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Leading up to last Sunday’s game between the Colts and Cowboys we took a look at a few of the critical game matchups that would help to define the outcome. After the dust had settled on the Colts’ impressive shutout win over the Cowboys Indianapolis Colts Parris Campbell Jersey , it is time to take a look back and see how those matchups played out.Pierre Desir vs Amari CooperThis first matchup, like many when you pitch a shutout, is a pretty clear and decisive victory for the Colts. Desir did a fantastic job against DeAndre Hopkins the previous week, and had a similar performance against Cooper here. It is important to note that they obviously play a lot of zone, so credit goes to the entire defensive backfield for the job they did on the Cowboys receivers. Desir deserves specific mention though for consistently knocking Cooper off his routes and helping make sure he couldn’t become a significant factor in this game. He was 4 of 7 for 32 yards in the air. Considering that the prior week he had 217 yards and 3 touchdowns, that is a massive accomplishment. Removing him from the equation left the Cowboys’ offense one-dimensional and allowed the Colts to clamp down on the run game and get after Dak Prescott. This secondary has gotten better with each week, and the drafting of a couple blue chip players to add to it could make them a very unpleasant group to go against.Colts Defensive Line vs Cowboys Offensive LinePhoto by Michael Hickey/Getty ImagesThe Colts defensive line has also been heating up as the season has progressed. They had 3 sacks and 5 QB hits as a team, which is solid and served as enough of a disruption to stop drives when it counted. They limited Prescott to just 206 yards passing and an interception. What’s more, Tyquan Lewis had a sack which pushed the Cowboys back out of field goal range, keeping points off the board and ending a Cowboys drive. The area where the clear victory took place was in terms of the defensive line beating the Cowboys offensive line in terms of opening holes for the running game. While they gave up yards in between the 20s, when the ball reached the red zone, the defense clamped down tight. They limited Ezekiel Elliott to 87 yards and stuffed him on the goal line when the Cowboys went for it on 4th and 1. That kind of hard-nosed performance would typically be unthinkable against the image we have in our minds of the Cowboys’ offensive line. It was exactly the performance this team delivered.T.Y. Hilton vs Byron JonesColts.comHilton didn’t find himself matched up against Byron Jones all game. Much like Pierre Desir on the Colts side, the Cowboys play a zone scheme that doesn’t necessarily employ following receivers with their cornerbacks. Hilton had one catch in coverage against Byron Jones, but was largely matched up against Chidobe Awuzie. It wasn’t a pretty matchup for anyone covering Hilton. When you factor in that he started the day with a distinct possibility of not playing, it is remarkable that he was able to do anything at all. What he was able to do was go 5 for 8 and get 87 yards. He described himself as at about 70 percent after the game was over. If anyone doubted his toughness Cheap Parris Campbell Youth Jersey , this season has more than quieted that. Hilton has repeatedly played through injury and continues to be a big part of the offense.Also, his taunting penalty was totally ridiculous, but right in line with the performance we have come to expect from these officials. Eric Ebron vs Cowboys linebackersIf there was a matchup that the Colts did not win, it was this one. I wouldn’t necessarily say this win goes as a credit to the Cowboys linebackers as much as simply an offensive preference toward other players in this game. Ebron didn’t seem to be part of the game plan here anyway, but his most notable contribution to this game was in the form of that ugly drop he had. He was only targeted 3 times and had 1 catch for 8 yards. Considering the use of Hilton, Nyheim Hines, and Marlon Mack, that isn’t all that surprising to see lower numbers from Ebron. It would be disappointing if every week the same guys were getting all the looks, but that hasn’t been the way with this offense. The Cowboys have talented linebackers and it could be that Reich decided at the outset that using Ebron to challenge them wasn’t the best way to beat this team.Frank Reich vs Jason GarrettColts.comThis one is a no contest win. Frank Reich had both his offense and defense ready to go against a familiar opponent, and it was clear from the jump. Give Matt Eberflus the credit he deserves for leading his defense to a shutout, but Frank Reich is the head coach and as such, bears the weight of blame and credit when all goes to plan. His offense was able to score effective on a very good defense, moving the ball on the ground through massive holes created by the offensive line. While past years have forced the Colts to rely on Andrew Luck to do it all, Frank Reich is not having that. Last week it was the Andrew Luck and T.Y. Show. This week? Marlon Mack setting up the play action and getting guys open downfield while the defense goes to work locking up the opposing offense. This is exactly the kind of team that, if they can get it Indianapolis Colts Denico Autry Jersey , tends to be the one you don’t want to face in January, and Frank Reich has them humming along in just such a way as to give themselves that chance. Every week, I will present a summary of some basic and advanced stats for the Colts performance relative to the league. Thanks to Pro Football Reference, and the nflSCrapR project for being awesome sources of weekly data.While the outcome was not good, I saw a lot that I Iiked in Sunday’s offensive performance.The Colts put up 34 points and a 73% DSR, both of which are respectable numbers. There were three, 3 & outs which is about normal for most teams but another 4 drives were killed by turnovers.When the offense managed to hold on to the ball,they were easily moving down the field.TEAM TOTALSOther than turnovers, there really aren’t any bad numbers here. The 2.6 points per drive ranks 13th this week while the 6.5 yards per play is similar to what the Patriots put up last week against the Colts defense. One of every three plays resulted in a first down.And on third downs, an average of 6 yards to go was the 8th best mark of any team this week.Given such short yardage on third down, I would like to see the conversion rate a bit higher but 42% is still good. PASSINGOther than interceptions, 2 of which are on the receivers, there isn’t any bad news here. Yards after catch was good and I like the average depth of target of 8.7 yards, which in my opinion is right about the sweet spot for this offense (given our receiving group).The completion rate was low, but the blame for that falls squarely on dropped passes.In an alternate reality Womens Denico Autry 2019 Jersey , where those drops don’t occur, there are 6 more completions for 78 yards,2 fewer interceptions and 1 more TD.That is the difference between a passer rating of 77.8 or 124.1. It is the difference between an excellent ANY/A of 10.1 or a poor 5.7.It is the difference between a win and a loss. RUSHINGHoly crap, the run game was actually good. 30% of all carries resulted in a first down, although the Colts went 0 for 2 on third downs.Over half of all rushes were “successful” (first down, TD or chunk yardage) with 3 explosive runs greater than 10 yards.A weighted success rate of 45% is 4th best this week and by far the best mark the Colts have put up all season. CONCLUSIONSOutside of the turnovers, the offense was actually very good this week, but other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play? While the last 3 weeks has seen 3 losses, I am far more encouraged by the Colts efforts than I was the first 3 weeks.The numbers are trending in the right direction and it is really just mental errors from keeping this offense from being good. SEASON TOTALS (per game)

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