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Found 84 results

  1. As usual, I read through the many fishing reports and see the amazing pictures of anglers proudly posing with their catch. By the time I have finished looking at the photos for the fourth time, the “fishy” part of my brain is creating a new list of excuses that may convince my wife to let me go fishing. Once I have finished explaining how the tide will be perfect for the next few hours, the weather forecast could not get any better and the tackle shop just received fresh bait, she usually gives her approval. In a rush to get out the door before she changes her mind, I find myself quickly going through my mental list of surf fishing necessities. Before I know it, I am on the sand wishing I had spent a little more time on that mental list. Depending on where you fish, having to run back to your house or the nearest tackle shop may not be a big deal, however if you fish areas like the southern end of Assateague Island, having to admit to your fishing buddy how you managed to forget the bait knife is not a good feeling. Some anglers like to step out for an hour or two and they don’t need to take much with them. On the other hand, if you are like me and can’t help but fish until it hurts, there are many items you can bring that will ease the pain. First of all, make sure you know the license requirements, regulations and creel limits for the beach you will be fishing. It is also a good idea to keep a fish species reference guide with you to help identify your catch. If you are not sure what you have caught, safely remove the hook and get it back into the water as fast as possible. A good photo will last much longer than any fish you will catch, so don’t hesitate to snap a quick picture. You will need something to help carry your gear through the soft sand. A surf fishing cart can be a great investment for fishing spots such as the North end of Assateague Island. On some beaches, such as the federal side of Assateague Island, you are allowed to drive your vehicle on the beach. This is very convenient for longer fishing trips that require more fishing gear. Of course you will need your surf fishing rod and reel, sinkers, hooks, and other basic fishing tackle. Choosing the type of tackle needed always depends on the species of fish you will be targeting. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing your tackle, however don’t let it overwhelm you. Your best bet will be checking out the fishing reports on the Internet and spending some time talking to the folks at our local tackle shops. They will be able to help you get an idea which rigs are best for your tackle box. You are going to need a cooler with ice to keep your bait fresh. It does not take long for the sun and warm air to dry out even the freshest bait. In the spring, the most commonly used baits, such as bunker or peeler crabs are going to need to be cut into pieces, so having a strong, serrated knife and cutting board are essential. The springtime sun can feel very warm at home; however the ocean breeze can feel surprisingly cold! Make sure you dress appropriately and have a good idea of the weather forecast. Even on those cloudy days, you will get sunburned so don’t forget sunscreen. Having a hat and a pair of polarized sunglasses will not only help with the sun’s glare on the water, it will also keep you from getting the painful “squint eye” headache. Wearing a comfortable pair of waterproof waders will certainly help keep your legs warm and dry when that unexpected wave sneaks up on you right in the middle of your cast. After you have heaved your bait into the surf, you are going to need a sturdy sand spike to hold your rod. When choosing your sand spike, make sure the bottom of your rod easily fits into the sand spike. In my opinion, the longer the sand spike, the better. You will need to shove it down into the sand far enough to be able to put pressure against it without it falling over. As the tide comes in and the sand becomes soft, make sure you frequently check your sand spike to ensure it does not move easily. One of the most common critters you are likely to catch is the Clearnose skate. Trust me, having a quality pair of needle nose pliers and fishing gloves will come in very handy when removing the hook from these spine covered bottom dwellers, as well as many other fish. Being able to sit down and rest while you wait for that record fish to swim by will make your trip much more enjoyable. Although your cooler can also serve as a seat, I recommend a lightweight beach chair with a cup holder. It’s always a good idea to bring something to eat and plenty of fresh water for drinking and washing your hands. Most importantly, you must remember you will be in constant contact with things that can hurt you if you fail to respect them. Think about it, you are dealing with sharp hooks and lead weights that are being hurled at incredible speeds. Be aware of the power of the ocean and the heat of the sun. There is always the possibility that you will have to unhook many different types of critters and just about all of them have some sort of natural defense. Excitement and adrenaline can take over very quickly when surf fishing and you have to remember to stay focused. Always have a first-aid kit and cell phone, especially if you are fishing alone. Although it may not be on your list of surf fishing gear, being safe is without a doubt the last thing you want to forget. Whenever possible, bring a friend with you. Not only can they help you untangle that spiny dogfish from your line, but in my opinion, sharing a good day on the beach with a buddy is a reward in itself.
