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Found 428 results

  1. Happy new years everyone we are in the midst of our winter lull. Weather has been mild so far, here's to it staying as such so the spring run will be good. Anyway not a lot to report, hearing of some short striper still around but not in any numbers. If you decide to give it a shot we would love to hear about it. For me it's rod repair season and gear clean up. On the plus side the days are slowly getting longer and only half dozen weeks or so till it's time to get out again.
  2. Mike Naipawer won Wednesday’s pool aboard the Elaine B II with this 13-pound tog.Arctic cold followed by snow and rain made for a lousy weekend. But it didn’t bring an end to the season. The tog boats sailed as soon as they could out at the beginning of the week and the blackfish were waiting. Actually, that fishery seems to be getting better as we move toward the end of the year with captains reporting lots of limit catches and double-digit fish. Unfortunately, the striper fishing is headed in the other direction, which is to be expected this time of year. The bass remain on the beach, although they’ve diminished in size. Keepers are scarce. Guys trolling Mojos and shad rigs were catching the bigger fish down to the south. Phil Sciortino Sr. at the Tackle Box in Hazlet said the surf had gone quiet up at Sandy Hook but the blackfish boats out of the marinas along Raritan Bay were still catching plenty of fish. Capt. Hal Hagaman on the Sea Tiger II out of Atlantic Highlands reported a good turnout on Tuesday with nice weather and a solid bite. His fares picked away at shorts and keepers with one limit catch and a number of folks with three to five keepers. As long as the weather cooperates, Capt Hagaman said he’ll be sailing a Christmas Day trip leaving the dock at 7:30 and returning by 1 p.m. Capt. George Bachert on the Angler out of Atlantic Highlands got back out on Wednesday and fished both inshore and offshore and found a big spread of fish. He reported a load of shorts and some keeper tog along with a cod taken in the shallow water. The move farther offshore produced bigger blackfish and the first ling of the year. Capt. Stan Zagleski on the Elaine B II out of Highlands called Tuesday’s tog fishing excellent. He said the fish bit all around the boat and everyone ended up with early limits. Nelson Mendoza of Kinnelon got a keeper cod to go along with his limit of tog and Todd Kitaguchi of Fort Lee, had his limit and the pool fish. Capt. Zagleski said Wednesday’s bite wasn’t as hot as Tuesday’s but they still ended up with a couple of limit catches while others landed four or five keepers each. He also reported the first mackerel of the year biting on bare hooks. Mike Naipawer of Bloomingdale took the pool with a 13-pound tog. Ernie Giglio at Giglio’s Bait and Tackle in Sea Bright said it’s gone quiet in terms of anglers in the last week, but the fish are still around. The bass in the suds are hitting paddletail swim baits, Mag Darters and SP Minnows. With the Christmas lights behind me, I fished on Wednesday evening in Ocean Grove and brought numerous short stripers to my lure, a small Cyclone swimming plug, although only a few struck. They were all about 20 inches or less. Bob Matthews at Fisherman’s Den in Belmar said the flounder fishing is still good in the Shark River and the stripers continue to bite in the surf, although all he’s hearing about is small fish. The best fishing, Matthews said, is for blackfish. There have been a lot of nice fish landed aboard the Big Mohawk and Capt. Cal II, and the Ocean Explorer landed a 14 pounder earlier this week. Matthews added that the Shark River Inlet is loaded with herring and sundials and guys are taking them home by the bucketful. He also said the shop has received good reports of medium-sized bluefin tuna hitting poppers at the Mud Hole on heavy spinning tackle. Eric Bunz at the Reel Seat in Brielle said this bluefin bite has been one of the best in memory. The fish have ranged from 40 pounds to just shy of 100 and have been found from five miles out to Monster’s Ledge. It’s a lot of casting, he said, but guys are getting bites. Bunz said the Williamson SubSurface Pro has been the lure of choice. Bunz added that the offshore sea bass bite finally picked up and the tog fishing is holding steady. Some days are just better than others. Capt. Pete Sykes of Parker Pete’s Sportfishing said