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Found 123 results

  1. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  2. this video is from a few weeks back me and my crew hit the beach along side of Pat, aka Katman. he was yaking baits out and caught a few decent critters. hope you enjoy. [video=youtube;eiEES3ciLfU] i had to loop the music so i dont get introuble with the copy right laws...
  4. TO ALL: Please log into your account control panel and update your signatures. At the top, click on "Forum Actions" - Edit Profile
  5. I joined last year, but never posted much of anything or followed up. I hope to change that! I'm Bren in Lancaster, Pa. I frequent AI probably about 10 times a year for the past 4 years. My late husband taught me how to surf fish. Last year I did it on my own a few times, and this year I really hope to become more active in it and learn how to finally tie my own knots!
  6. Sunny, mild temperatures and light winds, when have you heard that in the last 2 months. Saturday’s trip was met with tons of enthusiasm, short pants and sun screen. It felt like we scored a Grand Slam even before wetting a line. Low water temperatures equal gin clear water a result of the algae dying. Crystal clear water has its challenges so Captain Steven scales all the terminal tackle down in size. Braided mainlines 10-15 pound test with fluorocarbon leaders 15 pounds or less. Remember if you see the fish they see you and more than likely heard you coming for a long time. Captain Steven received a report of black drum in the 30-40 pound range. I ran to the area but never located the school. The next 3 hours we worked hard on numerous locations with limted results. Our last stop the trout finally cooperated agreeesively attacking DOA CAL silver glitter jerk baits. The water tempertures on Tampa Bay never got over 56 today. Look for the action to improve as the water warms heading into spring. Captain Steven
  7. I am thinking of taking my boat down 113/13 into VA to do some rockfishing over winter break. Thinking of fishing Tom's cove area, or maybe CBBT area if the weather permits. Is one area better? I as see tons of pics from the CBBT. But shaving some time off the drive wouldn't hurt. Thanks, Pat
  8. Thank you for your patience while I continue the arduous site upgrade task.
  9. Any of you experts on AI have any thoughts on the weather being created by IDA and how it may effect surf conditions later this week or this weekend. Planning to head down there this weekend from central PA and am hoping not to get blown out.
  10. Did the dawn patrol yesterday morning at Lynnhaven Inlet. Had the waders on and arrived before 6am. Nothing happening till the current started to move fast, then I picked up a small flounder and a 13" Speck, both released to grow up. Switched over to a mirrolure and got two more specks about the same size and left around 10:30am. Came back on the PM Patrol to the same area and manged 5 more specks all under 14" and released another small flounder and a beautiful 17.5" flounder right beside the grassline. This flounder had two tasty fillets on him and was THICK, but he had to go back and grow some more! Truly is a shame to toss back a nice flounder like that with the 19" limit, but what do you do?? Bucket joined me and nailed a small speck as well. Nice day on the water and the specks likes the red jig head and white Gulp in the PM session, as did the flounder. Bout time to do some night time rocking by the base of the <acronym title="Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel">CBBT</acronym>!
  11. Patriot Fans, I want to thank you for allowing five of your very wonderful cheerleaders to visit us in Afghanistan. Even though I am a Skins fan, my wife competes with the best for a Patriots fan. So for that, here is a pic of myself and the lovely ladies to share with you all. It just helps to have this type of support visit once and awhile. So with that, I wish both teams the best this season, but I got to see the cheerleaders.
  12. I hit the river around 11:30 and the tide just started to go out ...I decide to hit the powerplant first every september the smallies will show up in number it wasn't long before I hit my first of four ...[i lost my biggest on the second jump] I was sticking the bass on crankbait My second spot was the Washington Marina and a patch on matted grass ...I picked up a flipping stick and started punching the matted grass with a 3/8oz weight....I stuck 4 small bass again I lost a larger bass on the jump .....I also saw a nice snakehead in the grass ....yes I tried
  13. Hi everyone. Just found the site today after seeing a reference to it at the bottom of an article. By way of introduction I'm out of Hampton, Va and a young 69. Been fishing the salt for 61 years . Started in NY on long island and Montauk point. Since then I've have the great opportunity to fish alaska, panama, norway, east and gulf coasts, and the far east countries. In my heavy fishing days threw heavers with spinners. Now I'm down to light tackle and spinning gear. Completely enjoy walking beaches and backwaters in search of whoever is swimming around. Look forward to this site and i'm sure i'll continue to gain in knowledge from everybody.
