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Found 30 results

  1. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  2. In the past year i have witnessed some very rude and some dangerous moves made by my fellow anglers. Growing up on the Eastern Shore i had a boat at a young age. The very first thing that i was taught by my father was safety and ethics on the water. Most of these ideals that he taught were mainly common sense and courtesy toward other boaters. This past year was my first year fishing the mouth of the bay for strippers. I had a very good first season, but saw things that really bothered me. This past Saturday was just as disappointing as last winter. I had three boats drift so close to my boat that I had to push them away from me with my hands. All while the captain stared in disbelief that I was upset with him. I had my line cut, while anchored, by a boat that passed wide open by my stern within 40ft, and not to mention the wake that he threw over me. One thing that I really don't understand is how people can take the entire bay and feel the need to run at high speeds in between 20 anchored boats on their trip north or south. One of my friends I had on my boat with me is in the USCG. He told me that there is a law in place that will require boaters to have a drivers license within the next few years. I think that this is a great idea. The things I mentioned above aren't just gripes, but concerns of the safety of myself and other anglers. Some things that people can do to better the experience for everyone on the water would be to go around a group of boats that are anchored up instead of through them on your way to your destination. Be conscious of the fishing lines of others, (your hook isn't the only one on bottom). Be aware of your wake and where it is going to head once you've left the area. If it can be proven that it was your wake that caused damage, you are responsible for it. Don't drift or anchor to close to another boat. Be particularly careful when passing or motoring around a boat that contains children. I saw 2 almost get thrown off the other day when a 25ft Parker passed at 1/2 throttle no more than 50ft from their boat. I could go on all day. The bottom line is that most of the anglers out there do know these things and are respectful of others on the water, but its that ever growing percentage that can make a great day on the water aggravating or even dangerous. I'm sure that many will read this and agree. Maybe even have had similar things happen to you. To others, this may piss you off. If so, you are the problem. Keep your boat on the trailer and next to the SUV / station wagon thing.
  3. I have been scanning some older pictures into my computer this last week and came across some of my previous boats. Will start with my oldest and work my way to what I currently have. My first real boat was a 19' Renken runabout with a 75 hp Evinrude. I think I paid $1600 for boat motor and trailer. I fished this boat in James river and out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel. I fished from it over 300 times and only broke down one time and that was close to the ramp. My second boat was a 22' Grady White that I gutted and rebuilt. It had an inboard/outboard 165hp. The engine and drive were in a constant state of repair but I always made it back. I fished it primarily in the Chesapeake Bay and a couple of times at the Chesapeake Light Tower which is about 15 miles offshore of Virginia Beach. My third boat was a big step up for me, I had been offshore many times on charters and friends boats and I had the Blue water bug bad. I was single at the time so I figured now or never. I went to Stuart, Florida and bought a used 1985 34' Silverton convertible that had just been repowered with twin Yanmar diesels. I was not real fast but it only burned about 10-12 gals per hour cruising at 20 knots. I had it for 7 years and put 3500 hours on it. I lived on for 5 of those years and rented my house so I could pay for it. I fished it in the Cheaspeake Bay and took it offshore 120 times, anywhere from Norfolk Canyon to offshore of Hatteras. I always made it back in even though a couple of trips back were only on one engine. My fourth boat is a 25' Grady White Trophy Pro with T/200 Yamahas. After I got married we found a fixer upper on the water and I really had to play the tide with Silverton. So I down sized to something with outboards that I could trim up and get in and out at lower tides. I also liked being able to get out there faster. I have fished the Grady in the bay and offshore. When I bought the grady gas was $1.30 a gallon. I could fill it up for $286. Now it cost $575 plus another $100 for oil. I bought a Polaris PWC about nine years ago, I gradually started fishing from it and started venturing further and further. About three years ago I bought a Yamaha SUV 1200 and rigged it up specifically for fishing. I am always adding and changing things on it. I have put 750 hours on theYamaha and taken it up to 60 miles offshore of Virginia and 35 miles offshore of Cape Hatteras. Most of my fishing is in the Chesapeake Bay and along the coast. I still use my Grady White but not nearly as much as the Jet Ski. I currently also have a kayak, Portabote and a canoe. So what kind of boats, pwc's, waterraft, ect have you had or currently have?
