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Found 16 results

  1. Just posting some pics of my homemade rod wrapper. I tried to keep the design as simple/cheap as possible, yet functional. Used a soft pine wood for the top, poplar for the base and supports. The rollers are old rollerblade wheels. The thread carriage and roller supports slide on two different tracks. Lets see everyone elses design!
  2. Background: It has been beat to death but I have not found a answer that I like. I am looking for the best way to haul my surf poles without breaking them down, various lengths 6 foot to 12 foot (Family of 6 I carry a few poles). Thought about using a ladder rack but have not seen one that will fit with my fold-a-cover and or doesn't look cheap and rattle. It is a little tall to put on the cab plus Thule and Yakima racks can be high priced. Also soon to haul surf boards and / kayak. How do you all haul your equipment? Any body know of any good reasonable custom aluminium fabrication shops? I think it is going to have to be custom hmm....
  3. The Saltwater fishing has been off the wall for the last couple of months. Even with the super high tides and strong winds the fishing has been red hot. The water temp is starting to cool, it is in the high 50's, the water is clear, and the fish are biting. Look for the fish on the edge of oyster racks and on the sides of the channel where the current runs slower. Redfish are showing up in large numbers of legal size limits, and the Bull Reds are still on the beach and mouth of sounds. The month of December should bring more of the same, with days of limit catches of Speckle Trout and Redfish. Capt Bob Barnette SAVANNAH COASTAL CHARTERS
  4. Here are the results from the 4TH AMSA SURFFISHING TOURNAMENT. 1st session winners - Rick's Bait and Tackle OMEGA 79 points 2nd session winners- Rick's Bait and Tackle ALPHA 44 points 3rd session winners- Rick's Bait and Tackle OMEGA 35 points 1st place over all- Rick's Bait and Tackle OMEGA 130 points 2nd place over all- REYNOLDS RACKS 72 points 3rd place over all- FISH HOGGS 70 points Thanks to all of the anglers who fished and braved the 30+ mph NE winds on Saturday. Please share photos and stories here about the tournament..... There were a few other individual winners as well. MOST FISH JOHNNY RINGO LARGEST FISH ED CYCYK TOP MALE ANGLER JOHNNY RINGO TOP FEMALE ANGLER ANITA CHANDLER Largest fish was an 18 1/8th inch flounder Top female was a tie and decided by a coin flip between Anita Chandler of Fishfull Thinkin' and Nancy Gionatti from the Cape Hatteras team.
  5. For Sale: 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5. All power, like new condition. Has Reynolds Rack on the front, Wet-Okole front seat covers, A.R.E. cap with Yakima cross bars and rod holders, BedRug installed in the bed of the truck. I'm the original owner and truck has only 16000 miles. Price is a bargain - 19500$ with all the accesories. 19000$ if you don't want the roof and front racks. Normally trucks with this mileage runs low 20's. Thanks
  6. I got rid of my pro explorer and upgraded to the x factor. it is amazing. it is 2 feet longer and 10 pounds heavier and is easier to paddle. I got a new carbon shaft handle and it is as light as a feather. I feel like I could paddle the thing all day where the pro explorer was smaller but still a tank and took more effort to move through the water. with the pro explorer when you stopped paddling you would slow down really fast but with the x-factor you stop paddling and it tracks really well and just glides. so stable I stood up in it yesterday. tons of room. very happy with the switch.
  7. Looks as if someone has vandilized some closer signs. This means by the agreement the closer will be expanded by 50 meters. No tire tracks just footprints.