  14. Labor Day Yellow Eye’s in the Bahamas Minus the rain, weather was perfect to head over to the Bahamas for a weekend getaway with friends and family for our annual Labor Day fishing trip in Bimini. Seas were flatter than a pancake and I was looking forward to fresh Yellow Eye. As Bimini is basically my second home, I know of some great spots to put fish in the box. A group of us left the Harbor around 9:00 AM and the fun began. “Deep dropping is like grocery shopping,” as one of my buddies always said. It wasn’t an instant bite but we did manage to reach our limit and enjoy fresh dinner on the dock Saturday night. Tight Lines! Captain David Ide Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045
  15. Hi Guys, I hail from PA and especially enjoy surf and jetty fishing in DE, and MD.
  16. So... I am getting off the sand so to speak. We bought a boat a few weeks ago (19ft Seapro DC)and so far have just been getting to know it by cruising around Assawoman. Just got my radio today and I'm waiting on my GPS. How many of you guys boat fish as well? I'm thinking that fishing CBBT until xmas and trolling off the beach for the fall run will be good times. Do you guys ever really winterize? or do you trailer down to Virginia to fish in the winter? This site has been a great help with surfcasting. So just asking about boating. Thanks, Pat
  17. Danny, Jamal, and I took out my boat (The Pepirmint Patty) last evening to troll for some Striper. We left the dock around 1700 to make a 7 mile run up toward the RT301 bridge. Got half way and saw dark clouds rolling in, so we stayed a little closer to the dock just in case. I trolled 4in green shad in tandem. Hooked up on our first around 1630. It was only 14" so we had to through him back. At 1930 our middle (long rod) screamed! I knew this was a keeper by the way the rod went off. It turned out to be 18 1/2 in. FINALLY, The Pepirmint Patty landed a keeper Striper. Here are some pics of last evening. Enjoy!
  18. Just want to say Hi to everybody. I live in south central Pa. I fish Henlopen and IR areas in De., AI in Md. and the south jersey shore. Striper fever is pretty bad this year. Haven,t had alot of free time. Fall is looking better though. Hope I can get alot of info, and possibly supply some also.
  19. Had Fins Bob, Boston Pete,Jim River Rat, PP&J John and Tom aboard For a marathon FluKing event(5 man Crew)... Just Like Both their Trips last year, plenty of big fluke for da coolers... Headed out to a stiff NNe breeze and to be honest was a little worried about fluking and our drifting condition today... Got to the grounds set up our first drift... Very Fast 1.5-1.8 but we did get a few bites and some shorts... As we made a couple more drifts the ocean and drift died Down... We starting picking patches of fish Keepers and shorts... After each patch would dry up... we would have to look for some More.... Picked and Plucked at some quality keepers, shorts and seabass... Bounced around and would get some nice flurries of keepers as well as having our times with no bites and lack of action.... The guys worked Hard and Bounced Jigs (all kinds) all day... The keepers began to add up nicely... Like last year Jim River rat was the first to his limit but the others werent far behind and Johny Boy Was hook with the Johny Jig staight from the workshop Petey had the Big Fish somewhere around 6lbs.Tom had the big humpback Seabass!!! Fished a Long day and Everyone fished hard...By the Days end the Boys Boxed up a 5 Man Limit of Fluke and 13 seabass... No giants but the first two rows in the picture are all nice keepers 3-6lbs over 20 in. As always Pleasure Have the BBS and Friends on board!!! Good Times!!! Thanks again guys Nice roll 3 trips with a big fish on now some limits!!! Hopefully aug will give up the good bite
  20. I had my three nephews Logn, Jeffrey, and Jacob up from Norfolk for about three weeks. We really hooked up on some nice Largemouth in the lake behind my house in Ebb Tide Beach (Colonial Beach area). Throughout the three weeks I had to sacrifice some gear for them to catch these fish. They broke one rod in half, lost two reels of line, about 20 lures, and tons of hooks. How else are they going to learn though? To see a kids face after they catch a fish is one of the best feelings, especially if they caught a huge one. We also caught a bunch of Croaker in the Potomac off of Colonial Beach on the 4th of July. I found a ledge and anchored up on it. We used a traditional bottom rig. My boat, The Pepirmint Patty did well!
