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Found 356 results

  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. A bunch of friends and I are heading down to Assateague March 13th through the end of the weekend. I an experienced fisherman but I've never been to the island. I've been doing research and was wondering is someone could tell me what I could expect to catch that time of year down there. I've seen a lot of the shark pictures and have the kayaks to bring bait far out but wanted to know if they'll even be active in-shore that early. Also I know most guys are tight lipped when it comes to spots but if someone could point me in the right direction as far as location it would be much appreciated although I'm not sure that that is really possible when it comes to surf fishing. Thanks for any help.
  3. Went out to dinner at Masons in Easton with some friends. Sure enough, skate was on the menu. This is a fairly high end resteraunt (wouldn't think skate would be on the menu) and asked the waitress, just to be sure, "what is skate"? Yep, its the skate we catch. I didn't order it, but my buddies wife ordered it and the meat was fried and was shaped just like a skate wing (half moon). To my suprise, it was very good. Next large skate I catch, it's coming home.
  4. Hey guys! Me and my fiance will be down for the week of the 17th - 24th! Just wanted to see if anyone will be on the beach? Hopefully we will finally get down and meet everyone!!!!! We got all the rods packed and picking two more Ticas up when I get down! Only bad thing is no 4x4 permit for this of yet!!!!! But anyway just wanted to see who all will be on the beach for the week. I am not sure if we will have internet connection but please feel free to call me or e-mail me! I am looking forward to hearing from you guys!!! hopefully we can wet a line together! Seya on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cell - 717.991.3882 E-mail -
  5. I've asked around and I'm not quite sure what kind of skate this is. People have ideas but nobodys sure. Anyone know? I've heard so far it was two different types by two different people I was hoping to find someone who sees them on a regular basis and would know for sure
  6. I have repaired most of our member avatars (small picture next to your name). Please log in and make sure you avatar is displayed properly next to each post. If you do not see your avatar, click here and choose an image to use. You can also go to this page: Thanks!
  7. After more than two decades away from plugging I have come back to do some rock hopping and fishing. So far I am having a great time catching schoolies. I am not sure if I every want to pick up my Lami 1502 heaver again.
  8. One more for the new season. This time I asked for something a little different. The rod is 6'6" but not sure of the rating. I'm guessing 3/8-2 oz. I wanted to maximize it's length and still keep it as light as possible. I asked for cork grips and shorten the rear grip to only 4 inches. It looks a little odd but is light and surprisingly well balanced. I think I'm going to like this one.
  9. I'm leading a bunch of cub scouts to Sandy Point SP for a weekend camping trip over Mother's Day weekend (we thought the best gift we could give the moms was geting the boys out of the house!) I was wondering if I could get a little advice for fishing at the park. I know that its supposed to be great for stripers in the spring, but I was wondering about shore access for 30 or so youngsters (and of course some dads). I'd like to make sure our boys get a chance to fish, but I also want to be careful we don't ruin anyone else's day. Any pointers would be appreciated on where to go. Also, I was thinking of just getting blood worms but I'm open to any suggestions. I've never fished in that area of the bay and I want to make sure the boys at least have a chance of cathing something wheter it be stripers or perch or whatever else might be around. Thanks!!
