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Found 165 results

  1. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  2. Of all the time I've spent fishing the bay i have never really targeted flounder. Ive caught plenty on peeler fishing for greys. What is everyone's favorite jig or lure or rig for catching them? Thanks in advance for the insite.
  3. I'm new to this site as well as sa********************************er fishing. I have fished the public beaches and have gone out on the charters. I am interested in surf fishing for shark. Does anyone have any experience shark fishing Connecticut shores? Any advice would be appreciated. GranbyFisherman
  4. Semms that there are things missing from the site, buy and sell forum, and quite a few posts on different topics. Whats the problem ? Do we have a plover nesting in the site. John
  5. First post to the forum, my name is john, retired firefighter-crt. I live in salisbury, md. Started fishing ai back in the early 70's, got away when they imposed the vehicle limit. I try to go to buxton or ocracoke island now about 6 - 8 times a year for the drum run. Started back at ai last year, wow ! How the island has changed, and not for the better. I drive a black mazda xtra cab with a cap, and fire dept plates. If you see me on the beach, please stop by.
  6. hey guys i came across this site the other day and i see you all have alot of helpful information. I finally got me a boat, (16 foot polar craft) and want to take it out to the hot ditch this weekend. has anyone been out there lately and having any luck. from what i understand the boat ramp next to it is chesapeake yacht? thanks for any info guys. Tripp
  7. A friend of mine sent me a link from Field and Here it is: Merwin: Making Jet Skis Less Obnoxious | Field & Stream Do me a favor if any of you have time, log in and post a comment on thier site ( preferably in my defense, Ha!)
  8. Thanks Sam for let me be part of this forum, this was a BIG help for Me with the learning process of fishing... still learning. and the new w-site design I know will be great too. GREAT JOB !!!!!
  9. It seems I have been having problems with the screen jumping up and down. I thought it was just me or my computer but apperently this seems to be a problem with many. Any ides on how to fix? I end up exiting out of the site when this happens.
  10. With the site as good as this one and you still cant never find the assateague tides on it. I think this is very good thing to know for all the fishermen, with out going to other site to find it. Hope tp see it put on the site and lot other non local dropped,getting to hard to read
  11. when i first got on the site, i would rush home to see what was happening in out fishing holes,and our great beachs, the site was great for us local fishermen , but thats all changed now i even hate to get on the site,iam a believer of the old saying ( IF IT ANIT BROKEN DONT FIX IT) to many changes and to much about other place and old post that stays on for yrs. Sorry for being hard on the site but just thought it was time to say something, i know few other people have the same feelings as i do but just dont want to say any thing to sam, but if you dont tell him how you feel them he dont know to fix it or maybe made it better. old time fishermen P.S. HOPE WE GET THE GOOD SITE BACK
  12. Just wanted to wish everyone a great holiday season, especially Sam, whom has been very busy this year, great job on the site, hope to fish with you and everyone else in this up coming year. Happy Holidays to all!
  13. Thank you for your patience while I continue the arduous site upgrade task.
  14. new to the site, seems to be very informative. wondering how everyones doin in the <acronym title="Maryland">md</acronym>/<acronym title="Delaware">de</acronym> surf, i here the big stripers are still up north, anyone havin any luck yet with the big boys? im on the middle bay in <acronym title="Maryland">md</acronym> and usually only get to fish from jetties and local marinas at night under the lights, lookin to plan a trip to the beach, but want to time it right. any info appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new to the site as of this morning. I've been doing some extra research in preparation for our trip to Hatteras on October 3 and I ran across this site. Great site. I hope to get some Hatteras fishing reports over the next few days and hope to catch some fish next week.
  16. Thanks for a great site. I've been browsing this site along with others for a while and have found this one to be top drawer!
  17. Sitting out on my front porch and saw a rocket heading up. Looked on wallops site but didn't see a scheduled launch date...anyone see it???pretty cool.
  18. Found this site while goggling for info on where to surf fish in Virginia Beach. Heading there in 2 weeks and want to do a good amount of fishing.
  19. Hi everyone. Just found the site today after seeing a reference to it at the bottom of an article. By way of introduction I'm out of Hampton, Va and a young 69. Been fishing the salt for 61 years . Started in NY on long island and Montauk point. Since then I've have the great opportunity to fish alaska, panama, norway, east and gulf coasts, and the far east countries. In my heavy fishing days threw heavers with spinners. Now I'm down to light tackle and spinning gear. Completely enjoy walking beaches and backwaters in search of whoever is swimming around. Look forward to this site and i'm sure i'll continue to gain in knowledge from everybody.
  20. Im new to this site and want to get in to surf fishing i usually come down in the summer in the fall. I like to catch anything that pulls my line. I live in pa so I fish for bass and trout alot. I really want to get away from catching smaller fish since i catch them all the time. So i want to try shark fishing and striper and bluefishing in the fall. Any tips you have from what rod and reel to buy to bait and sinkers and anything in between will be much appriciated. For shark fishing Im just going to wade as far out as i can and throw out my line. Im not going to yak it out or swim it out. I will be looking forward to posting alot of stuff on this site and learning alot. I hope to be answering other ppl's questions soon. O ya if any of you know a good place to catch stripers in OC in the summer it will be greatly appreciated. I don't care if the stripers are keepers or not just to put up a fight.
  21. I am new to this site.....was wondering if anyone can help me learn to catch sheepshead. Have never caught one - fish the outerwall alot for tog +other fish + usually do very well but still havent caught a sheepshead.My boat is only 16 foot + i dont really want to go out to site 6....any closer locatons? would appreciate any help,best areas ,tides,rigs.....Thanks
  22. Hello everyone, I am new here on the site. I love fishing but need more to learn hope evryone can help me. I am living in Orlando area i try couple lakes for bas fishing but is always not get anything, I wold like to try other area such Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville. Can someone give me some tip and info to help me. Any help shoul appreciated.
  23. Nice find!!!!!! Too bad he didn't have the bucks for the patent, now someone else will do it and reap the rewards.... Awesome work by the designer!!!!!
  24. Just read on another site that <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym></acronym> has been closed 1 mile past the bull pen because of "nesting activity" of piping plovers. :angry4:
  25. I will be hitting the surf (DE) this weekend and have read on this wonderful site that Bunker heads work best.. From the way i understand it the heads keep the Doggies, Skates off your hook (somewhat).. MY question to you is where can I get Fresh bunker in bulk. I know Kool Ice sells in bulk, but I normally take 404 so I wont be going that way. Any Suggestions?