  21. Call it an impulse buy, but I walked in to my rod builders shop the other day, there against the wall was a 13'6" CTS (5-8oz) built by Capt. Ray. As soon as I saw it, I immediately claimed it and walked out with it. This is one of the original blanks CTS shipped over last year I helped test out and absolutely loved. Now I have all of the CTS surf arsenal blanks FS4U was carrying when they came in (3-5oz, 5-8oz and 8-12oz). I love the CTS blanks and for distance for me at least there is no other rod I would rather throw. CTS blank is a plum/root beer color with a nice weave pattern, marbeling, hook keeper and all Fuji harware. Can someone please , as I got to find a new reel to put on here now!:glasses13:
  22. Had David aka Fang of wolf and Friends Charter aboard today for a day of fluking... 5 man Crew Today... Weather was beautiful but a bit breezy... Headed back to the ruff stuff where we caught some nice ones on thursday... First Drift we Caught a few seabass and a short... Second Drift we found a nice patch and banged out 4 nice keepers... but when ya went back on the same line ya didnt get another Bite... So we bounced around a bunch of different rock piles picking some nice fluke and seabass here and there... The Guys worked hard bouncing bucktails as our drift was 1.2 with the wind... But they stuck with it and Put some nice fluke and bass in the Boat. By days end David and friends Boxed 16 Keeper Fluke With a couple over 5lbs lbs and over 20 Tasty Seabass. Water looked dirty today and we didnt have as many shorts... Back at it Tues. Got Room Thur All Day Open Boat Fluke Trip Give a Buzz Lets Go Fishing Thanks Guys
  23. Had Our First Open Boat Fluke Trip Today... Joe Jigamafish, Tony Triggs, Cool Hand Al, George W, Arty, and Don... Headed Out in Foggy conditions.. First Two stops on some rubble were ng with no drift. Went to the real sticky stuff and started to get some fish and drift... Then we found a few patches of Fluke... Nice Size keepers Mixed with keeper seabass as well as lots of shorts both Fluke and bass.... Al Rod bent witha good one boated it a nice 7 lber... Shortly followed another twin 7lber. Arty(pUpU pLATER) was the man on the seabass early and then with the Fluke.... Tony Dropped a couple of good ones while special rod Joe didnt get involved to late in the day but ended strong with the wig George had us laughing and Don Missed way to many back to bait Played around bouncing bucktails in the rough stuff for the rest of the day... Fish came in spurts and the guys worked hard to put together a catch... By the end of the day the boys Boxed 19 KEEPER FLUKE and 24 KEEPER SEABASS. Good Times and Lots Of dock antics Weather was great all day by us!!! Thanks Again Guys!!!
  24. I love to share knowledge, it's something I was taught 35 years ago from my mentor. I love the challenge of Stripers from a reef, or rock pile, on plugs turned on my lathe, and rods built by my hands. I love the sight of a trophy Bass swimming away after giving me it's all and giving her a good look in the eye, saying Thank You, see ya later. I like the taste of a minimum sized fish panned in olive oil with a little garlic, some celery salt and black pepper. What I love more than anything else, is watching a newb land their first, keeper or short, and the look in the eyes that tells you they are as addicted as a junky to heroin. I love fishing with friends that I have helped become better surf casters with a conservation mind set release fish over 40 pounds without a blink. I love the sound of crashing waves washing up on reef points, swirling back through the crevasses, topping the sound of the wind, at false dawn, in the fog. I love watching a pencil popper get crushed by a schoolie with an airborn leap from the top during a purple, red, and orange sunset. I love places like this;
  25. Took my son out to NOB Pier for a few hours this morning. Between us we tagged and released 8 flounder from 10.5"-12.5" on Gulp! Alive swimming mullets and probably lost about 6 or so as well. My son started to help me out in the tagging process so he was getting into writing and tagging the fish for me. Bite was sloooooow and had to really let them eat it today. Color was white or chartreuse today as they really didn't seem to care. My son also scored a roundhead and a pufferfish to go along with the flounder. Saw a few small croaker and one small blue caught. Cownose rays are on patrol now and the crabs are starting to pick up as well. Looks like the weather will be unpredictable the next few days so we will see if I can get back out or not. Puffer ready for release (caught on shrimp):