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Found 224 results

  1. Hi Everyone, i am heading down in a couple days. Can anyone tell me where they sell fresh bait? and maybe what baits are best now,,.. or is anything biting in this hot weather? Thanks.
  2. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  3. Can someone tell me where about is Lobster claw and rutchers cans I would need the gps coordinances please? thank you
  4. i am going down the week after july 4th(5-9),dont have a boat, where should i go to catch stripers, blues, flounder etc. and what time of day. i fish for stripers alot just have never fished in the area. thanks!
  5. I was just wondering if anyone fishes around sandyhook from a kayak. I just bought one and was interested in any advice on where is good to put in at and where most people fish without getting knocked around too bad by other boat wakes and rough water.
  6. I going to get a Throw Net to catch Bait for Surf Fishing. I've never did this before and would appreciate any help or pointers such as where to go, what kind to get, what's available (Mullet,etc.) etc. Can you catch Bait all year or just when it is warm?
  7. Anyone know when or where a tournament is in Maryland if so could you let me know thanks:icon_surprised:
  8. I don't claim to have any knowledge of fishing when it comes to the salt. However my girlfriends parents have invited me on vacation to Bald head island, North Carolina in August, figured i'd get prepared early. So I have tons of chances to go fishing and salt rivers flow through the island as well. My question is how? How do you fish from shore? What bait do you use? Line test? How do I get my line to where the fish are? I'm pretty much clueless on all of this any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi My family and I will be travling to Colonial Williamsburg the first week of August and I plan on bringing my gear and doing some Bass fishing wihle there, but I would also love to get over to Va. Beach area and do some surf casting for sharks. I have no tackle that would be capable of landing a shark. Does anyone know of a place close to that area where I may be able to rent a shark compatable rod and reel while we are in the area. Thanks for any help with this; Rael
  10. With the winds in the Bay being 25-35 knots today I decided to fish ” The Cove ” close to the Hot Ditch off of the Elizabeth River in Chesepeake Virginia. I dropped around 1100hrs and went straight to the cove where I set up anchor and live baited with Spot and Porgy. No weights or bobbers, just casted them out and free spooled. I caught a couple nice Speckled Trout today and kept two up to 23 inches that were gill or gut hooked. It was a gorgeous but breezy afternoon, so this was the perfect place to fish today. Back at the ramp at 1400hrs as the clouds and rain started to roll in. I burned less than a gallon today. Here are some pictures.
  11. Tog time again , With the closing of commercial crabbing where do I get bait ? Is it clam time or will there still be people salling out of state crabs ? The weather sure has been keeping the fish safe
  12. I will be fishing at Virginia Beach Pier this Saturday morning. Never been therer before. What is biting right now and what types of rigs are they using? Also, where is this pier everyone talks about. I will be coming from the Norfolk area. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  13. Hi folks. I'm a recent transplant to NC from Southwest OH. You might have had a laugh watching me fumble around with gear and the occaisional blue or flounder on the East end of Ocean Isle Beach, NC where we've vacationed for the past 8 years. Now that I'm "local" (don't laugh) I hope to explore the outer banks and find a couple decent spots. Some FW experience in my 12' kayak, I have fun no matter how empty the cooler is at the end of the day. Take care! -Clueless
  14. I am headed down to VA Beach in 2 weeks, the week of Oct. 3rd. This will be my first time fishing down there and I have no Idea where to go. Also, what should I expect to be catching this time of year there? I will be staying 2 blocks north of the inlet. I usually fish the Indian River Inlet and the beach area in DE. Any info to help make this a unforgettable trip would be awesome!! Thanks in advance, Joe
  15. Where can I get actual details on this tourney? Websites (this or other), phone #'s, anything) Thank you. Administrators, maybe attach a link, if available, to the tournaments listed. Thanks.
  16. I'll be camping at Kiptopeke SP next weekend. My 9 year old son and I are going to have some estrogen free:happy10: time flounder fishing on the bay. Has the fishing been good lately? I'd like to get a chart of the area. Where's the best B&T? I'm planning on fishing off Cape Charles down to the bridge. Is there anything I should watch out for down in those areas?
  17. I am trying to get to the beach around Oct. 16 and wondered where the "Hot Spot" was Assateaue or Outer banks? Looking for Striper or Drum from the surf, but want best chance to bring something into the beach. Please point me in the right direction:happy3: Thank you!
  18. Found this site while goggling for info on where to surf fish in Virginia Beach. Heading there in 2 weeks and want to do a good amount of fishing.
  19. i was wondering about when can you start catching drum off the beach? i was going to go down this week, but i scratched it. i'm probably going down the 8th/9th of september, i have to take my buddy down to the mouth of the chesapeake, he wants to kayak the bay back to where we live(middle river). well the night before we are going to throw some lines out on the beach. i was wondering if i will have a fighting chance at taking one of those, thanks
  20. Hit Dam Neck from 7am-9:20am on the last of the incoming. Real Bloodworms = Spot, Spot, Spot, Spot, Spot.....Spot, Spot Spot...till I ran out of bloodworms! Got Fresh Bait now! Spot heads and fresh spot yeilded 2 one about 2#'s the other a touch smaller. One nice Sea Mullet as well. Menhaden schooling up as I left on the outer bar where the clear water was, no pups, but I am headed back later tonight to fish the incoming again! Time to filet some blue and sea mullet for lunch and vac seal some spot!
  21. Well I'm hooked. Me and my girlfriend are heading back down to OC for some more flounder fishing. Leaving friday afternoon and staying the night then coming back late saturday. I had good luck out on the pier so thats probably were we'll be. Hoping the fishing isnt gonna be bad after this storm goes through. Anybody know where I can get live eels at? Pier?
  22. Hey yall im headin down to Fort Fisher either the end of september or early October just curious what the fishins gonna be like .. not sure where were puttin in at or where were drivin out on tha beach at ... so anybody thats been there before give me a shout and let me know what can be expected
  23. would appreciate any ideas on where to do some surf/jetty fishing in the area the week of 8/17 also any insider tips would be great also
  24. Sorry this is pretty off topic but i was on the dnr's website and supposedly there is a new law where alcohol is only allowed on certain parts of state parks?? would this pertain to assateague OSV, because i'm going down this weekend to do some fishing and i'm not exactly trying to get fined. just wondering if anyone knows anything about this, thanks
  25. Hello.. I need some help I do lots of surf fishing in southern jersey heading to VA beach with the family. want to hit the beach with gear couple of questions. any and all info is appreciated 1. do I need a license, will be in town 5 days? how much? 2. what are "in" off the beach, and what type bait do I need. I lik eto throw bait vs artificials. 3. where do i fish that is close to v beach? i hear Sandbridge? where at? I am looking to AVOID CROWDS and absolutely no pier fishing! BACK BAY? if so where..I am not asking to give up spots just some places wife can lay on beach and I may catch a fish?! where do I get bait and what? I know this is alot..any and all info is great much respect and appreciation bill