  2. Ok with all the talk this year of getting a big shark and with all the new to shark fishing anglers I felt that a thread of general shark fishing tactics and responsibilities should be posted. In my opinion if you want to catch a shark but have never done it ask us here on atlantic anglers for someone to join you to "show the ropes". Better to have experience with you the first time you hook up to that big one with your adrenaline pumping and nerves shot. The other thing is to know where to set up and keep your targeted game on the hush side of things. Im not saying to hide the fact that your sharkin just dont tell everyone you run into on what your going after. We don't need any more attention to what we are fishin for than what is already being made. Case in point, a fellow shark angler has had great success sharkin up north this year and has posted pictures all over the place. Because of this, this northern state will now be putting in regulations on yaking out baits for quote unquote "big game". Shark fishing is not illegal,but it is walking a fine line. A lot of the sharks being caught are on the near threatened or threatened species list. If the wrong person catches a shark being mishandled things can get ugly real quick. Now back to location, I emphasized this because I don't think it would be a wise idea to go down to lets say ocean city and set up shop next to dozens of swimmers looking to catch a toothy critter. I know they are their anyway but to city officials you attracted them to that spot, also using bait attracts them their not because the shark just happens to be their. I am not trying to complain just want for everyone to be able to enjoy catching these beautiful species for many more years, and want to ensure everyone fishing for them uses good common sense so no one gets hurt including the shark. give some feedback and lets see what everyone else has to say.
  3. Went to <acronym title="Rhode Island"><acronym title="Rhode Island"><acronym title="Rhode Island">RI</acronym></acronym></acronym> on our little 3 day family trip we do every year.Camped at Burlingame.Got there Thursday and set up camp.Friday morning we launched out of the Charlestown Breachway and headed to Block Island.The sky was overcast I sea was clam and like glas.I have never seen it like that.We have wanted to head out there for a few years.We have got fish off Nebraska Shoal,but,the guy in the bait shop kept telling up to go to the block.We got there and there was 50 boats or so fishing the self.I dropped a Diamond jig and Bam,I got a 6 lb Blue.We hammered fish till noon BIG blues Keeper Stripers (no monsters) some Dogfish and a Skate or two. We headed over to Fisherman's Point around 1 pm.Met the family,had lunch.Then we loaded the boat with our 2 boys and all the Scuba gear.Took them out to the Shoal.It was there first open dive in the ocean.We sat on the boat while they we down.It sucked sitting there ,but,I was on the water and .oh well.They came up after 20 mins or so ,telling us of the HUGE Stripes and Blues they saw and an abundance of other sea life.Pretty cool.Just as they came up ,the sky got dark.We headed in and half way back we got HAMMERED! We got to the boat ramp,it was low tide.I jumped off the boat bare foot,stepped on the ramp.Next thing I knew I was getting picked up off the concrete ramp.I went down hard.Cut up my hand ,and I'm hurting still. We loaded up and head to Galilee got 6 lbs of Steamers and headed back to camp/I washed the Steamers and let them sit in cornmeal till the next day. Saturday we headed out in the am again .After a night of soaking thunder storms.The sea was 2-3 ' waves.We headed to Block Island again.Rough LONG ride out there.We fished the same spots.About 70 boats out there.We didn't get any Stripers but,I got a PB Blue fish at 15 lbs!What a fight!The sea calmed down around 10 and so did the fishing.We hung till noon and went back to camp.The boys picked up 6 1 1/2 -2 lbs Lobsters.We went back to camp and had a seafood feast fit for a King.Plus Pork chops, baked potatos, best corn on the cob I have had so far this season, we got at a farm stand by Matunik exit off rt 1..Just as we finished eating.the sky started to darken.We had checked the weather for last night and Sunday.It said rain.So ,we packed up and headed home.Just as we left the sky opened up again.
