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Found 376 results

  1. Went out to dinner at Masons in Easton with some friends. Sure enough, skate was on the menu. This is a fairly high end resteraunt (wouldn't think skate would be on the menu) and asked the waitress, just to be sure, "what is skate"? Yep, its the skate we catch. I didn't order it, but my buddies wife ordered it and the meat was fried and was shaped just like a skate wing (half moon). To my suprise, it was very good. Next large skate I catch, it's coming home.
  2. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  3. I have been using Power Pro at Assateague and someone there suggested using Spiderwire Ultracast braid as it casts further and is easier to tie knots with. Would appreciate comments from anyone who has experience using both braids. Josh
  4. I am thinking of pulling the all nighter again tomorrow. Does anyone know how this storm will affect the conditions for sharking that evening? I know the storm should be clear, but will the water be significantly cooler, warmer, are remain about the same? Any other conditions that might change that would affect the bite? Thanks.
  5. normal summer fish are being caught, reports of croaker are rolling in and of course the shark are going to be around a while. post reports fish or no fish, we would all love to hear them.
  6. hey guys a friend gave me an old heaver i would like to get it rebuilt is it possible to have it stripped to blank and have it rewrapped new? thanks
  7. Got to the bottom and see 16 visitors,and me ,sign up ,it's easy.i would like your report .here is what i did last week,like to see your catch.
  8. I recently moved down to GA and like to surf fish when I can. I'd like to try and surf fish down here on weekends, but don't really know of any surf fishing spots, towns, or the regulations. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Can someone tell me where about is Lobster claw and rutchers cans I would need the gps coordinances please? thank you
  10. I've asked around and I'm not quite sure what kind of skate this is. People have ideas but nobodys sure. Anyone know? I've heard so far it was two different types by two different people I was hoping to find someone who sees them on a regular basis and would know for sure
  11. I'm new to this site as well as sa********************************er fishing. I have fished the public beaches and have gone out on the charters. I am interested in surf fishing for shark. Does anyone have any experience shark fishing Connecticut shores? Any advice would be appreciated. GranbyFisherman
  12. Would like to find a rod rack for my F 150, reasonable.
  13. who here fishes any state when they get the chance ? myself would love to catch a mahi-mahi or a yellow fin
  14. As we approach the flounder season, I would like to encourage our recreational fishermen to consider using larger hooks, especially when fishing live bait. My belief is that we will have a much greater release mortality with the 19" minimum size unless we do things differently. Suggested hook sizes with live bait would be as follows: wide gap hooks- 4/0 and 5/0; circle hooks- 2/0 to 4/0; j hooks-3/0 and up. Circle hooks, while requiring a different hooking technique, are awfully effective in preventing deep-hooked fish. Handling the fish is extremely important as well. Effective use of a dehooker and you do not even have to touch the fish. If you choose to handle the fish do so with a damp cloth. If the fish is deep-hooked, cut the line and leave the hook in. The fish will have a greater chance of survival and you lost only an easily replaceable hook and saved a valuable resource.
  15. I going to get a Throw Net to catch Bait for Surf Fishing. I've never did this before and would appreciate any help or pointers such as where to go, what kind to get, what's available (Mullet,etc.) etc. Can you catch Bait all year or just when it is warm?
  16. I have tuesdays off and am making my first salt fishing trip of the year. I am torn between surf fishing off Henlopen or fishing indian river inlet. I would appreciate some persuasion either way. I have all the gear necessary for both, and just want to get into some fish. Choose my adventure!
  17. "ANNAPOLIS — The 2010 summer flounder season will likely run for seven months, a change from draft regulations released last week. Fish caught in the April to November season must be a minimum of 19 inches long and there is a three fish creel limit. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources originally proposed a four month fishery with a 18.5 inch size limit but coastal recreational boat captains complained that the season was too short and would damage their business. The current plan will be sent to the Maryland General Assembly for final approval." heres the link to the article MARLYAND: State settles on longer flounder season | | The Daily Times
  18. looking for new convintonal reel for surf fishing. was woundering if anyone had any experence with avet reels in the surf. would also like to know what other reels would be good or better choices that are available in lefty
  19. Has anyone heard or seen or caught any herring in the spill ways or rivers yet in Maryland or Delaware. I spoke to the owner of Taylored tackle up in seaford de and he told me the weather has pushed them back about a month. He's predicting them not to get into the spill ways until the 3rd week of march. He said they just did start moving into the rivers. Any news of them being close would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I bought a osv permit back in august last year, will that be good until the end of august this year?? i'm kind of confused on how that works, and would rather not find out with a ticket, thanks
  21. Is there a surf rod that can match a loomis 10' 6'' rod (Lure weight:2-8; Action: fast; Power:heavy) and costs significantly less than $375.00? Would very much any help on this. Thanks. Josh
  22. I got a nice 9' surf rod for Christmas. Now that fishing is in my head once again, what reel should I get for it? Should I get a baitcaster or a spinning? I will be using it for a little rockfishing in the spring and fall and a lot of sharking during the summer. What would be some advantages/disadvantages of either one for the type of fishing I will be doing? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  23. ...when do we start?! I'm new to the spring-run striped bass scene and would like some incite on when is a good time to plan for my trip. I was thinking early to mid May. What say you? Thanks, Joel
  24. looking to get a pair of waders for surf fishing obx and ocean city md areas. never owned a pair. would it be better to get rubber or neoprene. i know neoprene is warmer, but will rubber work if you layer underneath? would use them in march/april and oct/nov. any advise or opinions? thanks
  25. VMRC will hold a public hearing at noon on 2/23/2010 to discuss possible flounder reg's for 2010. Looks like there are three options which will be presented this year. So let's see how you would like to see it!