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Found 512 results

  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. Went to <acronym title="Rhode Island"><acronym title="Rhode Island"><acronym title="Rhode Island">RI</acronym></acronym></acronym> on our little 3 day family trip we do every year.Camped at Burlingame.Got there Thursday and set up camp.Friday morning we launched out of the Charlestown Breachway and headed to Block Island.The sky was overcast I sea was clam and like glas.I have never seen it like that.We have wanted to head out there for a few years.We have got fish off Nebraska Shoal,but,the guy in the bait shop kept telling up to go to the block.We got there and there was 50 boats or so fishing the self.I dropped a Diamond jig and Bam,I got a 6 lb Blue.We hammered fish till noon BIG blues Keeper Stripers (no monsters) some Dogfish and a Skate or two. We headed over to Fisherman's Point around 1 pm.Met the family,had lunch.Then we loaded the boat with our 2 boys and all the Scuba gear.Took them out to the Shoal.It was there first open dive in the ocean.We sat on the boat while they we down.It sucked sitting there ,but,I was on the water and .oh well.They came up after 20 mins or so ,telling us of the HUGE Stripes and Blues they saw and an abundance of other sea life.Pretty cool.Just as they came up ,the sky got dark.We headed in and half way back we got HAMMERED! We got to the boat ramp,it was low tide.I jumped off the boat bare foot,stepped on the ramp.Next thing I knew I was getting picked up off the concrete ramp.I went down hard.Cut up my hand ,and I'm hurting still. We loaded up and head to Galilee got 6 lbs of Steamers and headed back to camp/I washed the Steamers and let them sit in cornmeal till the next day. Saturday we headed out in the am again .After a night of soaking thunder storms.The sea was 2-3 ' waves.We headed to Block Island again.Rough LONG ride out there.We fished the same spots.About 70 boats out there.We didn't get any Stripers but,I got a PB Blue fish at 15 lbs!What a fight!The sea calmed down around 10 and so did the fishing.We hung till noon and went back to camp.The boys picked up 6 1 1/2 -2 lbs Lobsters.We went back to camp and had a seafood feast fit for a King.Plus Pork chops, baked potatos, best corn on the cob I have had so far this season, we got at a farm stand by Matunik exit off rt 1..Just as we finished eating.the sky started to darken.We had checked the weather for last night and Sunday.It said rain.So ,we packed up and headed home.Just as we left the sky opened up again.
  3. I departed Messick Boat Ramp in Poquoson Virginia at 0600 hrs and headed 15 miles across the Bay to the Fourth Island of the CBBT. It was almost flat so I was able to easily average 45 mph. I bottom fished around the piles with big live minnow and caught and threw back two flounder that were around 17". I then tried for a little while at the spine of the rocks around the island with no luck. Around 1000 the tide died out and I could see lots of spadefish around the piles, so even though I did not plan on diving today the decent visibilty tempted me. I got geared up and dove around several piles and speared my 4 spades. After that I went back to flounder fishing, this time I was off of the Third Island. I saw several decent flounder caught but I only managed one more throw back and a couple of Oyster Toads. I had some plans this afternoon so headed back around 1330 hrs. I covered 40 miles and burned 10.5 gallons. I am glad I have a big jet ski with plenty of storage. I took a couple of pictures of just some of the gear I bring with me on a typical day. Some fishing, diving, safety and paperwork.
  4. I took a couple of pictures around my backyard this evening. I like dragonflies because they eat flies. Here they are.
