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Found 281 results

  1. Just posting some pics of my homemade rod wrapper. I tried to keep the design as simple/cheap as possible, yet functional. Used a soft pine wood for the top, poplar for the base and supports. The rollers are old rollerblade wheels. The thread carriage and roller supports slide on two different tracks. Lets see everyone elses design!
  2. First off, great site here guys. Andrew K recommended that I check this place out. There is a wealth of information here that I am just trying to soak up. I will be heading our is several buddies to AI this weekend to try and hook some sharks, or anything else that bites. Is anyone heading up there this weekend, we would appreciate any tips on how to handle these guys. Also any tips you may have regarding rigs and baits would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help, hopefully come monday we will be posting some pics.
  3. Destiny and I went to AI on the VA side of the world. It was a good move. We had a great day, must have caught 1/2 dozen and kept a few as well. great day with my favorite fishing partner. Will post pics soon.
  4. I traded a friend my Daiwa Grandwave 5500BR for his Team Ala rod. The reel was cool, but im a Shimano Groupie! LOL Anyway I had this rod for a couple weeks but didn't have a reel to put on it. So like any Tackle Whore would do I used that as an excuse to get me a reel.. So after some research I decided on the Shimano Power Aero Prosurf. The reel arrived, and was promptly filled with 250yrds of 15lb Suffix braid (with mono backing). So anyway I decided to go fishing today, and today I would test out the rod.. Well today the fishing sucked, but it gave me time to put the rod thru a couple test cast. Let me first start off by saying the rod is not built for the uni-tech, overhead thump or any other cast that requires a stiffish tip. However with a fishing OTG cast it excels. Once I figured out the correct drop, it seemed to launch my baited rig (homemade single drop rig w\ 4oz) pretty far i would say 130-150yards (maybe more).. I can't be positive but I'll take it to the field tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully get video\pics. Anyway first impression are positive, but it's way to early to say for sure. My intended purpose for the rod is for the Bay\DE Surf spring run. It seems to be perfect for 4-5oz and a worm, but Im not postive about larger baits.. Time will tell..[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"]
  5. JUNE 25, 2010 INSHORE - The inshore fishing has been slow this week due the hot weather but, if you got up early enough and were out before 1st light then you may have caught a few nice trout. They have been on the flats at Harbor Branch and the Moorings to the north and around Bear Point to the south. A live pigfish has been the way to go but they have also been taking a live shrimp fished under a popping cork. The catch and release snook bite has remained steady when fishing in the Ft. Pierce Inlet. A live croaker fished on the bottom has been the way to go. There has been a fair amount of snapper along the channel edges and they have been taking small live shrimp. There are a few redfish up along the docks at St. Lucie Village and around Jack Island. Try a gold spoon or a live shrimp. OFFSHORE - The dolphin bite is still hit or miss and there have been fish from 60 to 350 feet of water. We did have a few nice ones last weekend. Most of the dolphin were caught on a small ballyhoo and it was a 50/50 split about the skirt. The ones that did use a skirt used the green/yellow ones. The kingfish are still here and taking live mullet. Try from 15 to 40 feet of water. We did have 2 nice size wahoo come into the docks with the biggest one going 28 pounds. They were caught in 140 feet of water to the north of the Ft. Pierce Inlet. The snapper bite should remain steady during the full moon. The snapper have been taking both live and cut baits. Along the beaches there is spanish mackerel, bluefish and a few tarpon have been showing up to the north of the Ft. Pierce Inlet. TEEN ANGLERS & JUNIOR TEEN ANGLERS - The Teen Anglers & Junior Teen Anglers will be at the GRAND OPENING of the new WEST MARINE in Stuart -- 2506 S.E. Federal Highway on Saturday -- July 10th and Sunday July 11th. On Sunday -- the 11th West Marine will donate 5% of its sales to National Teen Anglers. Please come out on Sunday -- the 11th and support the Teen Anglers & Junior Teen Anglers. We will have info on how to join Teen Anglers for the 12 to 18 age group and for the Junior Teen Anglers for the 5 to 11 age group. Teen Anglers is a not-for-profit and everything is done by donations. National Teen Anglers BRAGGING BOARD - Last Saturday David Stone caught a 37 pound dolphin in 180 feet of water straight out of the Ft. Pierce Inlet. He was using a small ballyhoo. I got an e-mail from Mark Alsum about the snook he had been catching and releasing at the Ft. Pierce Jetty. He said he caught 7 snook in 3 days using a live croaker as bait. From the pics it looks like all the fish would have been way over the slot. If you would like to report a catch you can e-mail me at or call me at 772-201-5770. You can also reach me on the web at Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Ft. Pierce Fishing Charters - Vero Beach Fishing Charters - Capt. Joe Ward Capt. Joe Ward Capt. Joe's River Charters