  4. On Sunday evening at 5pm I was about to close up the shop for the day when I received a phone call. It was from a cell phone and it was hard to hear. All I could make out was "is anyone going to be around to clean a tuna?" Then I heard "we won't be in until around 6-6:30." All I could think I'm tired, but the first tuna of the year is coming in we had better stick around. So, I told the guy we would be here to take care of his fish. 5:30 comes around and here comes a boat. A boat that had decided to go out that morning to go sharking. I had thought they had already returned to the dock for the day. They surprised us with the First Thresher Shark of the season. The "Undertaker" with Bill, Bill Doherty, Jr and CJ Walus came to the dock with a 216lb shark. They had been out near the Twin Wrecks that afternoon and were using Hook 'em & Cook 'em's Special Chum Mix along with a blue fish fillet on the hook. Bill, Jr, the angler, said it took almost 2 hours to bring the fish to the boat. Congrats to them. No sooner had I looked at the clock ,it was about 6:10pm, I looked out the window and the boat that had called about the tuna had arrived!! "Margin" had come in with our first blue fin tuna of the year. It weighed 66.4lbs and was caught just north of the Norfolk. Tom Dorwalt, the angler, said they caught it on a blue Ilander while trolling. After Christopher had cleaned,steaked and bagged the fish all that was left was the clean up. So two and a half hours after that phone call we were finally on our way home. That was definitely worth it.
  5. This is a great motor, very low hours and has been well maintained actually never been in the shop. Starts and runs fine. I bought this motor new, it had a long shaft and I had it switched over to a short shaft to fit my application Comes with 6 gallon portable tank and hose assembly, lube grease and fogger spray. Model # SE15RPLY considered a commercial grade sailboat motor. $1000.00
  6. The Bass Pro Shop in Hampton Virginia is having their Spring Fishing Classic. This is a great event in which they invite a lot of the local fishing community to come and talk about what else---fishing! In my case, jet ski fishing and photography ( I am not a photographer but I like to take pictures). Luckily they are letting me bring my Yamaha but they still will not let me put it in the big demo tank. I brought it to the store today and it will be on display thru sunday, my talk is at 4:30 on sunday. There are a lot of great speakers the next two weekends so come and show them your support and learn thier tricks! Here is a list of the times and talkers. 03-05-2010 6:00pm Deep Dropping and Wreck Fishing - Captain Skip Feller 7:00pm Virginia Gamefish Tagging 03-06-2010 10:00am Frog Fishing - Bobby Smith 11:00am Fishing with Hogy Lures – Tank Demo 11:00am Finesse Baits - Chuck Hart 12:00pm How To Target World Record Class Fish - Dr. Julie Ball 1:00pm Swim Baits - Ed Lewis 1:30pm Fish Feeding – with Capt.Eddie Griggs and Tanner Long 2:00pm Chunking For Stripers - Capt. Max King 3:30pm “Kayak Fishing”, Author Cory Routh- Seminar and Book Signing! 5:00pm Bowfishing at its Best! - Chase Simmons 03-07-2010 10:00am Shakey Head Fishing - Buzz Goodwin 11:00am Buzz Baits - Ed Lewis 11:30am Fishing with Swimbaits - Capt Eddie Griggs 12:30pm Artificials for Pups and Va. Tagging Program - Capt. George Wojcik and John Lucy 1:00pm Fishing Crank Baits - Chuck Hart 2:30pm Chunking For Stripers -Capt. Max King 4:30pm Fishing and Photographing from a Jet Ski - Jet Ski Brian 03-12-2010 6:00pm Fishing for Cobia - Captain Ben Shepherd 03-13-2010 10:00am Fishing Soft Plastics - Buzz Goodwin 11:00am Tank Demo with Madd Maxx Frogs 11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart 12:00pm Back Woods Bass Fishing - Kyle Sawyer 1:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques 1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis 2:00pm Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith 2:00pm Basic Knot Tying with Captain Don Lancaster 3:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques 4:00pm Fresh and Salt Water Fishing 5:00pm Float Fishing techniques both Fresh and Salt Water - George Wojcik 03-14-2010 10:00am Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith 11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart 11:00am Tank Demo – Tru Tungsten Swim Baits 12:00pm Catching Fish Using Jigs All Year - Capt. Eddie Griggs 1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis 1:00pm Fishing Basics 2:00pm Fish Identification with Capt. Don Lancaster 3:00pm Fishing Basics 4:00pm Bank and Pier Fishing - George Wojcik 5:00pm Booyah Spinner Baits - Capt. Eddie Griggs