the weather washed him out for the weekend but he got out on Wednesday. Overall, it was one of those tough days and didn’t find a good bite until later in the day. He was planning on fishing the rest of the week and will be booking trips as long as the weather allows. The Big Jamaica out of Bogan’s Basin in Brielle sailed offshore for sea bass on Wednesday and Capt. Howard Bogan reported that everyone got their limit of giant sea bass, along with porgies and some bluefish. Jason Szabo at Fishermen’s Supply in Point Pleasant said it’s been a bit quiet around there with most of the action centering on the blackfish bite. The boats out of the Manasquan Inlet are picking up double-digit fish on jigs and green crabs and white leggers on the Sea Girt and Axel Carlson reefs. The bass are on the local beaches, hitting soft plastics and plugs, but most are pretty small, he said. John Bushell at Betty and Nick’s Bait and Tackle in Seaside Park said it’s been pretty quiet there as well with hardly anyone hitting the beach. He did say D.J. Muller caught a number of bass on shads and bucktails over the last couple of days. Liza at Creekside Outfitters in Waretown said it’s been pretty quiet there, too, but the stripers are still biting on Island Beach State Park and Long Beach Island. Pearl paddletails, she said, have been the popular choice. She also said the tog anglers have been doing well on the Garden State North Reef. Creekside will be closing after next week and will reopen in March. Matt at Tony’s Bait and Tackle in Manahawkin said the cold has kept folks away but there are fish around. You just have to be there to catch them. Andy Grossman at Riptide Bait and Tackle in Brigantine reported that the stripers in the surf disappeared in late November, but the guys trolling Mojos and shad rigs are still getting some big bass. He reported stripers up to 45 pounds caught by boats trolling 2 miles out of the Absecon Inlet. Justin at Fin-atics in Ocean City said the surf fishing for bass went quiet there as well but the guys trolling for bass were catching some nice fish. The problem, he said, was they were doing it a little too far offshore. The Coast Guard came down hard on boats trolling well outside the 3-mile line last week and busted more than a few fishermen. Justin indicated there are fish to be caught within the legal line so there’s no need to incur the wrath of the authorities. The tog, he said, continue to bite well, but they’re beginning to move farther offshore. Fishing Forecast for New Jersey The beaches in the northern part of the state are still holding stripers and with the weather forecast relatively mild for the Christmas weekend, there’s bass to be caught. Even though the fish are pretty small, it’s still a lot of fun. Paddletail shads small swimming plugs and bucktails should catch you some fish. The blackfish boats are all catching nice fish. The six-fish limit ends on Dec. 31, then it’s down to four. Boats heading offshore for jumbo sea bass and porgies are also doing well, so you might want to consider that for the holiday week. Call ahead as the boats can be sold out. Source:
  3. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  4. Question for you MA folks: I am thinking of moving to the Boston area (west of Boston, outside of 95, about 30min outside the city, don't want to say where yet as the details haven't been ironed out). Want to get a feel for the fishing in the area- any advice? Good spots to hit? Times of year? Good bait shops? Kayak fishing spots? I know there's a fair bit of information out there, just thought I'd see if I could glean anymore here. Really excited at the prospect of being so close to quality fishing, as opposed to the 6-8 hours I live from the ocean now. Also have a really good friend (best man in my wedding) that lives in New Haven, CT, so not too far, and we can fish on a regular basis which would be awesome.
  5. Going down to ocmd to surf fish. How's the bite? What boat shouting use?
  6. Wanted to start a specific thread for fishing reports in Rehoboth Bay/Canal and Indian River Bay/Inlet as well as Masseys Ditch. I fish weekly there and will post my results. I urge others to do the same. Maybe we can learn something from one another.
  7. Please feel free to post your fishing experiences. It is a little slow right now except for the occational schools of croaker and spot. There has been some exceptional sharking this year! Keep Fishin!