  5. I remember someone on here talking about the haywire twist for tying steel leader to hooks/swivels. just wondering how strong it is, i couldn't find any crimps anywhere around my house so i just used that knot for tying the leader to my hook and swivel(going down for a night tomorrow with some friends). It took some practice but it seems really strong when i try pulling on it, any help would be appreciated, thanks
  6. It was a great day yesterday, the weather was perfect and the fish were plentiful. I took Chad Baniowski of Williamsburg Virginia out to the Chesapeake Light Tower. Chad is a Chef at Berrets Seafood Resturant in Historic Williamsburg so I am looking forward to getting some new recipes for ways to cook Spades from him. I had been telling him all about Spadefish and spear fishing and he was eager to give it a try. We departed Rudee Inlet around 0930 and went straight to the tower, it was nice, there was not another boat in sight so we had the tower to ourselves. The current was ripping but the visibility was decent at about 15-20 feet. There were tons of spade fish and we saw quite a few Amberjack as well. Chad speared his first spadefish and we were able to get our limit of 8 after a good workout of fighting the strong current and swells. Chad also tried some jigging but could not get one of the Jacks to bite, I am sure a live bait would have done the trick. About the time we were leaving two other jet skis showed up to try and catch some fish (I may be starting a jet ski trend). We were back at the ramp and on the road around 1530, just in time for rush hour traffic. Ha. The Chesapeake Light Tower is about 16 miiles off shore from Virginia Beach. I carry a Spot GPS Tracker with me here is the link to one of my "Spots" showing the Lat/Long of the tower.\-75.71265 It was another great day, here are some of the pictures I took while out.
  7. Hey guys...I am about to go on a another trip, but I took a couple people out last night and we caught something amazing. By far my most memorable fish catch of all time. Here is a teaser, a full report will come tomorrow when I have gotten some rest!: Anyone want to guess what this is? Ben
  8. Took a photo of my garmin gpsmap while livelining for rockfish in eastern bay monday.we all got our limits of legal size striper.and had a great time.also caught some small and medium croakers on bloodworms at tilghman island.
  9. Yesterday my wife Cindy and I along with my brother John and his wife Renee’ met with my Congressional Representative, Congressman Rob Wittman of Americas first Congressional District for lunch and a tour of the Capital. This came about by way of a Duck’s Unlimited fundraiser a few months ago. Congressman Wittman was kind enough to donate this personalized tour and I was lucky enough to win the bid! We met at his office in the Longworth building around noon and I gave him a framed photo I had taken of New Point Comfort Light recently. From there we went to the Capital Hill Club for a great lunch. We had a good discussion about the Chesapeake Bay regarding the menhaden fishery and oyster aquaculture. Rob Wittman is also an avid angler and an advocate for the Bay so of course I had a good time talking with him. Next he took us to the Capital where we were fortunate to see a vote in progress. There were many other Congressmen present and it was impressive to see it all in action. Afterward we walked to the Rotunda where Congressman Wittman gave us a great lesson in history, art and architecture. All told we spent over two hours together. It was an experience we will not soon forget. Gordon Neal, the Congressman’s Staff Assistant, gave us an extended tour of the rest of the Capital building. Later in the day the four of us walked the Mall area. My wife’s father is a World War Two Veteran and my father was in Korea and Vietnam so we all wanted to see those memorial sites. Here are some of the pictures I took.
  10. I had the pleasure of participating in the 15th Annual Children's Fishing Clinic that was held today at the James River Fishing Pier in Newport News Virginia. This was a great event with over 200 kids and countless volunteers. Each child was given a Zebco combo, hat, shirt and lunch. This was a fun event for all involved and I am sure that there were a couple of future Master Anglers in the crowd. Here are some of the pictures I took today.
  11. I had a friend i grew up with, Kevin, in town this weekend so i took him and the brother in law out for some spades at the CBBT. Once again the morning started off with some rough water but it laid out pretty nicely by the middle of the day. We tried my favorite spot with no luck which was a first. Then we moved around to the other side of the 4th. Within 10 minutes we had our first spade of the day. We ended up with 7 spades all a ranging from 4-5lbs. Which were larger than the previous week. We headed back to the ramp at wise piont around 1 and had another great day on the bay.
  12. Put the boat over at Wise Piont monday around 7am and headed out to the CBBT. I very quickly realized that the weather man had missed the wind predictions for the day as the chop was around 4ft. Took my time and made it to the 4th island for some spade fishing. I sat on the ocean side for most of the morning with no luck. I had a ton of hickory chad in my clam chum and they kept stealing my bait. I did manage a nice 24 1/2 inch flounder while jigging on the bottom. I moved to another spot that had produced spades last year and was rewarded. I had a limit of 2-3 lb fish in an hour and headed back in much calmer water. Got home and the wife and i took our year old son to the pool. It was a great way to end the holiday weekend and an even better dinner last night!!! Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th!