  10. By Dr. Julie Ball IGFA Representative, Virginia Beach Dr. Julie Ball's Website IGFA - International Game Fish Association 26 March 2010 Spring fever is in the air, and anglers are anxious to jump at any chance to wet a hook. With the recent warm weather, hundreds of boats hit the water looking for some saltwater fishing action. The winner was tautog. The inshore tautog bite is on fire. Plenty of keeper tog averaging to around 6-pounds are coming from the Bridge Tunnel, with a few fish even pushing to over 10-pounds. Blue crabs and fiddler crabs are the top inshore bait. Deeper wrecks are giving up the bigger fish. Captain Neal Taylor of Virginia Beach and his crew aboard the Seaduction had a great tog outing this week. The crew landed eight citation fish while fishing at the Triangle Wrecks. Neal took the lead in the state for the year with a 16-pound, 1-ounce bruiser. A clam and crab “sandwich” was the bait combination of choice. Striped bass along the coast become officially off limits after this weekend, but most anglers will hardly notice. Most are focusing on intercepting the newly arriving spring species. Although the action is still slow, anglers are making their way to their standby flounder holes. Scattered catches of flatfish up to 23-inches are coming from several areas around the lower Bay, with the best catches on the outgoing tide near the 8-mile marker along the Bridge Tunnel. The appealing bait is drifted squid or strip bait. A few keepers are also coming from around the 3rd and 4th islands. On the Eastern Shore, flounder are showing promise in the usual hot spots in Quincy, Wachapreague, and Oyster. Puppy drum are still providing action within Rudee Inlet and the Elizabeth River. These young redfish are aggressive feeders and offer a great fight on light tackle. According to the folks at Ocean’s East 2, the word is that the speckled trout action is sketchy this week. A few nice specks are still taking lures in some areas within the Elizabeth River. Mirrolures are enticing the most strikes. Todd at Bayside Bait and Tackle reports that croaker are showing up in local commercial nets. It is only a matter of time until anglers begin catching them on hook and line. With a few more warm days, the croaker action should take off. Pier anglers are manning the rails at the Little Island and Ocean View fishing piers hoping to intercept the hardheads when they become hungry. For a change of pace, several anglers are targeting shad within the nearby rivers and tributaries. These fish are a blast on light line, but be sure to check your regulations before you go. A few boats were able to make the long trip to deep dropping territory off the Virginia coast last week. With the dog fish still out in force, blueline tilefish catches are a challenge. The Rudee Angler and the Rudee Whaler out of the Fishing Center in Rudee Inlet took their boats to the edge of the Canyon last week where they loaded up with quality fish, with some bluelines weighing to 19-pounds. The crew also enjoyed a good catch of big black bellied rosefish from the deeper water. The offshore action off Carolina is heating up, with reports of yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, and wahoo keeping trollers happy. For more information, go to Dr. Julie Ball's Website. Upload your pictures to our gallery.
  11. Redfish are starting to show up with better consistency than anytime Captain Steven has seen the last 3 months. While temperatures are still on the below normal side 70 degree days have slowly raised the water temperatures out of the 50’s and into the 60’s. The increase has enticed reds to push up onto local flats. Finding schools has been easier getting the redfish to chew is another story. Captain Little Jim of Hook Setting charters reported finding a school of large redfish but none would chew. Captain Jim did manage 4 redfish 18-20” on a smaller school on shrimp. Captain Justin of Hot Spots charters also has found schooling reds on Tampa Bay’s south shore with a similar theme slow to chew. Look for these fish to turn on quickly with a 10 day forecast featuring mid 70 temperatures and longer days. This week I managed several reds 18-22” all taken on Gulp shrimp and cut ladyfish. Along with the redfish and trout Captain Steven has scored on large 30-45 pound Black Drum. These monsters are schooling in 3’ of water in lower Tampa Bay. Once located its game on! Gulp shrimp 3 or 4” on Mission jig heads work great. Be sure and use a quality jig head on these bruisers, poor quality jigs hooks will straighten under the pressure of 40 pounds. I took a quick look for bait at the North Skyway Bridge and did mark some baitfish on my depth finder. No large shows but a positive sign. Look for the water to quickly rise to 65-66 and watch the action turn on. The redfish bite will turn on and snook will start to feed after a long hard winter. Captain Steven
  12. Please let your local representatives know that you oppose Maryland HB894 and Maryland SB673. Those two above bills are for requiring a mandatory fee for all kayaks and non powered vessels in the state of Maryland. This is just another tax/money grab from the state. Kayak/canoe fee ill-advised | | The Daily Times
  13. This may be old news, but I wanted to make sure everyone did this so no one gets in trouble! It's free, and you just need to print off your National Saltwater Angler Registry card. Assateague Island is now requiring this.
  14. What a winter, and its not over yet. Iam sure everyone is looking forward to getting out on the beach. Here is hoping the upcoming weeks will provide some warmer weather and maybe a fish towards the end of the month. Feel free to post your reports, fish or no fish.