  6. Spring Sailfish Fishing / Shark Fishing in Ft Lauderdale May 11th, 2010 Today, Mike and Kate, repeat Lady Pamela II anglers, came fishing with their friends in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Every year when Mike and Kate join us, they bring their luck. We started the trip with a few Blackfin Tuna and King Mackerel on the troll. There was a rippin’ north current in 400 ft of water that was calling our name; the Sailfish bite was nearly instant. After a great performance and a wicked fight, we headed to 300 ft of water and waited for a Game Shark to nibble on our bloody bait. Kate brought in a nice size Hammerhead Game Shark to end their day of fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I look forward to fishing with them soon. Tight Lines! Captain David Ide Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045
  7. Ashton, JC, Brian and I watched the weather window for Sunday open up and headed to Oregon Inlet, NC hoping to troll up a few Yellowfin Tuna. I haven’t used my 50s and outriggers for a long, long time... getting bit by the jigging and popping bug is what put the dust on the riggers and gold, little did we know that the day we decided to troll would turn out to be the day we would have to jig and pop around triple rigged outriggers, a center rigger and eight fifty wides. We started the day at the 540 at 500 fathoms in 68.1 degree lifeless water just when I knew we had to make a move we get a call from one of our buddy boats “Carolina Melody” who tells us they have tuna airing out all around them but they can’t hook up. We head that direction and find the skying tuna at the 512 on the 500 fathom curve, we immediately fire out a popper and instantly hook up on an 80 pound class BFT. This took place at 9:30 am and went on until 3:00 pm when we left the fish biting and headed home. We pursued the fish from the 512 line to the 570 and in the end boated nine fish from 50 to 100 pounds, seven on poppers and two on jigs. The fish were caught from the 512 to the 570 at 500 fathoms in 69 to 70 degree dirty water. We were throwing OTI Komodo, and Strike Pro Tuna Hunter Jr. poppers from 7’6” Asian FHB custom popping rods made by JC. While we were in the fish tossing poppers and the bottom machine would light up we would switch to dropping jigs and instantly hook up. We focused primarily on the topwater bite but the jig bite was certainly there as well. Once it was apparent the trolling bite would not pay off we called in my friend James Metzger who was out there without any jigging or popping gear and passed him a jigging rod and some jigs so him and his crew could get in on the action instead of simply watching others catch fish. An outstanding day on the water thanks to JC, Brian and Ashton. Great fishing along side James Metzger, Danny Kee and Chuck Murphy. VIDEO LINK:
  8. I bought this live well and never used it. comes with everything except a battery. 14 gallons. perfect for bridge, pier, surf, boat, or transporting live bait from place to place. New was $220 and I want $150 for it. heres a couple pics.
  9. So I have a truck identical to the one shown here. I'm thinking fabricating and welding a cooler rack to the brush guard/shackle bars and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or opinions. I'll post pics of the process as I go.
  10. I have made a couple of surf fishing aquisitions this year....and am gonna post pictures of them in the next few days...A new/used 4X4 Truck and a new Rod & reel combo that I'm rather fond of. So I wanted to see some pics of anyone elses before I post mine. Show me what you got yo:icon_salut: And it doesnt have to be a can be anything new youve gotten for the upcoming season....
  11. I don't claim to have any knowledge of fishing when it comes to the salt. However my girlfriends parents have invited me on vacation to Bald head island, North Carolina in August, figured i'd get prepared early. So I have tons of chances to go fishing and salt rivers flow through the island as well. My question is how? How do you fish from shore? What bait do you use? Line test? How do I get my line to where the fish are? I'm pretty much clueless on all of this any help would be appreciated.