  7. I hope to be down there this easter and i'm a nooby at surf/ jetty fishing...What's a good bait setup for me so I can walk up to the guy at the tackle shop to set me up with? This will get me started until I get familiar with this type of fishing...Oh yeah....Looking to hook some stripped bass....
  8. December 25, 2009 Sarasota Florida Fishing Report By Capt. Bob Smith Pompano are getting thicker on the Stephen’s Point grass-flats just a little south and off of the Ringling home. Although the fishing has been improving throughout December, we had a slow start Wednesday afternoon. Due to the wind, I opted to fish the east side of the bay for a slower drift and less chop. We fished with live shrimp on and around the Stephen’s Point grass-flats for two hours and hardly lost any bait. Then the wind slowed just a little and the fish started to chew. Pompano, large Spanish mackerel, 3 to 4 pound bluefish and some nice seatrout made our afternoon. We also caught some large ladyfish in the mix. I am sure that my D.O.A. and Silly Willy jigs would have worked just as well as the live shrimp but I didn’t want to take the time to re-rig or change our luck. Earlier in the week I found a large school of Spanish mackerel just outside of New Pass by the small red and green markers. The birds were diving and the fish were boiling as they fed on the schools of baitfish. The macks were mostly small but keeper size. We did well with Silly Willy jigs, especially when we tipped them with a small belly strip from the mackerel we kept. Of course live bait was also working. Over the past few weeks, some the biggest mackerel we caught were in Big Pass, some almost 30” long. There have been reports of some keeper size gag grouper being caught on the bay. I have not targeted them myself lately but I plan to do so soon. My favorite bait for them is fresh caught pinfish, not over night baits from the bait shop. Pinfish will almost always dive to the bottom, so no lead is needed. Most of the water depths you may fish on the bay are only 10 to 20 feet deep. When a pinfish dances on top of the water it is a good sign of predators below. If it is grouper below, you will see your bait simply disappear under the surface, not a surface blast like a bass would do. If your bait disappears, don’t wait more then a few seconds and start cranking like mad until you feel the weight of the fish. Then set the hook hard and keep the fish moving away from the structure. I never like to fish over the structure on the bay. I cast to it so that I don’t run off the larger fish. I may mark a structure by dropping a marker to the side or behind it, out of my way but still giving me a reference point for casting. To have any consistency at bringing keeper size grouper to the boat, you need to use at least 20lb test line, 60lb test mono leader, stout 4/0 to 6/0 hook and lock down your drag. With grouper, you don’t have the option to let them run. Remember, this is for large bay grouper and not deep water offshore grouper. This is a good starter method but not the only method for grouper on the bay. Enjoy & Protect My Website: http//
  9. Couple of questions. First I have seen some monster drum caught at night so they obviously feed at night. Do stripers hit at night? Have only fished in the dark once and that was near a full moon. This saturday it will be just the opposite and cloudy. I know that there have been blues around too. Same question goes for them. Do they only hit during the day? My plan is to get to <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym> at dawn (need to hit the bait shop when they first open which I assume is 6 am). Fish all day and if there is a decent opportunity for strikes at night I'll fish then too. I know you can only do this on the <acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym> side of <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym>. I already got advice on bait shops in a previous post. Just trying to make this trip as fun and successful as possible. Thanks for any and all tips! Also if you do fish at night on the <acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym> side what is the rule. I know you can't camp on the beach. So I assume this means you can't itch a tent to stay out of the wind.
