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Found 7 results

  1. Just posting some pics of my homemade rod wrapper. I tried to keep the design as simple/cheap as possible, yet functional. Used a soft pine wood for the top, poplar for the base and supports. The rollers are old rollerblade wheels. The thread carriage and roller supports slide on two different tracks. Lets see everyone elses design!
  2. Boca Grande, Fl. 24 Jan. 2010 Rumors to the recent demise of fishing in Florida are highly over stated. How's that for stealing a phrase? But, it is the truth. This week my clients have caught over 200 fish of various species in the waters around Boca Grande and Pine Island Sound. Most abundant were seatrout. Daily catches averaged 45 fish per day. We also caught some fine redfish up to 9 lbs. Jess Jones, of Carmel, IN. hammered the fish on flies Saturday in Pine Island Sound near Black Island. David Chapman, of London, Ont. caught redfish all three days he fished including one 28 inch fish. He also took dozens of seatrout and a few ladyfish. We have seen small schools of baitfish reappearing on the flats and even a few snook roaming the mangrove edges. So, I predict excellent fishing next week. The full moon will bring strong tides that may produce good tailing redfish conditions. Seatrout will continue to improve and I see pompano and bluefish returning in decent numbers. Our excellent weather will make fishing enjoyable and you'll never have to shovel the sunshine. Fish Hard, Pete Florida Flyfishing,Flyfishing School
  3. Boca Grande, Fl. 3 Sept.2009 Snook season is open now, but that doesn't mean much to me. I fish them all year and practise catch and release. The funny thing is the redfish are being super active, too. This week I found schools of redfish in Pine Island Sound and near Bull Bay, plus received several reports of catches in the Placida area. Recent trips have produced slot size seatrout and mangrove snapper from grass flats 3 to 6 feet deep where there is good tidal flow. The snook in the back country have been hanging on the points of the mangrove islands. The most productive of these are ones with holes and moving tide. The passes and beaches still hold numerous snook and some solid seatrout. Roger Maler fished Pine Island last week taking snook and seatrout from the flats south of Captiva Rocks. (See Pic). Bill Gunn, from Melbourne suffered through the "I'm not biting" tarpon before getting driven off the water by seasonal rains. He did manage a few seatrout and hooked and lost a very large redfish in Captiva. The strong tides we are experiencing will help move the fish a bit. Snook should be more abundant in the back country as the month progresses. Redfish will contiue to school prior to their spawning run. A word on school reds; keep your distance and don't throw in the middle of the school. Pole quietly or drift to the fish. Cast ahead of them and make them charge to fly. Be courteous, others may want to fish the school too. Fish Hard, Capt. Pete Greenan Florida Flyfishing,Flyfishing School
  4. Boca Grande, <acronym title="Florida">Fl</acronym>. 20 May 2009 It's tarpon season in Florida. We concentrate on the silver king throughout the summer. The fish are in good numbers this year and are appearing in numerous places. Pine Island Sound, Charlotte Harbour and the beaches off Little Gasparilla Island are holding fish. It is not unusual to see 500 or more fish per day. Our success has been limited. Windy conditions and clear water require long casts that are very accurate. Refusals are common. Sometimes even perfect casts are turned down. Changing patterns often helps. But, each day we have had fish either take the fly or show a lot of interest. Today is the third day of cloudy, rainy conditions due to a small tropical system centered over Florida. This will soon pass and the fishing should get better this weekend. Our alternative species is snook. There are a lot of snook along our beaches and in the passes. Steve Gibson's design of the DT Special seems to be the right fly. The best patterns for tarpon have been the Puglisi Peanut Butter, Bill Bishop's Mouse and Death by Rabbit ( a black/purple design). It is important to remember that tarpon will eat what is easy for them regardless of the pattern. So... presentation is more important than the exact design or color. If you intend to tarpon fish you should practice casting a 12 wt. rod. You'll need to throw 60 feet of line quickly and accuartely. Do not assume you can do it if you don't practise. Handling a 12 wt. is much different from a 10 wt. Afterall, you wouldn't want to spoil opportunities after coming to tarpon country because you were over confident. Besides, it will make your guide's life much better if you can cast well. If you are going to fish for tarpon in the next few weeks, contact me for the latest info. Fish Hard,