  13. I hit the pier looking for some spanish macks and blues ....I didn't hit any macks heck neither did anyone else...small blues did show up...the action was so slooow I took some randon shot of others
  14. Springtime has progressed to the hot weather of summer. Along with this change comes changes in the fishing. With a few changes in techniques, the action will continue to keep fish pulling on the line and anglers smiling. Offshore, the search for dolphin becomes a matter of covering more ground and sometimes traveling further offshore. In on the reef, the downrigger and bottom outfits will start producing better than the flat lines on most days. You can expect action with kingfish, AJ’s, and muttons on the bottom rig. Bonito become the predominant fish and will leave many anglers with sore arms and backs. Inshore, the tarpon action out along the beach has slowed down. The good news, however, is that they are in the Bay and feeding with a vengeance. With all that said, let’s get caught up again with the individual trips aboard Knot Nancy. Alex and his friends caught dolphin offshore before motion sickness took over and we had to run back in to calmer water. The fish were under birds and around floating debris. The next evening, the same group caught tarpon at Government Cut on the south side using crabs. James, Mark, and Sharon Banta picked a beautiful weather day for their dolphin trip. Searching was the name of the game and changing techniques produced once we found the fish. The schools were small and didn’t want to stick around to long before moving on. At one point it took switching to trolling small lures to get them going. James got to catch a few fish on his fly rod much to his delight. On the way in we found a very good weed line and that’s where we found a larger school of fish that stayed around longer. A fish fry with dolphin fillets was the plan for that evening. Sherman Gambill and Andy Sun took good advantage of the afternoon/evening trip that I offer. We had to work hard to fill the livewell with bait, but it got accomplished after three bait spots were visited. Within minutes of putting out the first baits and slow trolling, we had action with bonito that kept both anglers busy. Once we made it out to the depth I wanted to start in, a drift was set up. The flatlines saw first action in the form of dolphin in 180’. Andy got the 18 pound fish and Sherman caught the schoolie. The bottom rod saw action with a mutton snapper. The wind finally picked up enough to fly the ex-light kite which produced a barracuda for Andy and Sherman’s first sailfish. We capped off the trip with tarpon action at Government Cut with Sherman catching his first tarpon. The next trip to Government had Aaron Demers catching and releasing a permit and Jeff Demers catching his first tarpon. In the Bay, we jumped one tarpon before calling it an evening, Richard Chase and his grandson Rick fished a late afternoon trip that started slow and picked up speed as the trip progressed. We started straight out from Government Cut with the action being slow. When the north current pushed us to the middle of the Anchorage area, things changed quickly. Slow trolling herring in 90-120 feet gave us steady action with kingfish on the flatlines. When that action slowed, we moved out to 180 feet and as soon as I set Knot Nancy into a drift, the downrigger popped and the kingfish action picked back up again. Meanwhile, the flatlines also got hit and both Richard and Rick were very busy with bent rods and line screaming off their reels. Besides the kingfish, the bonito also got in on the action too. The last evening trip made to Government Cut for tarpon was with Robert Oldin and his friend Mike. Neither had caught a tarpon and were eager to do battle with one. The action along the beach was non-existent. After the tide changed and it got dark, we moved into the Bay and things changed quickly. After setting up and putting out the baits, it only took about 5 minutes for the craziness to start. The tarpon pulled hard, jumped a lot, and had the anglers running around the boat. When it was time to head back to TNT Marine Center, the final score was 4 for 4 with two very amazed and happy anglers. Knot Nancy is currently at Birdsall Marine getting a new upholstery make over. My next scheduled trip is on July 18. In the meantime, call or email to get your trip scheduled to take advantage of the good Bay tarpon and reef action. Captain Dave Kostyo Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc 305-965-9454 Charter Fishing in Miami and Miami Beach for Sailfish, Tarpon, Dolphin and Kingfish aboard the Knot Nancy
  15. It was a great Independence Day! My wife and I took the Grady out for an afternoon cruise of the Poquoson, and York River here in Virginia. Everyone with a boat was out having a good time on or in the water. I always love to see the colors flying so I thought I would share some of the pictures I took while out yesterday. Treasure and hold dear your freedoms!