  10. December 8th, 2009 - Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing Report Well first off I would like to say happy holiday season to every one out there. Hope it will be a safe one for all and next year will be fantastic for every body as well! Fish on! With that said let's talk a little bit of fishing. By a little bit I mean just a bit. The weather the past several days just have been down right bad, so the fishing was from last week and beyond. Now do not get me wrong, we really did need the rain so it is a good thing in many ways.The dry season is here so let's take it while we can get it. Up until the rain moved in last week the fishing here on the Mosquito Lagoon had really started to turn towards its winter patterns in several different ways. A very welcome change that is embraced by many of us out here. The water levels however are still very high(in my opinion) but the clarity has improved tremendously, water temps are slowly dropping, winter birds from north have shown up and the redfish fish are starting their typically bunch up like kids on a playground tradition. More like the nature of the beast I say. That beast shall I say is the Redfish! Redfish are starting to feed aggressively among the flats and shorelines as the day breaks and continuing throughout the day and into the warming afternoon. Most fish are being caught in the 15-28 inch range of water depth. As the water warms up the fish begin to become more active. Not just the reds but every cold blooded fish out there. Again it is their nature. Most fish are being landed using the D.O.A 3" Shrimp 1/4 oz. in two particular colors that I having been using. One is the D.O.A. Nite Glow and the other, which I have had extremely great success with not just getting reds but the trout seem to gravitate towards this thing as well. The D.O.A. #408 Red/Gold Glitter, Redfish Using the Sight Fishing Method.again in the 3" Shrimp 1/4 oz. weight. Now the Nite Glow Is great for the cloudy and dark water conditions, like the name states the fish just can see this thing much better in low light conditions. However I find it still works great in bright clear sunny skies and is an all around go to plastic.(Speaking of sun, remember, keep the sun at your back and in their face...). Also like several baits in the lagoon they(bait) are in some sort of way or have on them white some where or are light colored in some way. Like mullet, dark on the top, but white on the bottom. As always a very well placed throw to these fish will produce. Remember the tail does not eat. As always take your time and approach them with patience. Most the fish have been in the slot size with a few up and over the slot. Now the other bait that has been really producing, especially with the overcast skies we had there off and on, is the top water plug. Chug Bug or Skitter Walk are my two favorites at any given time. Both trout and reds have been hammering this thing. Just remember to treat and handle the trout with care(handle all fish with care)for they MUST be released at this time of the year. Big trout have been seen moving across their hidden domain as you pole through the flats as well. As I always say, giant trout are the special forces of the lagoon. Just work grass flats and shore lines/structure for good action. Deeper water in the 4 - 5 foot or so range will bring on the schooling trout by the dozens. Keep your eye out for bait pods and work this as well. No bait in the area... maybe no fish too. You would not shop at a grocery store with no groceries on the shelf would you. Bait fish in the area are always a great sign along with other feeding animals and birds. Again I wish every one a safe and happy holiday season this year. As always I look forward to seeing you on the water. Tight lines and bent rods!
