake glow sticks you can tie to your PFD.

Again, they key thing is massive amounts of line on your spool. Look for a reel that will handle it on your budget. The 115L, #38-317-594-00 is $170., dunno' what your price range is. Basspro also has a nice Shakespere stand-up rod #38-165-386-00 for $60. It has ss wheels all the way up.

If you can do about $345 that will get you all set up, shipping included.

Oh, stay away from braid line.....it doesn't work...

Stick with a good mono.

Above all else, do NOT do it alone the first few times, have an able-bodied person nearby watching you, tie your paddle to the yak and always wear your PFD!

Hope this helps ya!

And welcome aboard JT!


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Welcome JT,,,if you are going to be yaking baits out, which I prefer, you are going to need a reel that will hold about 500 yds of line of at least 40lb mono,,,some people use braid and can use a smaller reel due to the line diameter in relationship to lb test, but I personally like mono for sharking,,,I actually had a kite surfer run into two of my lines and took the lines down fast,,,I couldn't imagine what he would look like after runing into my lines if I have used braid,,,braid can cut you up bad,,,I have 2 Penn's, 114H,,,you can pick these up used for well under $100,,,a new one may cost you $120,,,anything similar or better to this penn will work, just make sure it has a good drag system,,,rods, if you have a surf rod, you can use that or you can purchase an inexpensive boat rod or stand up rod,,,I have used my surf rod but it can be cumbersome to use because of the length of the rod butt, as a result, I cut the butt of two of my older surf rods to accomodate reeling in a fish for a long period of time,,,I also have 2 penn boat rods with a line class from 20-50lb which I picked up at wal mart for only $20 ea,,,boat and stand up rods are much easier to use when fighting a fish and can turn a fish easier and I think can provide better leverage power,,,another must have is a good comfortable fighting belt,,,you can have a battle last for 30 min plus on some of those monsters out there,,,that may run $30 but is a must have,,,trust me!

For rigs, I always use KISS,,, Keep it simple stupid,,,I use a 15' of 250lb mono,,,I tie a big heavy swivel on both ends of the line,,,one swivel gets tied on the main line and the other gets teid to 5' of malin #12 wire with a haywire twist,,,at the end of the wire leader, I use 10-14 size hooks also connected with a haywire twist,,,for the weight, I use a fish finder rig that slides up and down the 250lb line.

IMHO, if you want the biggons, the best way is too yak out the baits,,,CH or north of IR should produce sharks,,,I have never fished up there for sharks but I would think either spots should be good,,,you will be amazed as to how many big creatures are out there,,,there is nothing like getting serious pull from the beach,,,it's a BLAST!



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woops, forgot to sign in,,,one other thing, be careful when unhooking the critter,,,like steve said, get channel locks for unhooking,,,if you can't do it safely, just snip the wire,,,it's not worth losing a hand and more than likely the fish will be fine,,,have fun and be careful.

the pics above are the 2 sized hooks I use, smaller one for large heads or huge chunks and the other is for whole fish,,,the reel is a penn 114H.

cost breakdown for ya,

114h reel (new) 120.00

cheap heavy boat rod 20.00

hooks/swivels 20.00

fighting belt 30.00

wire and heavy line 20.00

you can get away with spending a little more than $200.00 unless you want to upgrade your rod and reel,,,I like the 114H, but if you plan on paddling out more than 300 yds, you may want something bigger,,,I plan on getting a new reel that will hold 950yds of 50lb line,,,I figure I will have one in relatively close and one way out there.

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I knew it was you Scott, I recognized those dull hooks and that big paw! :lol::lol:

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Really you don't have to go the route of kayaking or kites. I don't own either yet. As a matter of fact you can use your surf casting rod if you already have one. Right now bass pro shops are having a sale on their diawa shv series reels and The 50 size is perfect. You can pick one of those up for $99. It will hold around 475 yds of 25 lb. line which is good and is castable for someone who doesn't have any means to get the bait out there. That is definately big enough as I have caught one at around 6 ft. and 100 lbs. with a reel with 295 yds. of 20 lb. test. If you don't have a surf rod you should probably get the Ocean master rod at bass pro shops. They have a 10 and 12 foot model that is good for that. That rod costs $119. If you get (or have) a rewards card before you make this purchase you will get a few dollars back for your next purchase of anything in the store which is a good program for getting terminal tackle. When you buy anything in the store with your card you get 2 percent rewards and when you buy their own merchandise like ocean master you get 4 percent back. For my casting rigs I use a big barrel swivel with 8 or so inches of 175 lb. cable ending in a 10/0 mustad demon hook. Use crimps to make the rig. You really don't even need that big of a bait. just a small fish head will be fine. I have a casting outfit, a 4/0 wide outfit and a 9/0 outfit. the 4/0 wide (penn 113hlw) is a great reel and holds 600 yds. of 30 lb. test and the 9/0 is a beast that holds 700 yds of 80 lb. dacron. There are a lot of people on this board that have a lot of experience and the best thing you can do is listen to them. If I can do you any more help you can e-mail me at Matt@atlanticanglers.com

Good luck

Oh yeah! Just so everyone knows. Bass pro shops is having their fishing spectacular sale starting in fubuary. I think it starts on 2-25 and goes on for a little while. Good sales and a great time to get stocked up before sharking time.

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Last year that OM 12' was $89 on sale,,,I should have bought it,,,I have heard great things about that rod and is an excellent true heaver for the money,,,if it goes on sale again, I am buying it!

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I was there couple days ago, the 15' was $90.

Nice lookin' rod.

I think the 12' was the same or less.

I'm holding off for their show, then plan to get 3 of the 15's and a couple more Penn 8500SS if they're on sale.

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