  16. Fished Friday and Saturday, skate, 1 kingfish, an hour battle with a ray... (my there were a lot of rays this weekend. I must have seen 50 large rays just crusin the surfline...). We also had one hook up that screamed the drag straight out, played with us for an hour and a half, .. then took off straight out again. Just before spooling me - I had about 20 yards left on the reel, the line broke. I think it broke on the outer bar as I was about to get a couple hundred yards back in with the line. Possible it dove deeper and the line was rubbin in the bar out there.
  17. My wife and I took a little jet ski cruise along Plum Tree Island "The Flats" yesterday. It was a hot day, around 97 degrees, so being on the water was the place to be. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would put a couple of them up. The first one is an Oyster Catcher that looked like he was dancing.
  18. I got lucky again and had this Photograph of an Osprey chosen for todays Daily Press. I was real happy with the picture. I took it in my back yard monday night as it was getting dark.
  19. On Sunday evening at 5pm I was about to close up the shop for the day when I received a phone call. It was from a cell phone and it was hard to hear. All I could make out was "is anyone going to be around to clean a tuna?" Then I heard "we won't be in until around 6-6:30." All I could think I'm tired, but the first tuna of the year is coming in we had better stick around. So, I told the guy we would be here to take care of his fish. 5:30 comes around and here comes a boat. A boat that had decided to go out that morning to go sharking. I had thought they had already returned to the dock for the day. They surprised us with the First Thresher Shark of the season. The "Undertaker" with Bill, Bill Doherty, Jr and CJ Walus came to the dock with a 216lb shark. They had been out near the Twin Wrecks that afternoon and were using Hook 'em & Cook 'em's Special Chum Mix along with a blue fish fillet on the hook. Bill, Jr, the angler, said it took almost 2 hours to bring the fish to the boat. Congrats to them. No sooner had I looked at the clock ,it was about 6:10pm, I looked out the window and the boat that had called about the tuna had arrived!! "Margin" had come in with our first blue fin tuna of the year. It weighed 66.4lbs and was caught just north of the Norfolk. Tom Dorwalt, the angler, said they caught it on a blue Ilander while trolling. After Christopher had cleaned,steaked and bagged the fish all that was left was the clean up. So two and a half hours after that phone call we were finally on our way home. That was definitely worth it.
  20. Thursday’s trip was met with lots of high expectations. The tides were ideal for hunting snook and redfish. Before running to the Eastern shore of Tampa Bay we needed to gather bait. My anglers today Jim and Tom joined Captain Steven to gather bait. Unlike previous days the Skyway Bridge was lots of work, it took an hour to have just enough for the day. It was very expensive bait as I ripped 2 cast nets on barnacle encrusted pilings. Use caution when tossing a net up current of hazards. With a stronger than forecasted NE wind making the water choppy it was a bumpy ride to Bishops Harbor. Snook were nowhere to be seen; Tom had one snook explode on bait with no hookup. Jim and Tom were making great casts with no results. I decided to leave the snook behind and check out the redfish action at Tarpon Key. As we eased in on the mangroves the Captain next to us was hooked up. Moments later they were on hooked up again. We casted chunk baits along the oyster bar and waited. We saw numerous reds but did not connect. So much for plan B. About now Captain Steven was anxious to get his anglers on fish. I moved us to a shallow grass flat with and deep drop off to 10’. Again a slow start then thankfully we started catching trout. Most were beautiful keeper size spotted sea trout with many 18-22”. These beauties were thick and clearly eating like crazy. Mackerel made their appearance with one a pushing 26”. The bite was on for 15 minutes then off it was like that for an hour. Thank goodness the day ended on a positive note. Jim and Tom were great guys, good anglers and fun to have onboard. Captain Steven Markovich Tampa Bay Fishing Charters | On The Mark Charters
  21. I tuned up my older Polaris Jet Ski this evening and decided to take it out for a run. I cruised around the flats and stopped a couple times to take some pictures. Every thing ran great. Hopefully I will get out on Saturday for some fishing. Here are some of the pictures I took.
