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Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/27/06



The lee of the land is the place to fish when northwest winds are whipping the ocean's surface into a lather.

Capt. Marty Haines, skipper of the Sea Pigeon IV out of Perth Amboy, said he has been able to find spots, such as the Sandy Hook Artificial Reef, where fishing is good.

"This is the best porgy fishing of the season," he said. "A lot of limits and a lot of nice-sized fish."

Richie Bielefeld of Wyckoff had his limit of porgies up to 3 pounds, and Sal Rego, Matawan, had his limit of porgies.

Capt. Don Hager Jr., Sea Fox, Atlantic Highlands, said he is pleased with the porgy fishing, and is looking forward to more.

"We're catching good numbers of porgies every day, and about half of the days we're catching good numbers of sea bass," he said. "Most of the porgies run anywhere from 9 inches up to 1 1/2 pounds with a few throwbacks."

Hager said striped bass fishing has been good Saturday nights. Live eels have produced the best catches.

Capt. Ron Santee Jr., Fishermen, Atlantic Highlands, said conditions have been tough with the wind for his striped bass trips, but he has been scoring every day.

"We had 18 keepers Saturday, 17 Sunday and 14 Monday," he said. "The fish have been up to 18 pounds. We're not seeing those small fish yet, but they'll be along."

Santee said he has been catching fish on clams, eels and jigs, and expects better fishing this weekend.

Capt. John Brackett, Queen Mary, Point Pleasant Beach, said he anticipates good jig fishing any day from this week on.

"Bluefishing remains very good," he said. "We fished the Farms this weekend, and most fishermen had their limits of 6- to 12-pound blues. Most of the fish were caught on bait.

"The fact that we will be having hard west and northwest winds should expedite matters," he said. "There have been a few days of good weakfishing along the beach."

Brackett said he will begin fishing for striped bass Saturday, and will be sailing every day for the bass after that.

Capt. Bobby Quinn, Ocean Explorer, Belmar, has been fishing for porgies, blackfish and sea bass. His heaviest blackfish thus far has been an 8-pounder.

Capt. Sal Cursi, Cathy Sea, Sewaren, said striper fishing was on the slow side Sunday, mainly because of boat traffic, but it bounced back Monday and Tuesday.

"All the bass you could want Tuesday," he said. "The northwester is making them migrate, and we've got a real fall migration on now."

Cursi said a lot of the fish measure from 27 to 32 inches, and they will hit bait and top-water plugs.

Capt. Francis Bogan, Paramount, Brielle, has been having his troubles with the wind, both in its inhibiting participation and making it tough to fish the grounds that he would like to.

Sunday produced some good sea bass and porgy fishing for anglers on the Paramount, but a lot of the fish were small.

"With the porgies being caught in good numbers inshore, and tons of medium to keeper-size sea bass being hooked on the days we made it out, the fall run is still moving along nicely," he said. "It was very encouraging to see so many fish being caught. Apparently NMFS forgot to tell those small sea bass and porgies that they aren't supposed to exist."

John Kostis, Sparta, won one pool with a 5-pound sea bass, Reggie Evans, Bronx, N.Y., had a catch of 17 ling and William Miles, Plainfield, won a pool with a 4-pound sea bass.

Allen D. Riley, South Plainfield, has been fishing the Sandy Hook surf, and finding school striped bass hitting plugs, though, at times, the wind has hampered casting.

He officially wrote the albacore season off last week, and it will go into the books as the worst for surf anglers in a number of years. Party and charter boat captains claim it was not a great season for them with fish coming later and leaving earlier than usual.


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Hi sam! Does any of the party boats have web sites?:happy2:

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