  11. 2009 DMS Intra-Club Tournament A highly informal tournament among DMS members for the most treasured of trophies - BRAGGING RIGHTS! Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009 Time: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Location: Cape Henlopen to Fenwick Island. This is a SURF- FISHING tournament. No rocks, boats, piers, jetties, bridges, ponds, etc. Eligible Species: Any game fish. Scoring: Honor System is in effect! Measure fish to the nearest ¼ inch, ROUNDED DOWN. Must be witnessed by a DMS member. Scoresheets: Available at Rick’s Bait & Tackle (Long Neck), Bills Sport Shop (Lewes), Henlopen Bait & Tackle (Lewes), Old Inlet Bait & Tackle (S of Dewey Beach) OR Email: for a scoresheet. Returns: Scoresheets MUST be turned into Morty OR any of the above shops NO LATER THAN 5 PM on Saturday, November 7. No Email returns! If you don’t turn it in on time, you don’t get scored. Awards: Trophies to be awarded at the DMS 2010 Dinner-Dance. Date and location TBA. Floyd “Morty” Morton, III Tournament Chairman
  12. Harbor Tackle Fishing Report November 10, 2009 Announcing the 4th Annual Assateague Striper Tournament, held on Assateague, with cash prizes, and scheduled for November 21-22, 2009 sponsored by Harbor Tackle. If anyone is interested call Harbor Tackle for more info. Harbor Tackle will be open Thanksgiving Day until 1:30 PM. Striper fishing is picking up. I weighted in a couple of nice big stripers taken from the beach on Sunday. Monday morning Ed Moore came in with a 43 ¼ striper from the bay behind Assateague using a lure for bait. Tog fishing is great. Off shore lots of big blues on top and under them are some stripers. Terry and I were in Hatteras last week. Terry and his team mates fished the Hatteras Anglers Club Tournament. His team finished 11th out of 120 teams. We had a great week. Maybe things are back to normal at my shop. Thanks to Mike for filling in for me while we were gone. Because of the wind and bad weather we have had good fresh bunker was hard to get last week, my source of bunker should now be more consistent. Harbor Tackle has fresh bunker, live green crabs, live eels, live chowder clams, and black saltys.
  13. I have been searching all week for bunker and have had zero luck. I've got the next cuple of days off and I planned on going fishing-thestripers are calling my name! I FOUND SOME! I've never been there but I called the number at 10:00 tonight and the man who answered was the owner and he told me he's got it! I didnt relize it was so scarce around here because of the storms and winds weve had but he has it. He said he would have it bagged up and ready to go for me. Now idont know but this is the first time I have ever calle a bait shop and been helped so much. The man at CedarCreek Bait And Tackle has my respect and appreciation! I'g glad I found it and will let everyone know how many big fish I catch
  14. Night time continues to be the right time for snook. The snook bite after dark has been super all summer long with most trips being very productive. At the end of the day its still fishing and not all trips go as planned. Last night went as planned, snook and a host of others were eager to play. Early this summer I wrote how we used small weights more often and increased our redfish, snapper and grouper catch from the very same docks and bridges. At any one time we would have a bait fly lined, one at a middle depth and one hugging the bottom. Typical water depth 8-10’. We made only 4 stops with each location producing. It’s great when the plan works! Spotted Sea trout invaded one of my regular snook docks and inhaled both live baits and soft plastic shrimp imitations. The trout were like clones all around 15”. The DOA Glo shrimp was almost a sure thing with most casts being hit on the initial drop. We moved a short distance and found snook thick on docks lights of a local dock side restaurant. I felt like I was at the Florida Aquarium or Bass Pro shop giant aquarium watching 20 or 30 snook swimming in 3 lights. Imagine how many are out of view in the shadows. Lots of noise and movement did not deter the action. We could see the snook chasing bait so we quickly free lined white baits into the mix and got bit almost immediately. It was like a fire alarm, lines going everywhere. I love it, as I often call it Combat Fishing 101. I swear snook have one mission and that’s to treat you poorly and make a mess of your line. Several redfish kept things interesting and made for another Tampa Bay Grand Slam. If you hadn’t noticed daytime snook fishing is hot as is the night snook action. You can feel the change coming, lower humidity and lower temperatures. The water is still pushing 85 but with shorter days and cooler daytime temperatures will soon push temps into the 70’s. Tomorrow mornings trip will be focused on snook and redfish early then Bonita and Mackerel near the top of the morning tide. Check back soon for details. Capt. Steven