  12. A year has past and a new one begun. How was your 2009? What were the highlights? What are you looking forward to in 2010? What are your goals? 09' for me was a weird year that came with its blessings and curses. We had a lot of bad weather this year and the wind, massive amount of rain, and the cooler air temps put the fishing a little off for me. I caught less numbers but more variety. My first year as a guide was a little slow, mostly because of weather cancellations. My highlight for the year would have to be kayak fishing in the gulf stream catching dolphin. Man what a blast that was! Hopefully in 2010 I will get to fish more, learn more, and have another successful season as a guide. Here are a few pics from this year.
  13. I know that with winter the fish are far in between, so its time to get all your ready for spring... Over last year i fell in love with lure fishing and I had some success and im looking forward to the spring run. For lures i had been using my ugly stik until July when i switched to my now favorite lure rod. Heres a few pics of my combo for this year.... Its a 7'8 E21 Carrot Gold Stix rated 1-3oz and 15-30lb line I matched it with a Daiwa Luna 253 and the total combo weighs about 15.9 oz...... Whats your favorite lure combo???
  14. I am thinking of taking my boat down 113/13 into VA to do some rockfishing over winter break. Thinking of fishing Tom's cove area, or maybe CBBT area if the weather permits. Is one area better? I as see tons of pics from the CBBT. But shaving some time off the drive wouldn't hurt. Thanks, Pat
  15. Reel + Cedros 6' rod + 6 speed jigs Reel is 8/10 appearance + 10/10 mechanical. Spooled with 80 lbs yello power pro and top shotted with 20lbs Big Game. Seperate : $145.00 local - $150.00 shipped Rod is 9/10 appearance ( small boat rash and has been fished ) and 10/10 mechanical 160g-325g. Its got some backbone. Seperate : $75.00 local - $85.00 shipped insured in PVC tube Lures range from 150g to 500g. I hope you can see the sizes in the pics. The 300g pink and the Chartreuse 300g lures has been jigged. The others have not been used. Seperate : $40.00 local- $45.00 shipped Combo: $250.00 - Shipped to the lower 48 states $225.00 - local PU ( <acronym title="Virginia">VA</acronym> Beach, Norfolk, P-Town, Hampton, Suffolk ) My loss is your gain.
  16. New/used. Box, tools, clamps.2009 X'mas gift. Fished. Caught a 41" sissy fish, eel'in.. drags were not even full. Very small boat rash and 1 very small scratch .. see pics. Looking to get a new Fin Nor Marquesa LD 30 $245.00 - includes shipping tothe lower 48,
  17. he episode is going to air this thursday October 29th at 7:30 pm on Verizon Fios and Dish TV. I am going to have my relatives over to watch it. Let me know what you think of it. I was contacted in May by TV Host/Producer Mark Melnyk of the World Fishing Network–Reel Road Trip Mark asked if I would be interested in participating in an episode on North Carolina Fishing in which I could showcase Jet Ski Fishing, of course I said yes. We departed yesterday June 24th from Teaches Lair in Hatteras Village at about 0630 hrs. Our camera/buddy boat was Captain Ben of Above Average Sportfishing I can’t thank him enough for his help and expertise on a last minute phone call the day before the trip. Ben helped put us on some great fishing. On Capt. Ben’s boat was Daryl- the WFN cameraman, Jaminson- Ben’s mate of the day, and my brother/buisiness partner John Lockwood. My brother just had his Yamaha SUV 1200 rigged out similar to mine by Albert Martin of Martin’s Custom Structures I wanted Mark to experience Jet Ski Fishing first hand, not just witness it. So Mark fished from my brothers ski. The sea conditions were great so were able to average 35-40 mph out to the Rockpile where we trolled skirted ballyhoo for several hours and managed a couple nice dolphin. Ben was marking some fish a little deeper so we stopped and jigged up some nice Almaco. Things slowed down so we headed to some wrecks that had produced well two days earlier for Capt. Ben. It was hot, none stop jigging and casting poppers to good size Amberjack for a couple hours. We all had sore arms and sun burn, my kind of day. We ran into a nice down pour as we entered the inlet at around 1730 hrs, it felt good to have mother nature wash off the sweat and salt spray after 1o hours and ninety two miles on the Jet Ski. I think Mark Melnyk is now hooked on Jet Ski Fishing, I know I am!. His show is carried on Verizon Fios and Dish TV locally, WFN TV is a 24 hr Channel. I can’t wait to see it. Here are some pics from when it was taped.