  5. Boca Grande, Fl. 6 April 2009 Tarpon are here. Not in great numbers, but they are showing all around Boca Grande and Pine Island Sound. Strong winds have made catching them tough. The best time is just at daylight before the wind comes up. When conditions improve the tarpon will be more cooperative. Snook fishing is very good right now. Just the same I managed a miserable day on Friday with my good friends Fen Sartorius and Harry Davis. A 25 knot wind did not help, but we should have caught snook and did not. On top of that we got caught in a 50 knot thunderstorm that soaked us all to the bone. So, beware of fishing with me. It can be dangerous. Mike Venuti fished with me on Monday in Bull and Turtle bays. Mike caught several seatrout, a few ladyfish and a couple of snook on Puglisi patterns on the west side of Turtle Bay near the oyster bars. It was Mike's first saltwater adventure. His excellent casting made the day. The Everglades Oddessy happened this week when Dusty Sprague, Ron Whiteley, Dick Trembly and I chased tarpon and snook out of Chokoloskee. Ron hooked up on a large tarpon near West Pass bay on Tuesday using his Greenan's Weeny tarpon fly. Dick Trembly hooked up on a very large snook in Alligator bay and I managed a couple of snook in Cannon bay. Overall, fishing was slow. The water turn muddy from the strong winds making sight fishing tough. Improving weather will make fishing easier, but expect the winds to continue for the next few days. By week's end tarpon fishing will improve and the snook should bite better. Fishing pressure has been effecting the region as more anglers are getting out. It is important to be courteous when there are a lot of people on the water. Fish Hard, Capt. Pete Greenan
  6. I just want to say how happy I am to have someone like Dave and Javier to come help me with my Jeep. Also, please forgive my auto term ignorance. It may be offensive to some who are mechanically inclined. Originally, there has been this "whining" sound coming from the engine. We looked at it and found the fan behind the radiator was very tight. I ordered a new fan unit and also a few new rear hatch connectors (keep the hatch up) because for those of you who have fished with me, know that I have been using a 2x2 to hold up the whole thing on the beach. (Very dangerous, but never fell on my head). Javier fixed this problem in 15 min or less... It would have taken me two days because I would have broken out the rear glass for sure. After opening the hood and looking around for a bit, Dave and Javier found that the fan crank unit that connects to the engine was VERY tight. We had to go to the automotive store and rent a fan crank extraction unit. Well, we got ready to take that out and noticed the radiator was LITERALLY falling apart. The metal was flaking off like old cobwebs. I am shocked that I hadn't blown something on the beach before now... Now we really had a situation. We then drove to Salisbury, picked up new radiator while Javier changed all 8 spark plugs...and then the old radiator extraction process began. Jeeps are not very fun to work on. There were more bolts, nuts, screws, wires, fluids, pine shats, daddy long legs than I ever dreamed. I swear I saw a billy goat jump out of that engine at one point. Now, keep in mind, I'm not totally useless. I can type fast... I was really starting to feel bad for these guys because I am not used to seeing so many "knuckle busters". It was about 45 degrees and nothing would turn right, nothing would stick right and every time we needed to get a tool inside the engine, it wouldn't fit, but if we dropped a tool anywhere in the general vicinity of the Jeep, it would fall right into the deepest, darkest crevice of the engine. All said and done, brand new radiator, new spark plugs, new oil based air filter ($60 for that baby) and new fluids, new rear hatch 'hold em uppers". These guys were FANTASTIC and very pleasant to have over. They didn't ask for much money, but I gave them double that and promised more later because I was so impressed.. Now we just have to find out what that darn "whining" noise is...
  7. I was finally convinced that Bigfoot did not exist when man discovered a very rare, tiny molecular organism living in the caverns of West Virginia. Missing a 7' beast for the last hundred years is quite impossible... The Loch Ness monster, well... I've hooked into him a few times and was spooled every time.