  4. need tailer for 12' skiff, anyone need extra yard space
  5. The wife and i headed out o the creek yesterday around 2. Tried to catch some bait in the mouth but no takers so we headed out to the cell. We fished for about an hour and a half. I was once again out fished by that pink rod that i bought her!!!! I caught 50 black wills, and she caught a 24in puppy drum and some nice blues. Wind laid down finally so we made the run to Cape Charles to put the boat back on the trailer. Heard of a few specs caught and some schoolie rock fish but saw none myself. Wont be long now!!!
  6. So... I am getting off the sand so to speak. We bought a boat a few weeks ago (19ft Seapro DC)and so far have just been getting to know it by cruising around Assawoman. Just got my radio today and I'm waiting on my GPS. How many of you guys boat fish as well? I'm thinking that fishing CBBT until xmas and trolling off the beach for the fall run will be good times. Do you guys ever really winterize? or do you trailer down to Virginia to fish in the winter? This site has been a great help with surfcasting. So just asking about boating. Thanks, Pat
  7. I have found this mag. helpful for fishing reports from north to south along the east coast,salt or fresh water. I am a trailer boat fisherman and,fish mostly mid atlantic states and south to Key West
  8. Hello Everyone, I have been a member for a few weeks now and made a bunch of posts, but wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Rob and fishing is in my blood. I bought my first boat at the beginning of last season, but been actively fishing my whole life. My house is on the Potomac River. The main species of fish I fish for are Striper, Croaker, Spot, Bluefish, Blue Channel Cat, and the occasional Red Fish. I will trailer my boat to OC Maryland and go after Tog, Flounder, and what ever else wants to pull my line down. I am currently seeking my captain’s license. If any one has some advice for me about that it will be appreciated. Looking forward to sharing information with you all. Fish On!!!
  9. After the delamination of my gel coat back in February my new boat should be arriving to BPS early this coming week. Other than some early trips for drum and offshore i haven't had much chance to fish this year. Ive got some friends i grew up with coming from out of town to fish this weekend and was wondering where the cobia bite was the best. I assume the regular haunts, grandview, york spit, bluefish rock......might be some good places to try. Is everyone still seeing them on top and site casting like i had heard a few weeks ago, or are they being caught on the bottom? Is live spot or cut bunker working best? Thanks in advance for any input. I also am considering selling a 22ft aquasport w/150 evinrude. The trailer has seen better days but works. The hull is in good shape and very strong, and the motor ran great the last time i had it out. Which has been some time ago. The boat will run about 43mph and is very dry. I havent made up my mind yet, but with a newborn i dont have time for one boat muchless two. Let me know if you might be interested.
  10. VCAN ALL, Our non-profit thanks to Mr. Daniel Jones the City of Norfolk for making the change to improve public access for those (trailer-no trailer) that want to utilize the Willoughby Boat Ramp for legal water access activities. VCAN is also helping promote the City of Norfolk's Water Safety Tips for everyone's safety in all of Hampton Roads. So feel free to share Dan's Doc to help promote water safety.
  11. Our non-profit thanks to Mr. Daniel Jones & the City of Norfolk for making the change to improve public access for those (trailer-no trailer) that want to utilize the Willoughby Boat Ramp for legal water access activities. VCAN is also helping promote the City of Norfolk's "Water Safety Tips" for everyone's safety in all of Hampton Roads. So feel free to share "Dan's Doc" to help promote water safety. You can also see them on our website @ Help protect public access, Virginia's coast, and all who enjoy it! Thanks,
  12. The hunt for Redfish in April is as exciting as the Hunt for Red October! An amazing sunrise greeted my anglers Sunday morning. The early morning low / incoming tide meant we would be hunting reds in the potholes away from the Mangrove islands. Breezy conditions made spotting schools a challenge so I set up on an area that has produced the last few days. Fishing in 2-3’ of water we tossed whitebaits with a float 2’ up the leader to keep the bait out of the grass. Live baits if allowed will look for cover and dive into the grass. The area we fished first is adjacent to an oyster bar and requires fluorocarbon leaders to be 30 pounds. Let one of these bulldog redfish and with the waters still a little cloudy from recent winds you could probably beef up to 40 pounds without scaring the reds. The first ten minutes produced only baits being beat up by pinfish. As often happens the best angler is the rod holder and sure enough as someone took a break the action started. With the advent of circle hooks the rod holder really does a good job. The bite continued with nice reds 22-24” making for great sport. Working the NE end of FT Desoto offers acres and acres of prime habitat. A short run to Pinellas point rounded out the action with chunky trout 14-18”. Action remained steady and a good day was had by all. I spoke with Capt. Mike Anderson of Reel Animals who had a banner day with over 40 Reds! Upon our return to the marina I was welcomed by a broken jack on my trailer. Out came the jack to my truck so I could lift the ball off the hitch allowing me to unhook the trailer and run to the parts store. The cranking mechanism had rusted out, I upgraded to a unit that has a fitting that allows regular greasing. Lesson learned; rinse ALL parts of the trailer thoroughly after every use. Received a tip regarding a new night snook spot loaded with big bruisers. Check back Thursday as I have a night trip Wednesday and let you all know how it went.
