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The Buffalo Bills’ ridiculously awful quarterback situation continues to be a gift for fantasy football defenses everywhere. This week White Micah Hyde Jersey , the vaunted Indianapolis Colts defense was the beneficiary of Buffalo’s inept quarterback play. Whether it’s Nathan Peterman or Derek Anderson turning over the ball, streaming the defense of Buffalo’s opponent is a great play until Josh Allen returns from injury, and even then it’s still a sound strategy as the Bills are on pace for historically horrific offensive output for the year.If you played any one of the Colts’ more popular players in fantasy football this week, you probably won your match-up. Here are their top-three performers from Week 7.RB Marlon MackAlthough Mack returned the week prior, he really took off this week, gaining a total of 159 yards from scrimmage. Against a Bills defense that had been stout for the four previous weeks, Mack carried the ball 19 times for 126 yards and a touchdown, caught two passes for 33 yards and a touchdown, and plunged into the end zone on a two-point conversion. Overall White Phillip Gaines Jersey , Mack scored 30.9 fantasy points, which was the second-highest running back score of the week. (Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs scored 34.6 points on Sunday Night Football.)QB Andrew LuckThanks to short fields and a ridiculously efficient running game, Luck was unable to tally many yards through the air, only passing for 156 yards on the afternoon. The blowout status of the game certainly didn’t help that total, either, as head coach Frank Reich appeared content to run clock for most of the second half against the franchise with which he spent the majority of his NFL career. Luck did throw four touchdown passes on the afternoon, however, which helped him to a 22.74-point fantasy scoring day. That total was good for fourth in the league this week. Luck’s yardage total was lower than any of the other quarterbacks who were in the top-24 in fantasy scoring for Week 7. If your league awards 6 points for touchdown passes, then his afternoon was even better.Colts D/STIndianapolis sacked Derek Anderson twice Youth Kelvin Benjamin Jersey , intercepted him thrice, and recovered a fumble of his once. Add to that total a Charles Clay fumble and the Colts were able to turn the Bills over five times on Sunday, which was a tremendous factor in only allowing three points. Their 19-point fantasy effort was good for third among all team defenses this week.All-22 analysis: Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Star Lotulelei One of the bigger signings during the offseason was the acquisition of former Panthers defensive tackle Star Lotulelei. The Buffalo Bills often struggled with stopping the run in 2017, a problem that wasn’t helped when they traded Marcell Dareus. Lotulelei was signed to occupy offensive linemen so the rest of the team could make plays. Now that the snap counts suggest he’s fully healthy from a back injury, let’s take a look at how he played against the Los Angeles Chargers. Play 1We start off illustrating the importance of Star Lotulelei occupying blocks. With a fairly standard play on both sides of the ball, the Bills’ four-man front will be up against five blockers. Lotulelei consistently occupying the double-team creates a more consistent one-on-one situation for the rest of the defensive line, often creating an advantage. The Chargers initially attempt to block Kyle Williams with two linemen and Jerry Hughes comes screaming in. Credit Phillip Rivers with an incredible throw. This was nearly a huge play by the defense. Lotulelei’s ability to cut off such a large section of the field while occupying two lineman was a big reason why. Play 2Lotulelei can be inconsistent against single opponents. This time Star is able to turn his man’s shoulders and hips, creating a leverage advantage if he needs it. When Lotulelei sees Melvin Gordon jump back inside, the earlier win allows a clean swim to get back to the play. It’s a shame Gordon didn’t have the ball.Play 3Lotulelei takes up two men again Youth Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , which serves to shrink the overall size of the forms they're able to protect. As shown above, this opens up large lanes to the sides of Star. Tremaine Edmunds and Lorenzo Alexander have a clear view of the play in front of them and can step into lanes.Play 4It’s not all good news. Lotulelei commits to an incredibly fast swim move which the center picks up on. Star swims over empty space and gets taken out by the guard. As hinted at above, Lotulelei was weaker playing against single opponents, getting less push and failing to collapse the pocket as well as he did on double teams. Play 5Let’s end on a high note. The second pause on this play shows how taking up two offensive lineman can create a gigantic wall that forces a runner to go around. Because the center is occupied by Lotulelei, Jerry Hughes can race in and make the tackle for a loss.

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