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The old house

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The old house where the mother lived, I don��t know when it will be. It seems that as soon as I came to this world, it has been waiting for me in this world for many years. It has been 33 years since I fell to the ground. The old house has never changed Marlboro Lights 100S. The walls are still strong, the edges and corners are still distinct, and there are still traces of erosion such as moss. It looks like youth is still there, and the wind is long. The old house is not old, it gives all the time to the wind, frost, rain, snow, dew, scorpion, thunder, rainbow, the most common natural phenomenon in the hometown, is a close friend of the old house, often visits! Parents are old The most loyal servant of the house, who is not old enough to live in the old house, is a kind of detachment. The old house has parents waiting for him. The decades have not been vicissitudes, and the parents have old houses. The years of life can be burned and developed. When I was young, my brothers and sisters five plus my parents and grandparents, nine people lived in the old house, and never felt crowded. As time went by, a group of children gradually grew up and left home after the time was washed out. Grandparents also went to heaven because of their high age. There were only parents in the old house, but the old house was more crowded. It always puts everything in it with everyone involved, even if it's a fingernail-sized half-shell eggshell that we stuffed into the wall when we were young, it has never been left behind. On the mountainside, three or five minutes from the road, my brothers advised their parents to live in the city, but their parents would not leave. The brothers also built a new house on the road, but they still like the old house. It is still a few decades of farming, raising pigs and raising cattle, as if time has not flowed. When the days returned to my hometown, I saw that my mother had raised a group of pigs, four heads, each with more than two hundred pounds. To be honest, the mother in her 60s is not young anymore. She has to wait for such a group of pigs every day! When the mother feeds the pigs, I follow my mother to the trough. I heard that I can see the pig, Xiaobao is also excited to dance and say: "I can finally see the real pig!" Pig, one by one muddy water, the whole body can not find a clean place, pure mud pig! But they are strong and strong, fat and big ears, competing for food and energy. The group of pigs raised by the mother refreshed the adjectives "lazy", "stupid" and "stupid" commonly used in the description of pigs in bto the circle to make straw and platycodon, and they all ruined and became a powder. The dung in the circle turned over and turned Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, as if there were seeds in the dung, they often fell over and they could bloom. The stones in the corners were all worn away by them, highlighting the rounded and full nature of the stone. The most serious place is the circle of wood, which is smashed by them. It seems that they can work harder, they can be free! Stupid, really smash them. When you meet the food you like to eat, they will eat a sigh of light in a single breath. When they encounter something they don��t like, they will stick the dishes that they don��t like to the side, and when they finish eating it, they feel that they are still not full and slowly. Picking and eating, in the end, only those who are really hard to eat are in the basin. After eating, a group of pigs ran in the circle that chased me. In the circle, they don't immediately go to sleep, a group of guys still have to play in it, chasing after them, it is very lively! Until they are particularly sleepy, they each find a relatively clean place to lie down and do their own Their own dreams Newport 100S Carton. It turns out that between pigs and pigs Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, there is also their own fun Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. Their lives are short-lived, and this is not as beautiful as the flowers, but they also have their meaning. The mother's hair has already been grayed out, and it is unfavorable to walk along the road, as if the mother is old overnight. : "Do you raise so many pigs?" But I have been raising pigs for decades. This is the first time I have heard her say that I am looking for it! Think about our generation when we were young, because we have to go every day. Pigs and pigs feel that pigs are a cumbersome, and they can't eat a piece of pork that they have fed for a year. At that time, people often said, "I haven't eaten pork. Haven't you seen pigs running yet?" But today's era has been rewritten. Many people "have only eaten pork, but have never seen pigs running!" So, pigs with the times Change, become the waiting of parents, our cumbersome, children's scenery! These pigs, in the mother's life, have already lived into a landscape! Mother has this different kind of scenery, as if the vicissitudes of life in the mother The life never stopped, and the mother became young again in a flash. Note: This article has been published on the WeChat public number "Falling Feathers" personal platform. Share it with the teachers here, I hope you like it!

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