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From the time I remember, I lived in a remote northwest county town. There was no wave of life. Everything was as calm as usual. I felt that I would talk about it all my life. Like the old man in the village, I was sunbathing and feeding the animals. Leisurely spend the rest of my life, think about it is not impossible, the actual is also a smooth life, no waves, daily trivial, really true Marlboro Lights Carton, and many people still live long, and now the city people yearn for a kind of world life. As soon as the boy is young, the blood is just right, there is a dream to go to the outside world to see, just like the frog at the bottom of the well, the vast world outside is full of curiosity and temptation Marlboro Lights 100S, why must stay in the well for a lifetime? that. Finally, I have the opportunity to study in a small city. Although I am trying to adapt to the surrounding society, when everything is fresh, when the dream of imagination is broken, when the head of life is broken. I slowly realized that the big world has its own jungle law. Survival is the basic requirement. You must have the ability to survive and abide by the basic rules of social survival of the fittest. Therefore, I have been working hard and looking forward to a bigger city. One day, I finally got the courage to come to Shanghai to work hard Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, that is, now I am, at this time, I am a person who catches up all the way and looks for dreams. Exhausted all the way to run, just to live a little better, a little better. When the night is quiet, a person lie down, or in the dream or the mind echoes the once ignorant teenager, just want to see the unknown world outside, but when it comes out, it is more and more secure by a living network until you Can not get rid of this bondage, looking at the quiet village that was born, I am at a loss. I wonder if I don��t want to be born, don��t think about it, stay in the tiny world at the bottom of my well, and still dream about the outside world. How good it is! One day Newport Cigarettes Online, until one day in Shanghai, I have a small The cause of the business is that the city I live in is actually at the bottom of the well Marlboro Red Cigarettes. One day, after reading a "Wandering Earth", I thought so more.

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