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Scott, they aren't making you work on Thanksgiving are they? :x

Speaking of working, I am working today, although not in the traditional terms. Carrie is making me move furniture, bring down the old Christmas tree, get the table set up for dinner... Fun, fun, fun. But, it is much better (IMO) than loading up and driving 400+ miles to relatives like so many are doing today.

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Yep, still here at the clubhouse waiting for the last golfer,,,actually had someone come out at 3:00 wanting to play,,,I guess you know what I told them,,,hopefully I will be able to get outta here before 4,,,thank god my last group is flying around the course,,,I guess they need to be home by a certain time for thier dinner.

Sam, you need to take Monday off and go fishing! As of right now :roll: , the weather looks good.

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