  13. Hey all, I'm looking for a used pontoon boat. A very used pontoon boat, all i want is a platform on the pontoons, I don't care about the interior, I don't want it to have a motor and it doesn't even need a trailer. My father in-law recently had back surgery and he can't use our john boats for fishing our farm pond. I figure if i float a short pontoon boat with an electric motor on it, he can still fish with the rest of the family. Unfortunatley like a lot of people I don't have a lot of money to spend, especially for a P.O.S. pontoon with no trailer. But he if you have that eyesore in the back yard that the S.O. is harping about getting rid of, let me know and I'll see what we can do. I've been checking craigs and ebay but nothing yet...... thanks Mike
  14. Went to point look out thanksgiving day for my first time. Trip started out as a nightmare. On the way got in an accident involving a deer,didn't hit the deer , but my boat ended up off the trailer in the middle of rt.4 . luckily no one hurt and very little damage to the boat. As for the report , big rockfish are there! fish mainly being taken on parachute lures ( white , green) with or without umbrella rigs in the main channel. Closer to shore chasing the birds is very productive on trolled umbrella with 4'' sassy shad trailer and casting/jigging bucktails. Thursday landed 34'' fish ,Friday 41 1/2 '' 23lb12oz, Saturday nothing. Saw plenty fish being taken in the 24'' - 50'' range
  15. Not sure if anyone on here has one laying around they don't use but if you could keep an eye out in your travels and shoot me a PM if you see something in the 12'-16' range with a decent trailer less then $700 preferably. Doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it floats without issue and doesn't have a total POS trailer.
  16. Hopped aboard the "Alway's Something" today with Capt. George and Bucket. Departed from Little Creek and headed to Cape Henry. As we drew near the line, I noticed some birds and we began marking some nice bait in 45'-60' of water. Bucket and I put out the spread of Mojo's, Parachutes, Tomic's and a Strech 30 all in chartreuse. Didn't take long before the Mojo on the bottom went down. I grabbed the rod and pulled in a nice healthy 36" rockfish. felt good considering 2008 was an abismal year for me with rockfish. About 20 minutes later, Bucket get's a hook up on a rod and pulls in a 38" rockfish on the stretch 30 which was way back. Bucket and I traded fish again with me pulling in another one around 38" and Bucket got a nice fat 44" slob. Capt. then stepped to the back of the boat and got himself a nice 37" as well to finish the day. At about 11am the bait and bite ceased, so we packed up and headed in around noon. Total was 5 fish today between 36" and 44" all of which were fat and healthy. One had a 12" menhaden in his belly which he had just eaten, the rest had menhaden as well. Lure of choice today was the parachute with trailer! Bucket's 44": Today's catch:
  17. Took a little HO ride on Saturday morning. Launched outta LC. Started marking bait at the ocean/Bay border. Didn't take long. The bait pods were thick. Cape Henry / ocean fish. 35" / 20 lbs Fish bit on a Tomic trailer on the Mojo. The Cape was a parking lot! Then the fog moved in. First time fishing in the fog. I'm glad the skipper had radar. We played Frogger with all the fishing vessels. Tons of boats landing fish.
  18. actually met a friend of mine this morning at his house and towed his boat to bubbas marina to launch and started fishing the bridge by 10. Didn't see a single fish on the piling or buoys so we went to open water where I saw 6 and caught 2 37"ers. The one good fish estimated at 40 lbs but wouldn't eat. The others we never even got a cast off to. At the end of the day I found out what happens when you don't pay attention while putting the boat on the trailer
  19. I just recently started throwing gotchas on a regular basis with all the blues around. I'm having a lot of problems with the trailer hook wrapping around my leader. I tie my knot directly to the plug. Is this just what normally happens, or is there a way to tie it to the leader without this happening, or at least happening less frequently?