  15. my name is christian myrick. I spent 15 years as a stone mason,but now am a metal fabricator. the type of fishing I am intrested in is land based shark fishing. I grew up in michigan...the u.p. (far northern tip). I love canoeing and kayaking and most things outdoors. I live in little elm tx about 5 1/2hrs north of galveston. I enjoy all fishing but crappie sure don't fight like a shark. hello all and please feel free to give any pointers...i am never too proud to learn somthing new. and if I can help anyone else I deffinatly I will. great fishing christian(newsharker)
  16. The fishing on the Mosquito Lagoon these last few weeks has been good. If you get out between these winter time cold fronts, the redfish have been cooperating quite nicely. Florida’s weather has continued to be some of the strangest I can remember, but large schools of Redfish have been found all over the Indian River system this month. Black Drum also continue to make their presence known tailing happily most days. My last week of trips have been spent in the Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach backcountry. Driving North winds have not allowed for much fishing the vast open flats of the middle lagoon, whereas these areas in the North end offer some protection behind the expanse of mangroves islands and oyster bars. Schools of redfish will congregate in these areas throughout the winter seeking refuge from the cold. Chuck from Garmin GPS in Missouri joined me for a few days of redfishing and caught several nice ones fishing with soft plastics such as GULP Alive crabs and the live shrimp. If you choose to fish plastics or any artificial for that matter this week, be sure to slow down your presentations in colder weather. Mark and Larry from Ocala also did well using these same tactics with schools of large redfish on Monday. The fly fishing has been good also these past few weeks. Accurate presentations and smaller patterns will still be the most productive. The most productive fly of this week the Kwan and Dupree Spoon. Lionel from <acronym title="Connecticut">CT</acronym> caught his first redfish on fly this week! Congrats and nice job. All fish caught were photographed and released to fight again! Captain Mike Bales - Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide - Indian River Fishing Charter - Orlando Florida Redfish Guide - Captain Michael Bales of Hotfish Charters
  17. Mosquito Creek Outdoors Indian Lagoon Coast Fishing Outlook, March 2010 Up Coming Events March 7th, Paddle Fishing the Banana River Lagoon No-Motor Zone, Central Florida Boat Show, 2 pm at the Orange County Convention Center. March 27th, Free Cobia and Tripletail seminar from 10 am to noon at Mosquito Creek Outdoors in Apopka Florida, 170 South Washington Avenue. For more details visit Mosquito Creek Outdoors April 24th, Free Hook Kids on Fishing seminar from 10 am to noon at the Apopka Foliage Festival. After completing the five learning stations, each child will receive a free fishing rod, reel and tackle box. To register your children, visit Mosquito Creek Outdoors in Apopka Florida at 170 South Washington Avenue or contact them at (407) 464-2000. April 25th, Free Certified Conservation Angler seminar from 10 am to noon at the Apopka Foliage Festival. Learn from the Coastal Angler Magazine Pro Tour and Anglers for Conservation how to lighten your footprint while enjoying the sport of fishing. Take the pledge to but the resource first. To register visit Mosquito Creek Outdoors in Apopka Florida at 170 South Washington Avenue or contact them at (407) 464-2000. March Fishing Outlook Reflecting back on my past years here on the Space Coast, I can't remember a colder winter and as I sit here composing the forecast another cold front is passing through Central Florida. Although it's been a challenging winter for anglers, March is around the corner and with warmer weather comes improved fishing on all fronts along the Lagoon Coast. As the days grow longer and the ocean begins its continuing warming phase, 68 to 72 degree range, the spring fishing bonanza on the Indian Lagoon Coast kicks in. As usual, weather will serve as the determining factor in establishing the magnitude and progression of the bite and the predator species we love to catch. Water temperature increases will facilitate the progression of bait pods (menhaden or pogies) from the deeper water into the near-shore waters bringing the predators with them. Sea conditions will determine the number of fishable days we'll experience in March. This is especially true for those of us who target deep-water species in shallow