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well the weekend was very windy except for sat. morning but the wind increased constantly. The beach was still great as always--no place better than the water------------Clear nosed Skate and Sharks were the catch of the weekend, thats all we caught and all that I saw caught. There were loads of trucks on the beach lots of fishing going on---------the crabs were out in full force and very hungry. Thanks to all who responded to my question last week----------I did try a ff rig as suggested--I also added a float to one rig which helped with the crab feeding, also used the classic top / bottom rig. We caught sharks on all the rigs---------no luck with a Rock or Blue, had fresh Bunker so I hope the bait was not the question. I believe the sharks were Spiny Dogfish, I included a pic so please correct me if I am wrong :?: thanks for a Great Weekend --------- gonefishin

Edited by Sam for picture size :D

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That's a doggy alright. Glad you had a good time. Some folks say just getting out there is the best part. Catching is just a bonus! :D

Good pic.

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