  8. Went to <acronym title="Rhode Island"><acronym title="Rhode Island"><acronym title="Rhode Island">RI</acronym></acronym></acronym> on our little 3 day family trip we do every year.Camped at Burlingame.Got there Thursday and set up camp.Friday morning we launched out of the Charlestown Breachway and headed to Block Island.The sky was overcast I sea was clam and like glas.I have never seen it like that.We have wanted to head out there for a few years.We have got fish off Nebraska Shoal,but,the guy in the bait shop kept telling up to go to the block.We got there and there was 50 boats or so fishing the self.I dropped a Diamond jig and Bam,I got a 6 lb Blue.We hammered fish till noon BIG blues Keeper Stripers (no monsters) some Dogfish and a Skate or two. We headed over to Fisherman's Point around 1 pm.Met the family,had lunch.Then we loaded the boat with our 2 boys and all the Scuba gear.Took them out to the Shoal.It was there first open dive in the ocean.We sat on the boat while they we down.It sucked sitting there ,but,I was on the water and .oh well.They came up after 20 mins or so ,telling us of the HUGE Stripes and Blues they saw and an abundance of other sea life.Pretty cool.Just as they came up ,the sky got dark.We headed in and half way back we got HAMMERED! We got to the boat ramp,it was low tide.I jumped off the boat bare foot,stepped on the ramp.Next thing I knew I was getting picked up off the concrete ramp.I went down hard.Cut up my hand ,and I'm hurting still. We loaded up and head to Galilee got 6 lbs of Steamers and headed back to camp/I washed the Steamers and let them sit in cornmeal till the next day. Saturday we headed out in the am again .After a night of soaking thunder storms.The sea was 2-3 ' waves.We headed to Block Island again.Rough LONG ride out there.We fished the same spots.About 70 boats out there.We didn't get any Stripers but,I got a PB Blue fish at 15 lbs!What a fight!The sea calmed down around 10 and so did the fishing.We hung till noon and went back to camp.The boys picked up 6 1 1/2 -2 lbs Lobsters.We went back to camp and had a seafood feast fit for a King.Plus Pork chops, baked potatos, best corn on the cob I have had so far this season, we got at a farm stand by Matunik exit off rt 1..Just as we finished eating.the sky started to darken.We had checked the weather for last night and Sunday.It said rain.So ,we packed up and headed home.Just as we left the sky opened up again.
  9. A few things to consider before shark fishing By Mark Sampson OCEAN CITY -- I applaud those who pursue sharks from the beach. I'm sorry that I don't have the time during the summer months to do so myself. But the more photos I see of sharks taken from the beach, the more concerned I get about the well-being of the sharks that are caught and released. Sandbars, duskies and sand tigers are the larger sharks most likely to be landed by local surf anglers, since they are also three species of sharks that may not legally be retained at any time by recreational anglers, in most cases when a large shark is taken from a Delmarva beach it must be released. As the sport grows, too many anglers are jumping into it without the knowledge or skills needed to ethically deal with such large animals. Anglers who choose to mess with 100- to 200-pound sharks have better have their act together or the results might not fare well for fish or fisherman. Obviously there are safety issues for those handling the sharks, and one bad move could result in serious injuries. These ain't stripers, boys! For now I'll just suggest that fishermen keep their limbs out of the pointy end of their catch. I see too many photos of gut-hooked sharks and sharks that have been dragged too far from the water's edge. Anglers must keep in mind that just because they see a shark swim away after release, that it doesn't mean it's OK. Sharks can be so stressed out or damaged by improper handling. That's not a good outcome for the three species so often caught in the surf that are on the Prohibited Species List because their populations are so low. Do not pull sharks up onto the dry sand for photos or any other reason. Dragging a large shark by its tail can cause injuries to its vertebrae and other internal parts. During the day, the temperature away from the wet zone of the beach is going to be a lot warmer, and warm, dry air does a shark's skin no good. Before a shark is even hooked anglers should have a plan ready for a quick release. Cameras, tags, measuring devices and any other tools should be ready and available so there's no fumbling around at the last minute. Anglers should also forget about calling in friends or family to "come down to the beach and see what I caught!" There's no time for that. Get the shark in from the surf just far enough that it can be safely handled, snap a few photos and get it back to its home ASAP. In many of the photos I've seen of sharks on the beach, it's clear that the shark was gut-hooked. While gut-hooking does not necessary mean a death sentence for every fish, it certainly increases the chance for mortality. If a hook impaled in the gut isn't bad enough, imagine the internal damage to a shark that's done if the animal is dragged partially up the beach by the leader. The hooks would likely tear the stomach and impale other organs inside the animal. I know a lot of beach fishermen are wisely using circle hooks, but some are still doing things the old way and using big double hook rigs with J-hooks. Double J-hook rigs kill sharks. They should never be used. I know a lot of sharkers like to use large baits such as rays, and feel that two hooks are needed to keep the bait properly attached to the rig. That problem can be overcome