  15. Friday morning: Went out with Saltwater Experience on a nice Yellowfin 24.6. Found some rolling Tarpon in the mangroves and bridge shadows, along with a FAT Mutton. Had a huge Tarp come unglued and spit the hook. Then went out to the bowl and chummed up a couple of nice 7' Lemon Sharks. Only took about 15 minutes to get 'em to the boat. Then we went cruising for dem Bones. Just missed the window for them, 'Cuda were in thick. Saturday: Set off in the yaks and did a complete lap around Duck Key. Went out to the island in the harbor and set up shop for 4 hours. Couldn't keep shrimp on the hook because of the needle fish tearing it up. So I put one of them on the hook and a small 'Cude slammed it. Darn Nurse Sharks were wearing me out so I drifted in the main channel for Snapper. Didn't have small enough hooks so I lost every one of them. All in all, a nice weekend with LOTS of yak time. Mullet are all over the place where I'm at now on Amelia Island, gonna' head out and play a bit today. Pics later...
  16. Being it was so pretty today, I figured I would try my luck a sight casting cobia. This is the first time I specifically went sight casting. I've seen fish on bouys and such but never in open water. My big boat is in the shop, so I had to take the little one. Being it is so low in the water I was at a severe disadvantage. But with the slick calm conditions I had to try. I took my youngest daughter and we went to go catch a cobia. Cruised out to the area of the hump and started looking. I saw a fish pushing water and we caught the first in short order. It was a rat. 35 inches. Next one was smaller. Cruised toward bouy 20 in the Baltimore Channel and saw two more but they dove before I could cast to them. The little on wanted to go to the beach at factory point so I started heading in. Came by bouy 3 in the York River and nothing until, 200 yards north I saw a wake. Told the little one there's a fish. She looked up and saw it as well, she said it is big. Made a cast and BAMALAMA. Hooked up. This fish fought well. About a 15 minute fight. The fish just wouldn't come up. Stayed straight below the boat for the longest time and finally got her up. Went straight to Wallace's and it weighed 55lbs on the button. Not bad for a first attempt at sight casting. My youngest is still talking about all the fish we saw. We saw nine and caught three. I learned alot today about stalking fish and what not to do. I spooked 6 of the fish with poor boat handling. It was a great day on the water with my youngest daughter and got a citation the first time ever trying sight casting. The oldest one is jealous and said she would go next time for sure!
  17. i am trying to help a friend to just lost his job sell his big game fishing gear on ebay. Everol Big Game Fishing Reels Sea Isle Big Game Fishing Rods 14/0 reels 130 LB class rods it is all gently used and in good shape. thank you, john
  18. Great job guys. I like the shop. Lookin forward to see what new products you guys get. Will be buying soon!
  19. Wednesday’s late afternoon / night trip was abruptly halted by a huge thunderstorm at the mouth of Tampa Bay. Thursday was much improved and allowed us back out. The Skyway Bridge was thick with scaled sardines and needed only 2 tosses of the cast net to fill the live well. Buying shrimp at the bait shop is quick and much easier than tossing a cast net but not this Captains number 1 bait. Pinellas Point offers a big variety during summer months. It’s not unusual to find snook that are working their way back into Tampa Bay from the beach. Redfish near oyster bars, trout in the deeper potholes and small sharks everywhere. Mixed in are Mackerel, Ladyfish, Bluefish, Flounder all make appearances. White baits, pinfish and cut threadfins all make excellent bait choices. This same area holds Tarpon in May & June which we took full advantage of. Spotted Sea Trout were the first to attack our baits. We soon took our first snook quickly followed by an invasion of Mackerel. I have several locations where I set up in 6’ of water, cast one direction and its 3’ cast the other direction and its 8’. Mix in an oyster bar and lush turtle grass and you can quickly see why this area is so fishy. As the stars came out we moved onto the bridges and canals and had a blast chasing snook and trout. In just a couple hours we found Snook and trout on most every stop. I give each location 15 minutes max, if they won’t chew move on. Remember after dark don’t aim your spotlight at other boats. It’s blinding and very dangerous. Capt. Steven
  20. Crossing the Bay Bridge about 8 pm going to <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM>. Can anyone tell me where i can get fresh bunker that later or later. Is there any 24hour bait shop. Any bait place to get bait by the bridge or in easton , salisburg area, or any docks i can get it from a boat.