  20. Hey folks, I'm looking to buy a used jon boat in decent condition that I can take out onto the bay (on nice days) and do some duck hunting with in the fall. Something between 14' - 16' foot is the ideal and would also need a trailer to take it to and fro. I dont have a whole lot to spend on it. I dont absolutely need a motor, but if it had one that worked that would be preferred. I'm located in Southern Delaware, but I'm willing to pick the boat up within a reasonable distance. Please feel free to email me or PM me
  21. Well, decided to hit the water with the Ciara, the kids and dogs yesterday. The original plan was to haul out the Jon Boat and a canoe. We figured the Ciara and I could take the dogs in the jon boat with the kids behind us in the canoe. Got to mom and dad's to realize that dad had hit the wiring harness on the trailer with the weed eater so repairs started. once everything was wired up I plugged it in and STILL no we scrapped that plan and just loaded up the minimums strapped a canoe to the roof and off we went with plans of renting one of the park's row boats....yeah, that didn't go over too well...max of 3 people on a boat and no pets....So we found a nice little beach area around the corner and set up there. The kids paddled around the lake by themselves. Ali has a issue with trying to always find something alive when we're out in nature...well, what did she managed to find yesterday but a worm. I rigged up a bottom right and threw it on the hook. Well, that managed a nice 2lb channel catfish. With one fish on the stringer, I sent the girls back up to the rental place to buy up some nightcrawlers. We managed 2 more nice 1-2lb catfish and a bunch of missed fish. It was a great day, here are some pictures to enjoy.
  22. Well, with the storm we got yesterday there was no way I was heading down the road to the james...But still I braved the fog and cold this morning and headed to Burke Lake (Fairfax County) Burke lake is home to Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Crappie and catfish...But I'll tell you what...never fishing the lake before (except one time this past summer from shore with the kids) it was an experience. Luckily I wasn't the only fool out there today and the guy before me broke the ice at the ramp...nice guy huh? I had some issues with the trailer lights and didn't get out there until about 10am (seems if you read back to my Burke lake 7/1 thread I had the same issue) Being that this was my first time on the lake with a fish finder it was more of a scouting trip. I did find some very interesting places I can't wait to fish this spring. 1 being an underwater is 3' of water that quickly drops off to about 18', 2 Was a nice 15' channel behind an island that ended up rising up slowly to 4' and lastly more structure than you can imagine down near the dam. There were points that I was marking fish on top of the structure at 8' when the bottom was at 31'. I tried some red/white, blue/white, Chartruese, Black/White, Red/Chartreuese, and pearl tubes and grubs with no luck. I fished them all on the bottom then right up through 4'. Hoping to locate some crappie. When I was by the fishing pier at the county park (park is closed so it was empty) I was marking fish between 18'-4' but nothing would even give me a nibble. I think I'll get some small minnows next time I try it. Anyhow...busted day, but absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get back out.
  23. May be down this weekend have clear a bunch of trees on the retirement property to get it ready to put a trailer there. Planning to fish after dark near the walk over. Look for my truck in the lot see pic. What should I be targeting. Thanks
  24. Ok, so its not a fishing boat, but I can't always think about myself can I? So I broke down this weekend and picked up a 1993 Centra Lazer 210, with a loadrite trailer. Got a great deal on the whole thing...probably about 3k below book value. It has the 5.0L Mercruiser and believe me it will get up and move. The kids had a blast, the dogs however weren't really so sure about the boat when we started bouncing over wake ....thats ok, they'll get used to it. The cabin is big enough to lay in....but not sit up, however the dogs seemed to enjoy the comfort of the cushions and the shade. Ali, my oldest also enjoyed a nice little nap in the cabin. The boat came with a full Bimini Top so thats a nice plus. Its at the mechanic getting the carb tuned up and checked over for any other issues. The only problem I found with the boat was the cushions on the back seat and the sun deck...but that can be repaired this winter while its sitting. Don't get me wrong...I fully intend on fishing from this boat, and the cabin is big enough for ME to pull an overnight trip on, however Ciara and the girls have told me that they refuse to stay on it...fine by me as if I stay out all night it will be catfish or striper fishing on lake anna. I don't think I want to take it out where there's a tide or a current and stay the night.....So enjoy the pics from our first day out on the water.....And no, the price on the windshield is not what a paid before anyone does a