  22. A couple of weeks ago I read on another fishing board a fisherman was denied access to fish the beach at Fort Story. The Army has allowed beach surf fishing for those who showed a current saltwater fishing license and obtained a base fishing pass at Headquarters of Fort Story. Due to BRAC reallignment, Fort Story was merged with Fort Eustis early last year. In October 2009, the Navy was to take over full operations at Fort Story. The purpose and scope of actions at the base is to stay the same, just the Navy is in control instead of the Army. Most of us know the Navy's policy at there other bases of no civilian access. Earlier this week, I spoke with Scott Mohr, Public Affairs Officer for the Navy. He said the Navy is currently reviewing their public access procedures for Fort Story. Currently, fishing is not allowed but it is not totally off the table. Public access to the lighthouses and monuments is currently allowed for civilians. I said Virginia Coastal Access Now would like for the Navy to continue with the Army's former public access operating procedures that occured without incident. I asked for continued public access to the two beach fishing locations along with the two freshwater ponds on Fort Story. All Mr. Mohr said was Fort Story has expanded its training right before and after the Navy took over operating control of the base in October 2009. VCAN saw this coming down the road a couple of years ago and had started a dialogue with Mr. Mohr back then. We even sat down and had a productive meeting with Mr. Mohr at his office. Hopefully, our proactive efforts back then will help us. We need to find out if fishing is not allowed to everyone, or are civilians the only ones losing out again? Darryl Schmitt, Secretary Virginia Coastal Access Now
  23. Captain Steven was thrilled to participate in the Hooked on Education fishing tournament Friday. Fishing for snook redfish and trout on the flats of Tampa Bay while raising funds for a great cause doesn’t get any better. We splashed the Pathfinder Bay boat at O’Neill’s Marina and quickly made our way in the dark to a grass flat adjacent to the Skyway Bridge. Scaled sardines could be heard dimpling the surface even before we could see them. Chumming took only moments to get perfect 3-4” white baits concentrated of the bow ready for me to toss the cast net. 4 tosses and the live well was full. I made the run north to the Westshore Yacht club to pick up my anglers. The tournament is a Grand Slam event total inches for a snook redfish and trout. You must catch all 3 species to qualify. My 3 anglers were awesome; I have never had a group of anglers who make perfect casts over and over again. The bite overall was tuff to fair as report by almost all Captains. Our first stop we took 2 chunky trout to 18” and a very nice Spanish mackerel. Our next stop we were tight to the mangroves with 5 other guide boats, one snook was all the group could muster in an hour. Moving deeper into Weedon Island we took a chunky snook and a small redfish. Then a couple nice trout which capped off our Grand Slam. Sorry no images as my camera decided to stop working! It’s never too late to help Hillsborough Education Foundation Captain Steven Markovich Tampa Bay Fishing Charters | On The Mark Charters
  24. Thursday I had the pleasure of filming a new TV show Fishing Florida. Originally we were scheduled to film last month but Mother Nature made quick work of that. Bait was a challenge, the Skyway Bridge was very rough making tossing a cast net very difficult. I hit the flats chumming for white baits and had a well full in 30 minutes. A short run and I was welcoming Jason and the Fishing Florida team. It was a unique experience having microphones and wires running through my fishing shirt. We had one camera on board and another on a chase boat. First stop we chased big trout near the beach. The bite was slow resulting in 2 trout and a mackerel in 30 minutes of fishing. I wanted to get the crew on mackerel but a quick search and bumpy ride deterred our efforts and we ran back inside. With the high tide nearing 2.5’ we hit a local Mangrove Island and quickly found a big school of large 30” plus redfish. My second cast resulted in a solid hookup and great fight from a 33” golden bruiser. This red took me into then out of the mangroves then under the boat. Each time the red saw the boat it went nuts. My next bait was crushed but I miss the hook set. For the next hour we watched 50-100 jumbo redfish swim back and forth through our baits. Lock jaw set in quickly and these reds were done chewing. The day didn’t get much better as we had to work hard to get a few trout to eat. We had good tides but a very tuff bite. The recent windy days has the water looking milky which I am sure played a role. Captain Steven Markovich Tampa Bay Fishing Charters | On The Mark Charters
  25. I opened the Daily Press, my local newspaper, to find a picture that I took last weekend on the inside front page. I have taken a lot of pictures of the harbor seals hanging around the islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel while I have been out there fishing the last couple of weeks. Last week my brother called me and said one of my pictures was in the Richmond Times Dispatch. That is a picture that I won honorable mention in the first and only photo competion I have had entered last year. Scenic Virginia, Inc. I took that picture in my backyard as the sun was rising. Here are the articles and pictures. Here a couple pictures I took in my yard this week.