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Found 15 results

  1. Just posting some pics of my homemade rod wrapper. I tried to keep the design as simple/cheap as possible, yet functional. Used a soft pine wood for the top, poplar for the base and supports. The rollers are old rollerblade wheels. The thread carriage and roller supports slide on two different tracks. Lets see everyone elses design!
  2. Anyone know what the requirements are for a MD registered truck to tote a slide-in camper? Not sure if there is some type of camper certification, thought there is... Already have a F-250 Super Duty, stock suspension.
  3. Older slide in camper, suitable for beach or hunting. Three burner stove, fridge (problem lighting on propane at the moment), furnace, sink, three beds, bath with sink and commode. Passed inspection for Assateague Bullpen this spring. Too heavy for my F150 and is designed for long bed truck. Approx weight of the camper is 2300 pounds. Asking $900. Need to sell this one so I can get one for a short bed truck. Phone is 302-228-9316. Wont let me upload photo, but it is the camper I had at the spring fling.
  4. I am looking to buy a slide-in for a F-250 diesel with an 8 foot bed. I want it next month. I want to purchase brand new. I know about Lance and their models. Can ya'll give me brand names and links for other top notch slide-ins please? In addition, any pros or cons you may know of for the brands/models linked.
  5. okay fellas, here are the maps of the closures they are asking for in the injunction. this is what it might be by friday. there is one more map that I couldnt find <FIELDSET class=fieldset><LEGEND>Attached Images</LEGEND> </FIELDSET>
  6. I have an idea on a new rig that may help in casting. My idea is to put the weight on the end of the leader. Then put a sleeve and crimp about 6 or 8 inches up from the weight. Now slide a hook on the wire. Just run the wire thru the eye of the hook. Now the swivel and then to the running line as usual. I figure that while casting the weight will be heading out first and the hook/bait won't be swinging around and it may result in more distance. More streamlined anyway. What I would really like to come up with is an idea with a bigger bait and further distance. Suppose everyone is looking for this too. Am I crazy or do you guys think this will work????
  7. Ok, so with my recent bad experience buying my Excursion, I was doing some thinking and I changed my mind and now I want a Pickup truck to haul my gear and dogs to the beach. I came to the realization that I would want to eventually add a slide in camper to what ever pickup I buy. So my question is, what should I be looking for in a pickup to make sure it will be good with a slide in? I am not asking for brands or anything like that, just main features. Also since I never dealt with a slide-in, is it feasible to use that pickup as your everyday vehicle and put on the camper when going to the beach?
  8. I got a question on why we use fish finder slides to hook the lead to. Why don't we just slip the line right through the eye of the lead and hook a bead or two up. I always thought the purpose of hooking it to a sleeve was to help protect the line but I see numerous people don't use fish finder slides and just use a swivel. To me that would be the same as just running the line through the eye of the lead. Is the swivel needed to help the line from twisting and knotting? or is it just used to make changing weight easier.
  9. Ya know how the surf moves in one direction really really fast at times.....and u need a whole heck of a lot of weight just to hold bottem....what about hooking up a planer board past the breakers off the back of a pickup truck(have it set up high enough above the breakers).THen have it set up as far out as you need and depending on the angle slide a t least 3 lines down the ol line into different areas and depths....or at least I think...shoot it full of holes:icon_thumbdown:
  10. Hi Everybody, I have just bought a ARTIC FOX slide in camper and want to go up on the BEACH. With this camper on my GMC Sierra 4X4, (Approx weight of the camper is 3100 lbs) I would like to know what air pressure to start with, should be in my tires???Anybody with a large slide in have a idea??Thanks Captbob71
  11. Gave a friend a couple fillets of Striper and he told me his brother had given him a kit that consisted of 2 strips of Cedar wood and some dry spices. He soaked the Cedar wood in water for an hour put the fish on the wood applied the spices to the fish and set the wood on the barbeque rack above the coals. Did not turn fish. 20 minutes later whalla slide the fish off the wood and enjoy. I never heard of this before. Have any of you heard of this before?
  12. Hello, My name is Jim, been fishing as long as i can remember, grandfather, father all into fishing, been fishing A.I. since i was 12 now 37. Spend all week fixing appliances to support fishing habit. Llooking to buy slide in for my truck this year. Have been a member of AMSA for 3 years also belong to DMS (delaware mobile surffishermen). Hope to meet up with some of you this fall for the drum and striper runs.
  13. Ok, looking for a rack.... Looking at Trac Rak. It won't be used for work stuff. It's use will be mainly for carrying a yak with rods slung underneath. I see a $300 price difference and one carries 750# and the other 1000#. What's the difference between the two? I guess the Pro version doesn't slide in a track but stays at the post holes in the bed rail. Are all the same accessories available for each? The $300 price diff would go towards a rack from Gene...
  14. I am rereading and you guys are freaking me out with the pictures of these sharks!:eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: I just got some 17/0 circles that should do the job after I open them up a bit. I will try to get out Friday or Saturday and see whats up.
  15. I have a Ford Ranger that is 2wd. :evil: :evil: :evil: I just can't swing a 4wd vehicle yet, (college payments) I wish I had gotten this surf fishing bug two years ago when I bought my Ranger. I have had people tell me that I can take the Ranger out on the sand. I have no idea if this is possible, but here is what I can tell you about my truck. It is VERY light in the rear, will slip and slide during rainstorms if your not carefull, and going out in a snowstorm is a problem. The story I get is that since it is so light it will not dig into the sand and just coast along. Does this sound right to you guys? I could beef up the tires a little for more tread and then air down and give it a go. Walking a beach cart out to the north end is making me nuts!