water boats. Good reports of cobia are starting to come in from offshore of Stuart. These fish should be moving into our area shortly, and both the bait pods and cobia will be showing up soon on the near-shore wrecks and reefs outside Port Canaveral and Sebastian Inlet. Other near-shore options in March consist of tripletail hanging on floating structure and weeds and large redfish and sharks shadowing bait pods along the beaches and inlets around mid month. When site fishing for cobia and tripletail, consider fishing in the latter part of the day when the sun is high as the water is warmer and visibility is better. Also, always keep a chartreuse colored buck tail in the ready position to cast at any brown clowns that wonder into range. As the water warms up and the silver mullet returns to the inshore lagoon flats, look for redfish schools to continue to form up in the skinny water. For the slot redfish, 18 to 27 inches, focus on areas of flipping and jumping baitfish (mullet) in water depths of 12 to 18 inches. For the larger redfish, concentrate your efforts along deeper edges of the flats and sandbars in 2 to 3 feet of water. Also, sea trout will continue to hold in the skinny water potholes, and the top-water sea trout bite will improve as the warmer water draws finger mullet back onto the central IRL flats. Additionally, schools of black drum will continue to inhabit the shallow water flats of the Mosquito Lagoon, North IRL, and particularly the sandbars in the Banana River No-Motor-Zone. Last but not least, the American shad run is developing on the upper St John's River between the areas of Lake Harney and the SR 50 Bridge, but this years run has been slow thus far. Also, March is the month to start targeting schooling large mouth bass in the deeper bends of the river at first light feeding on schools of baitfish (menhaden). The indicator I use to locate these schooling bass is to look for large numbers of white pelicans, herons, and egrets working the banks. Once you've located the schooling fish, try throwing a rattle-trap or other small subsurface swim bait. Water levels are higher this spring on the St. Johns River, so please be careful when navigating the river and creeks as the water is above the banks in some areas. Spring is one of the best times to fish the Indian River Lagoon coast of Florida. So if you are planning to visit the area, make sure you book your hotel and fishing guide early. Also, when the bite is on, the ramps fill up quickly, so arrive early, and are polite and considerate with other anglers, because we are all on the water for the same reasons, to have fun. As always, if you need information or have any questions, please contact me. Good luck and good fishing, Captain Tom Van Horn Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide-Redfish Guides-Indian River Fishing Charter-Flats Fishing Central Florida-Captain Tom Van Horn 407-366-8085 office 407-416-1187 on the water
  18. Sunday afternoon we lucked out with abundant sunshine and light winds. Wanting to take advantage of the warmth we did not start until almost noon. It was fun running on smooth waters compared to the choppy waters Tampa Bay has dished out for the last month. The 10 day forecast more shows not one day at the seasonal average of 71 degrees. No secret to today’s plans, spotted sea trout was the target as it’s the main stay in lower Tampa Bay. I’ve been targeting grass flats and canals in the Ft. Desoto, Tierra Verde region. Tossing live shrimp on a popping cork worked great on the grass flats. While we did not capture any large trout we made up for it in quantity. When the bite slowed I would move us to the next sandy pothole and start the process again. We hit my top secret hole for the last 45 minutes and enjoyed nonstop trout and ladyfish action. We took these fish on 4” DOA CAL jerk baits. Any color worked as long as it was sliver glitter! We hooked 2 larger fish that we never got a look at as they both came unbuttoned after several runs. Judging by the rod action I am sure they were both redfish. Good news Spring along with warmer water temperatures are just around the corner. Captain Steven
  19. I'm sure I'll get alot of opinions for this one. What are the advantages or disadvantages between CONVENTIONAL and SPINNING OUTFITS??? I have really gotten into Surf Fishing this year and have spent alot on equipment. I've bought 6 new Spinning Rigs. I have always used Bait Casters (conventional) in Bass Fishing, primarily for accuracy. In Surf, I thought that the spinning would give you better distance, now I'm not so sure. Help me out here, please.