with a little creative rigging and sometimes the use of cable ties or rigging wire. Single, non-offset circle hooks -- I suggest the Mustad 39960D -- are the only way to go for shark fishing from beach or boat. Still, circle hooks still have a 5-10 percent chance of gut-hooking. There's something about the way a shark's throat closes-up that too often traps even a circle hook and allows it to embed itself inside the shark rather than in the jaw as it was designed to do. Observing this, we began experimented with different rigs and hooks that would help ensure that sharks would be hooked in the jaw every time. What we came up with is what we call a blocker rig, a length of plastic pipe mounted perpendicular to the leader a specific distance from the hook. The pipe prevents or "blocks" the fish from swallowing the bait. We've documented an almost 100 percent success rate of preventing gut hooking since we started using these rigs in 2008. This season we're trying to determine if the blocker-rig is as effective at getting bites as a standard nonblocker rig. We've been fishing both type of rigs side-by-side and recording the results of every bite. So far our records indicate almost a perfect 50-50 split, indicating that the sharks are not shying away from the awkward looking rig. I didn't really plan on promoting this rig until we'd finished tweaking it out a bit more, but the aforementioned evidence of so many sharks being gut hooked from the beach has prompted me to do so now. I'm certain it has saved the lives of a lot of sharks that would otherwise have eventually died after being gut-hooked. Blocker rigs are easy to make using PVC or any other type of plastic pipe. For small sharks we use an 8-inch length of plastic tubing, drill a hole through its mid-section and run our wire leader through the hole. Using crimps or twisted wire, the pipe is fastened to the leader 4 inches above the eye of the hook; it can rotate but not slide up or down on the leader. When we expect larger sharks such as makos, blues, tigers, or sand tigers we'll use 14-inch lengths of half-inch PVC mounted 7 inches above the eye of the hook. For really large sharks such as big tigers we increased the length of the pipe to 24 inches since they have such wide mouths. The measurement from the eye of the hook to the pipe is important because if it's too long, the hook can still reach the shark's throat. Anyone who wishes to try making blocker rigs of their own are welcome to call me in the evening for more details at 410-213-2442 or e-mail me at modernsharking@ Source - A few things to consider before shark fishing | | The Daily Times
  11. The larger Stripers have moved off with the warmer water. The Kings, Sand Perch and Spot have made their presence known. Sharking is off the hook, with Spinners up to 6', Sandbars up to 7' and Sandtigers up to 9'. Best of luck and please be careful when Shark fishing.
  12. i am going down the week after july 4th(5-9),dont have a boat, where should i go to catch stripers, blues, flounder etc. and what time of day. i fish for stripers alot just have never fished in the area. thanks!
  13. Monday morning we had simply an unbelievable topwater bite on stripers from 23 to 27 inches!! The rockfish were smacking Stillwater Smack-it poppers all over the place! A fly rod cast popper would have done just as well, as the fish were within easy reach of a well-placed cast. Look for this hot action to last throughout the summer months. Capt. Kevin Josenhans Josenhans Fly Fishing 443-783-3271
  14. Here is an excerpt from our FREE weekly e-newsletter. For the rest of the story, you may subscribe by contacting Kevin HERE Simply type newsletter in your email. You may opt out at anytime. Friday I had some brand new clients fresh from California. Joe M. and his two sons Dan and Michael had just a super day with stripers in the morning and bluefish and big croaker after lunch. The blues were especially abundant, and fun, as they averaged two to four pounds with several becoming airborne like miniature tarpon. What a blast this was for three fellows that haven't done much light tackle fishing. The guys did real well and I think they're hooked. This bluefish action is just starting to heat up and should last for the remainder of the summer. This is great fun on light spinning and fly tackle for anyone wanting to test their endurance. Capt. Kevin Josenhans Josenhans Fly Fishing 443-783-3271
  15. Fishing has been very good for both stripers and black drum...Feel free to post your reports here, fish or no fish.
  16. Ok, here we go boys and girls. Some great catches from the surf in Delaware. Stripers are here and should be increasing in appearances for the anglers. Keeper Flounder is also coming out of the surf as well. Blues up to 33" are being landed, but some are chewing through mono leader like it was butter. Feel free to post your Delaware surf reports here and good luck to all anglers. Just a friendly reminder to support the fishing clubs who are fighting to keep your access open to our wonderful beaches.
  17. Had the privilege yesterday to wet a line with Joe Bruce of Fisherman's Edge fame. An avid fly fisher, Joe put the fly rod down long enough to catch this 26" striper on a Stillwater Smack-it popper. I guess we caught fifty rockfish from 14 to 26 inches. Schools of silversides were everywhere, and occasionally became airborne, in their attempt to evade the hungry stripers. Capt. Kevin Josenhans Josenhans Fly Fishing
  18. Still very quiet on the beachfront. Seems to be nothing going except for skates. Black drum should show up anyday with hopefully some stripers towards the end of the month. Feel free to post your reports here, fish or no fish.
