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Gain RS3gold 9% off buy runescape gold online to Learn detail of rs market

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We have advertise our site to pray more money on RS gold market, At this situation ,adverts are targeted to the content available on our site and often

include runescape 3 gold for real life money, Runescape gold for money is against the rules in Runescape and can very easily result in you losing your account and the Runescape money you have just bought.

Jagex also disapprove of fansites advertising Runescape gold, as a responsible player I am constantly adding filters to remove these sites from our adverts but as new ones come out regularly it is impossible to remove them all.

I have had a look at some of these suppliers of?Runescape gold?and the price they charge is not a lot per million but soon adds up when you go for 500m, 500m sells for 100's of $'s, most people can buy a few million that may get you a ranger set, some people may be able to spend $200 and get 500m gp, lets look at a possible? scenario.

You spend $200 and get 500m, you have a level 58 character you trade with your supplier a level 3 player called ssddyy0016 (for example), you have your Runescape GP your bank now has 500m sitting in it, god that looks good you go out and buy a phat and full dragon and still have money left you buy 50k d bones for your prayer cape you always wanted, you log off and go to bed.

You wake up in the morning all excited about buying your magic logs for fletching and you cant get on, your heart stops you check your?runescape power leveling? account and appeal offence/ban you put in your appeal and wait.

What has happened over night Someone has reported a BOT for macroing, the bot has handed all the logs to the account owner who has sold them on world 2, the player that sold them for cash on world 2 is the one that sold the cash to you for real life cash, Jagex have investigated the bot and noticed the IP address is the same as many other players that have been reported with a similar name, all these bots have traded with another account and transfered a large number of items, this player has recently sold a large amount of items in world 2, this player has also traded with many players giving them cash in an obviously one sided trade, there is only one reason these series of events can occur real world trading so all involved parties are banned.

So from reporting 1 bot of many 10's or even 100's Jagex can and will trace it back to you and you will get banned.

You recieve the message from Jagex that your account is permanently banned and your appeal has been rejected.

You have lost $200 and your original accounts by trying to cheat at a game, is it worth it?

Lets take another look at the bot problem.

You are working on an account and want to train woodcutting you train it hard and get level 85 to cut mages, at the moment you are fine magic logs sell for 1k each as the bots increase in number the supply of logs will exceed demand and the price will drop with all the bots competing for the cash, the end result this skill you have trained hard to get is not worth the cash anymore so all your work has gone to waste, although I mentioned woodcutting it is the same with all selling skills.

These bots working for the cheaters are spoiling the game, its a game play it don't pay it or there wont be a game to play.

Anyway don't forget to come to the authorized site and buy rs gold what you in need.


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