  21. I need to purchase some wire and mono leader in the next couple weeks, but I will not be using much. I was wondering if you can buy a specific length of leader from a tackle shop in OC (ex. buying only 10' instead of an entire spool). I often go to Oyster Bay Bait and Tackle by the green turtle. Thanks!
  22. First, I want to thank Dixie for the excellent recommendation for where to kayak/fish and tips for catching! Beautiful place!!!! Tuesday low to incoming tide. Water was very warm! Went back to the bulkhead with Mud Minnows, no takers. Rigged up with 4" Chartruse Gulp Alive on a red 3/8 oz jig and the Flounder tore it up. I couldn't get any hook ups so I switched to a 1/4 oz with a 2/0 hook jig. They tore that up too. As soon as I got them to the yak, they came off. Nothing big, maybe 12-14". No Pups found. Worked around the islands with Gulp and Minnows, no takers. Went to the first sandbar inside the bridge and started wading. There is a channel between the bar (just outside the launch canal) and the first grass island. Tossed the Gulp in there and got 4-5 hits every cast. Could not hook up, thinking it was small Trout. Standing in 8" of water on the bar, I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets. Really cool place. The young guy running the bait shop in the parking lot was very helpful and had everything I needed. I recommend stopping there for minnows if you don't have a cast net. If you have a net, bait is everywhere! Ate at Lynnhaven Fish House, not a good experience. My Dolphin was bone-dry, steak fries and Scallops WAY undercooked. The Manager took the Dolphin back and apologized. The next batch he sent out was bone-dry too. I didn't bother eating it, they still charged me for it and I was tired of dealing with them. Overpriced and poor quality food. I did manage to find an EXCELLENT place for breakfast though. It's called Sandfiddler Cafe, located in a semi-defunct shopping center at 9561 Shore Drive. I highly recommend that place! Oh, the Best Western advertise they have a full breakfast, they don't. They have a small continental but ran out of food. Sheesh.... But the room was fine, with a view of the water. They knocked $20 off my bill so I could go buy breakfast.
  23. Call it an impulse buy, but I walked in to my rod builders shop the other day, there against the wall was a 13'6" CTS (5-8oz) built by Capt. Ray. As soon as I saw it, I immediately claimed it and walked out with it. This is one of the original blanks CTS shipped over last year I helped test out and absolutely loved. Now I have all of the CTS surf arsenal blanks FS4U was carrying when they came in (3-5oz, 5-8oz and 8-12oz). I love the CTS blanks and for distance for me at least there is no other rod I would rather throw. CTS blank is a plum/root beer color with a nice weave pattern, marbeling, hook keeper and all Fuji harware. Can someone please , as I got to find a new reel to put on here now!:glasses13:
  24. 13' - Full length WRI Fusion. 6-10 oz casting rod. All Fugi components. Black Alconite guides. 25mm to 12mm tip. Shrink tube Wrap is Green Bay Packer Green. Wrapped by Jimmy of Hatters Jacks. Kept the thread work to a minimum to save weight. Great rod for the heavy surf or pier. Fugi reel seat is 30" to the center. $300.00 *** tip is 9ft...shipping will be mucho $$$$. Prefer local PU or drop of at tackle shop or other delivery arrangements***