  20. Harbor Tackle, West Ocean City, Md. Fishing Report for April 16, 2010 Finally something to report, I thought I might have to turn my store into Harbor Tackle Candy Store and if for those who know me you know that I would soon eat all my profits. A few of my customers are starting to hook up some stripers at AI using fresh bunker. The Inlet is producing scattered stripers. The tog fishermen are catching fish at the usual places mostly using live green crabs along with frozen sand fleas and live chowder clams. Even though the flounder season does not open until April 17th, some flounder have shown up in the south bay behind Assateague and some stripers have been picked up too. Devon Fernandez picked up this 23 inch tog using live green crabs at 4th Street in Ocean City. Harbor Tackle has fresh bunker, live bloodworms, live green crabs, live eels, black saltys, live chowder clams, big live minnows.
  21. I'm leading a bunch of cub scouts to Sandy Point SP for a weekend camping trip over Mother's Day weekend (we thought the best gift we could give the moms was geting the boys out of the house!) I was wondering if I could get a little advice for fishing at the park. I know that its supposed to be great for stripers in the spring, but I was wondering about shore access for 30 or so youngsters (and of course some dads). I'd like to make sure our boys get a chance to fish, but I also want to be careful we don't ruin anyone else's day. Any pointers would be appreciated on where to go. Also, I was thinking of just getting blood worms but I'm open to any suggestions. I've never fished in that area of the bay and I want to make sure the boys at least have a chance of cathing something wheter it be stripers or perch or whatever else might be around. Thanks!!
  22. Happy Easter Saturday everybody!!! I will be making an early trip to OC this year and was wondering were the stripers will be at the end of April!?!?!?!?!
  23. The Bass Pro Shop in Hampton Virginia is having their Spring Fishing Classic. This is a great event in which they invite a lot of the local fishing community to come and talk about what else---fishing! In my case, jet ski fishing and photography ( I am not a photographer but I like to take pictures). Luckily they are letting me bring my Yamaha but they still will not let me put it in the big demo tank. I brought it to the store today and it will be on display thru sunday, my talk is at 4:30 on sunday. There are a lot of great speakers the next two weekends so come and show them your support and learn thier tricks! Here is a list of the times and talkers. 03-05-2010 6:00pm Deep Dropping and Wreck Fishing - Captain Skip Feller 7:00pm Virginia Gamefish Tagging 03-06-2010 10:00am Frog Fishing - Bobby Smith 11:00am Fishing with Hogy Lures – Tank Demo 11:00am Finesse Baits - Chuck Hart 12:00pm How To Target World Record Class Fish - Dr. Julie Ball 1:00pm Swim Baits - Ed Lewis 1:30pm Fish Feeding – with Capt.Eddie Griggs and Tanner Long 2:00pm Chunking For Stripers - Capt. Max King 3:30pm “Kayak Fishing”, Author Cory Routh- Seminar and Book Signing! 5:00pm Bowfishing at its Best! - Chase Simmons 03-07-2010 10:00am Shakey Head Fishing - Buzz Goodwin 11:00am Buzz Baits - Ed Lewis 11:30am Fishing with Swimbaits - Capt Eddie Griggs 12:30pm Artificials for Pups and Va. Tagging Program - Capt. George Wojcik and John Lucy 1:00pm Fishing Crank Baits - Chuck Hart 2:30pm Chunking For Stripers -Capt. Max King 4:30pm Fishing and Photographing from a Jet Ski - Jet Ski Brian 03-12-2010 6:00pm Fishing for Cobia - Captain Ben Shepherd 03-13-2010 10:00am Fishing Soft Plastics - Buzz Goodwin 11:00am Tank Demo with Madd Maxx Frogs 11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart 12:00pm Back Woods Bass Fishing - Kyle Sawyer 1:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques 1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis 2:00pm Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith 2:00pm Basic Knot Tying with Captain Don Lancaster 3:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques 4:00pm Fresh and Salt Water Fishing 5:00pm Float Fishing techniques both Fresh and Salt Water - George Wojcik 03-14-2010 10:00am Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith 11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart 11:00am Tank Demo – Tru Tungsten Swim Baits 12:00pm Catching Fish Using Jigs All Year - Capt. Eddie Griggs 1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis 1:00pm Fishing Basics 2:00pm Fish Identification with Capt. Don Lancaster 3:00pm Fishing Basics 4:00pm Bank and Pier Fishing - George Wojcik 5:00pm Booyah Spinner Baits - Capt. Eddie Griggs
  24. Ok, winter is finally over and the fish are starting to show up. Stripers have been caught in the surf. The largest is 33" on bloodworms. Feel free to post your reports here. GO GETTEM.:happy3:
  25. The weather is getting warm and hopefully will see a fish or two caught here towards the end of the month. Feel free to post your reports here, fish or no fish.