  8. Fished for about a 1/2 hour after work yesterday at NOB. Tossed my usual flounder special (red head jig/4" chartreuse swimming mullet berkley gulp alive) in my usual spot hoping for some flatties. Not much going on with a stiff breeze which made bite detection pretty hard, not to mention skinny water with grass and all mucked up. Was getting ready to bag it when I made one last cast along the wall. Brought the jig down by a pilon and WHAM! Jig stopped dead in it's tracks. Let her eat for a second and set the hook,and Fish On!!! Got her up to the top and over the rail and measured out to 17". A keeper 2 years ago and 2" short from a keeper this year. Put a tag in her and set her back out for another day. Satisfied with no skunk and a tagged fish, I packed up and headed out! C U at AI this weekend!:blob1:
  9. I am thinking of purchasing a thule roof mount system for the top of the truck. It may have been beat to death but:: What is the part number for holder for the surf poles that look like a snow ski holder or is there a better holder for surf poles on the rack? What have you found to be easy, quick and durable? Best and cheapest place to buy? Thanks, end of quiz,
  10. Here is my secret ribs recipe... Barbecued Baby Back Ribs The following is for 2 Baby Rack Ribs (I tripled this to make 6 racks) " Make Dry Spice Rub: o 1 ½ Tablespoons Paprika o 1 ½ teaspoons Chili Powder o 1 ¾ Teaspoons Cumin o 1 ½ teaspoons Dark Brown Sugar o 1 ½ teaspoons Kosher Salt o ¾ teaspoon Dried oregano o ¾ teaspoon ground black pepper o 1 teaspoon ground white pepper o ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper " Rub the ribs with oil (back and front), I used olive oil but any oil will do " Cover ribs with the spice rub (back and front) and I mean cover every square inch with as much spice rub as you can. The oil will help it adhere to the ribs. Pat the rub into the ribs. " Need roasting pan or very large aluminum foil roasting pan to hold 2 to 3 racks of ribs on a rack 1 to 2 inches above the bottom of the pan. Pour 2 to 3 cans of beer in the bottom of the roasting pan. You want 1 to 2 inches of beer in the bottom of the roasting pan. Cover roasting pan as tight as possible with heavy duty aluminum foil. " Cook on 275 for 3 hours. This basically steams the ribs to make sure they are very tender. " 30 minutes prior to taking ribs out of oven, start charcoal grill and soak Hickory wood chunks in water to add to the hot coals to smoke ribs. " Take Roasting Pan out, uncover and CAREFULLY remove ribs to a large sheet of aluminum foil. When I say carefully it is because the ribs will already be very tender and may break apart. " Slather the ribs in more spice rub and bring out to grill. " Pile charcoal onto one side of the grill and place hickory wood chunks directly on top of coals…the more chunks, the more smoke. " Place the ribs on the grill on the opposite side of where the coals are…..(Remember at this point the ribs are basically cooked, you don't want direct heat under the ribs at this point, you want to smoke them. " Cover grill and smoke for 1 hour. The ribs will absorb the hickory wood smoke flavor……and will get a nice smoky caramelized exterior. " After 1 hour, CARFULLY remove ribs off the grill and pile onto a platter. Serve with your favorite BBQ Sauce…I like the Hot Bone Sucking Sauce…..
  11. Well as stated above I hit AI Monday, no fishin just had a friend from Michigan who just moved here and interested in surf fishing, anyway drove all the way down to the va line in really soft sand with only one or two other sets of tracks on the beach. I also failed to mention i dropped my tire pressure down to 20 psi like I usually do but this time it never occured to me that instead of my old 9 inch wide tires i know have 10.5 inch wide tires. anway heading back from the va line got to around the bull pen area and my overdrive light started flashing, remembering the last time it flashed my tranny died I stopped, shut her down let her sit about 10 minutes then started her up again, no more problems, i figured out I overheated the tranny cause of the extra wide tires (muddin tires) and not stopping the truck as if i was fishin, instead driving round trip non stop. guys my little truck aint a spring chicken anymore, well anyway went out today and installed a heavy duty tranny oil cooler along with the factory one. only cost me about $140.00 (diy), and about hour and a half of work. shifts seem to be smoother now. we will see how she does next time. I will also not let as much air out of my tires next time. they run normally @ 65psi, I will drop them to 40 and see how they fair. I cant afford to overhaul my tranny again. Figure 150 bucks is way better then 3 grand.
  12. Been looking around for a few weeks now to get an idea on prices. My preference would be a F-150 or Ranger. Don't think it will happen, I am not real happy about a vehicle with 150,000 miles on it. That is about where my price range would fall right now. I am looking at an Explorer (Taking Randy's tips on which year to buy...Thanks Randy!) Or a Jeep Cherokee OR Grand Cherokee. This vehicle will be my everyday vehicle....need one with a luggage rack and tow package. Gonna get a rack for coolers and such but it has to be removable. I am looking at stuff like consumer reports and looking into reliability. Got some questions: It seems like the explorer is more reliable than the jeeps. You guys find this true? Is there enough clearance with an explorer when you get into those deep tracks? Both of these vehicles are really not the best fit for me....but I am desperate to get sand access. I figure I make at least 30 trips to AI a year, so I will get use out of the 4wd.
  13. Heading down this Friday in hopes that some of the big boys are still around, will be running the beaches from Rodanthe to the point. If you see a blue\tan expedition with cooler\rod racks stop and say hi. Tom
  14. I looked at alot of racks before going with Gene, the price,the service, and the quality of the rack speaks for itself! Had the 60 x 30 installed Sat. morning and could not be happier. Not only got to meet Gene but got to meet one of his friends who was bringing new bait boards over,(sorry for forgetting your name) sat around for a little while shot the breeze made me feel like I had known them my whole life. Great Service!!!
  15. Do you guys know if gene is the only one that builds these,im thinking theres another guy that also builds custom racks?
  16. Does everyone drive with there rods in the cooler rack down the highway? Im just worried about the clearance issues going under over passes etc. Does anyone know what the min. clearance is for bridges, tunnels, etc?