  20. Winter time is in full force in Miami right now and if you brave the seemingly constant 20 MPH winds, there is plenty of action to be had. The last few weeks I’ve been concentrating my efforts on fishing for mackerel on fly and having a blast. Here is a pic from a few days ago. They key for this type of fishing in deeper than 20’ of water is using an intermediate sinking line and clousers. Often the macks will hit right on the surface but other times throughout the day they will go deep and that’s when the sinking fly line helps keep the action going. If you head out for some macks on fly make sure you do several things, 1) bring plenty of flies as those teeth make short work after just a few fish, 2) add about two inches of light wire trace as a bit tippet, 3) strip the fly fast and 4) be patient, if the bite stops keep looking for them by going back to the general area you were finding them and letting the fly sink to a count of 20 to 30 or more. Moving away from mackerel, some of the biggest bonefish of the year are out prowling the flats, these are very smart fish so make long accurate casts and give them a long lead so as not to spook them. The finger channels will hold an assortment of snappers, mackerels, and some groupers (remember there is a grouper clouser), the west side of the bay will hold snook in the creeks and trout in the deeper grass flats. The patch reefs in 10-30’ of water can be red hot and the murkier the water the better. Enjoy the super bowl tomorrow and get out there and make that drag scream! Capt. Mo Estevez New Dawn Charters 305-495-7397
  21. Maybe I should have, cause I sure didn’t catch any fish. I departed Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach at 0645 and was off of Currituck LIght N.C. by 0735. I was an awesome run at 45-50mph, a couple hundred yards off of the beach on the edge of the breakers. The 60 degree west wind made it even nicer. Unfortunately even though I ran all the way to Duck North Carolina, I never saw water temps above 40.5. I never saw any bait or decent fish marks either. I ran inshore on the way down and 3 miles offshore on the way back. I covered about 88 miles round trip and burned 20.5 gallons. I think I will wait a couple weeks and see if the temps come up inshore before I make any more long runs. It was still a fun day and I would rather be riding the jet ski in the middle of the winter than riding a desk any day. Ha! Here are some picture from my trip today.
  22. Greetings anglers. The savvy and wise Captain Steven decided to make a long run to Weedon Island Monday morning. Captain Steven has several “go to” trout spots I fish every January-March that are close to a sure thing. I was very confident the action would be hot and heavy in these spots. Well if there were any trout in the area this Captain couldn’t find them. Both live shrimp and soft plastic baits went for not. Plan B was to drift the deep grass flats off downtown St. Petersburg. Plan B was like plan a not so much as a bite. I decided to head back south and see if I could locate redfish, same results. Tuff was the best way to describe the way the day was going. I hit another flat looking for the trout action and it was game on within seconds. It felt so good to get a bend back in the rods. Spotted sea trout 14-17” and Ladyfish inhaled everything we tossed their way. We left the trout biting and called it a day. Quick snook update, if you have not heard the FWC closed the upcoming snook season. You can target snook but you cannot harvest any. The area I have been observing snook the last week showed improvement. While I am no PHD the snook were defiantly swimming much better and were more active. Capt. Steven
  23. Going to be fishing from a pier in the Bay here Monday Night and going to yak out some eels. Was wondering what kinda rig to use to keep the eels from the bottom. They tend to head for the nearest hole if they stay on the bottom. Was thinking of using a 3 way swivel and have the sinker line long and the hook line short. When we fish from boats using eels we use bobbers that release when a fish hits. Not sure we can use them from a pier . Any suggestions?
  24. Well looks like you will have to pick and choose your windows of opportunity due to the wind and crazy weather patterns we have been having this month and for that matter this whole year! Still a week and a half left in the Bay season, and BIG fish are showing from Kiptopeake, The High Rise and along the Eastern Shore. Most anglers are drifting eels for the big fish and as usual night time seems to produce some of the biggest fish. A few reports of some ocean fish out of Rudee this week, so won't be long before we see boats crusing the oceanfront all the way down to the NC line for some nice fish as well. Let's just hope they stay inside the 3 mile line! Have not seen much of anything from the surf at all! Sad to say, but all of those schoolie blitzes of fish from The Spit all the way down to Lesner have all but disappeared. This will be the third year in a row if something does not change soon where I have cruised the OV area and not seen a blitz! We all know the Omega situation does not help us at all. I sure do miss tossing some 2oz metal into a feeding school of 20"-28" stripers! Anglers down at Lesner are still duing the usual nighttime shuffle and are producing some fish at times, but be prepared to put in your time, because the bite is real hit or miss! Anglers are still using the traditional 2oz cannonball jighead with a pink bubblegum zoom and letting her fly into the channel for the best results. Be prepared to lose a few rigs as well. Hope everyone has a good week and report back if you happen to get out and wet a line! Steve
  25. Tog time again , With the closing of commercial crabbing where do I get bait ? Is it clam time or will there still be people salling out of state crabs ? The weather sure has been keeping the fish safe