  18. Hey Guys, Gals, well i finally got out to the ditch on Sat and had a decent catch. i hit the water about 1:30 with the tide being pretty low and slack. i started out around the ditch but it was pretty slow and alot of boats in there catching not much of anything. So at about 2:30 i moved my wat back to the river and started to catch some real nice fish. By 4 PM i had 6 in the boat and threw back another 2 that were dinks. so 8 fish in about 2 hours. seems like there was no real bait of choice. caught most in about 12FT of water. i had another 3 fish on that i lost, one came off at the boat that was a nice fish but the other i never saw. all in all i would have to say it was a great afternoon. it seems like the specks are starting to stage around the ditch!!!!!!!!!! i have the pics just have not had time to transfer them to the computer, i'll try tonight but for now back to the ditch for another try. good luck to all!!!
  19. sorry for the pics there always close ups when takin my self stretchin my arm. anyway got to the marina last nite and the current/tide had stopped ready to turn. it turned quick all of a sudden its movin in fast debris, trash, etc starts comin in. should have had a net to scoop out the trash. the water was fairly dirty and not the usual spashes fish were holding on the bottom it appeared. i decided to use a white BA on a Chartruese jig head 1/4" i was using a retrieve/stop method to allow the bait to drop every 2or3 cranks. it worked and plucked 3 nice schoolies. heres the pics. striper fix accomplished. hope to get out on the bay this week.
  20. This weekend I have my nephews over. You all have seen their pictures up before. Yesterday we headed to the pier here at my house. Had all their rods riged up for spot. We were then putting the live spot on my surf rods for Rockfish. I had a few take the bait. Jacob wanted to take his worm off and put a piece of cut bait on. Twenty minutes later his little ugly stick was zinging. It was his first rockfish ever measuring at 19 inches. Soon after another light action rod bent in half. Another Rock measuring in at 18 inches. Jacob, Logn, and Jefferey did very well. Jefferey caught a mess of Spot, Logn caught a few perch, and Jacob caught Two huge cats, and that one Rockfish. Danny was also there with us. He had to catch twenty small ones (spot and perch) and one nice size channel cat. Here are the pics...
  21. Hello everyone, Its been awhile, but the weather has been horible. This past weekend I entered into the Colonial Beach Rockfish Tournnament. I did not place, but caught some nice fish. My crew consisted of my long time neighbor in PA, Greg (who runs his 23 ft Grady White out of Indian River Bay, DE), and my Dad. The first day we had high winds and no fish:( The second we went down close to the mouth of the river and did much better. We hooked up on four Rockfish. One short at 15 inches, a 20 inch - 5 pounder, 24 inch - 10.5 pounder, and a 38 inch - 21.6 pounder. See pics below. If you want to know how I caught them: 1) Trolling Speed: 3 - 4 mph 2) 4 - 6 oz green powerchute tandem rigs with a 6 inch shad 3) Had one daisy chain rig out the middle of the spread. I ran 5 rods out the back of my 18 ft Searay 175. I designed these rod holder/outriggers for mu boat to accomidate the extra two rods. If anyone is interested on how they are designed let me know.
  22. well i got skunked again this eve. low tide ill blame it on. was fishin my bomber plug and had one swirl at the rocks, damn i didnt drop my rod tip as it was gettin close and pulled it out to early, dammit!! only fish i saw all eve. but i did catch my beautiful wife when i got home looking for some facebook pics. better than rockfish
  23. awesome day of fishin yesterday at the mouth of the south. fish/birds everywhere. we had a blast. here are a few pics. striperdave
  24. nice schoolies starting to school up in middle bay area (chesapeake beach) western shore. been spending alot of time at local marinas at dark castin under the lights and fishin jetties dawn and dusk. it been payin off big time.