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Nice reads...

Lots of good, timeless info on there.

But I wonder how old it is, they list a Penn 115 for $135. It's hard to touch a new one for less that 165-170.

I like the part about reel selection, quote:

If you are a new sharker or an inexperienced fisherman and have to purchase a reel, and don't want to spend $400 to $600 for the reel; get the 115 Penn Senator and spool it with 60 lb. test.

That's exactly what I did because I didn't want to drop $400.

I don't agree with their line capacities though, I know darn well I have far more than 560 yards on the reel. Last outing, Coop took mine way out and the spool looked like there was very little line off of it.

Quite probable that line diameters have decreased due to stronger materials being used, thus more line on the reel.

Like I said though, that site is a good read for plenty of info, nice find Sam!

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