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  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. How do you usually clean them? and cook them? Do you skin them, fillet, steak or what ????? I eat a little bit of one I cooked last year but, didn't care for it. My Son said he really liked it, probably the way I cooked it.
  3. well gotta start this one a day early cause im gonna be outta town tomorrow. plenty of kins and spot being caught out in the surf with a few croaker in the mix. shark have been hit or miss due to the west winds over the past 2 weeks but if this east wind holds out a while things should be back to normal. now get out there and wet a line, be safe and have fun.
  4. I am often asked if Spadefish are good to eat. Yes they are. Tonight I had some company over so I cooked some up. I marinated one batch in a herb / garlic mix and grilled it. Then I batterd some in House Autry breading and deep fried it. I also cut up and grilled a bunch of fresh veggies. It was all delicious! My guest also brought some home made cookies and a cake so we covered all of the food groups, Dinner and Desert. Ha! I caught it, cleaned it and cooked it.
  5. hey guys im thinking of doing some sharking off of A.I tonight at one of the walk on spots sense i dont have a 4X4 permit. If anyone is going to be out give me a shout and maybe we can hook up and wet a line or two!!! cell - 717.991.3882
  6. I went out for afew hours ...I caught this lil 1lbs and missed another on the frog and one on jig .....I was surprise how clear the lake was ..I'll be back soon
  7. Was our first trip this year caught 4 in about 2.5 hrs. The Gods smiled on us and gave one for diner The boat ran great which is an achievement all to its self and we had a great day on the H20. Can't ask for much more than that. :eusa_dance:
  8. coming down in one month and staying approx 1 mile south of the food lion in corolla. i have some surf gear and am going to try to get down to the pier in nags heads, but does anyone know of any good spots on the bay up in duck or corolla i could fish off a dock? thanks
  9. Here are some pictures from the last week of Sharkin! Enjoy! They are definitely here! Sandbar: First shark of the night guiding some of my high school buddies! 7ft 5inches tagged and released Shark Number two of the night reeled in by my buddy Kyle: 7ft 3 inches, tagged and released "That was one hell of a bi's and tri's workout" Tonight my friend Ryan wanted to take a trip out, and he got to reel in this 7ft 4 incher. It was also tagged and released despite the terror of the family watching! The dad thought it was awesome though.....not the wife.... Lovin this weather! Ben Dziwulski
  10. My wife and I took a little jet ski cruise along Plum Tree Island "The Flats" yesterday. It was a hot day, around 97 degrees, so being on the water was the place to be. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would put a couple of them up. The first one is an Oyster Catcher that looked like he was dancing.
  11. I got lucky again and had this Photograph of an Osprey chosen for todays Daily Press. I was real happy with the picture. I took it in my back yard monday night as it was getting dark.
  14. OK every one for those of you that don't know what the Spring Fling is, here's a brief run down several years ago when this site was young a hand full of us here on Atlantic Anglers got together to do some fishing and just hang out and have a cook out on Assateague island for the day. As some will remember the first year was a little wet but others were very nice. The reason for this thread is to try and nail down a date for the Fling it will be held in May the questions the need to be answered are to have a one day or two day Fling so people will have a better change to come so the dates that I'm suggestion are. 1. Saturday May 22 2. Friday May 21 and 22 3.Saturday May 29 4.Friday May 28 and 29 This thread will run for the next month or so and then others will follow with more information.
  15. This is the last video from little conch reef,trying to get one together this week of some local fishing trips.I will be posting the results[video=youtube;Y3Te53GwSoA]
  16. One more for the new season. This time I asked for something a little different. The rod is 6'6" but not sure of the rating. I'm guessing 3/8-2 oz. I wanted to maximize it's length and still keep it as light as possible. I asked for cork grips and shorten the rear grip to only 4 inches. It looks a little odd but is light and surprisingly well balanced. I think I'm going to like this one.
  17. Ok, so I was over at my parent's house pulling out all my equipment. Well I looked at one of my 15' Diawas spinning rod (which needed a reel to go on it) and then at my 10' Tica casting. I decided to try my spare Tica Gemini 350 on the Diawa Spinning rod.....So.....everything lines up, fits works just fine. The only difference I really noticed was the size of the guides. Is there really that much difference between the two??? I don't think I'll mess anything up using the casting reel on the spinning rod, so I'm kinda confused as to the real difference.
  18. Fished with four other guys on Capt. Steve Cardano's boat 4/2/10 and with two guys on 4/3/10 at reef 10. We had a great day with a limit of 15 tog and one nice cod on the second but could not get anchored right on the third and only had one 17 inch tog for the day. Still not a bad way to start the 2010 fishing year.
  19. I was thrilled to get these shots tonight. It still amazes me the size fish an Osprey can catch and carry. This the first time I have ever got a picture of one with a Striped Bass of this size. At least someone is getting out in this wind and catching.
  20. First post. I check the fishing reports often, but I'm finally going to stop lurking and join in. New to surf fishing, last year made 3 trips- 2 in <acronym title="Outer Banks">OBX</acronym>, one in Maine. Had decent success with bunch of blues and small sharks, occasional flounder, and trout. This year spending much more time on the beach- 10 day trip to <acronym title="Outer Banks">OBX</acronym> and at least 4 weekend trips to <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym>. I've put significant time and money into this year, new quality rods and reels, new tackle, and specailized I know now I won't catch anything...hahaha. Originally from New England, I live in WV currently and me and a buddy are thinking of heading to <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym> the first week in April. I know it won't be great, but what will we be looking at? Should I even bother bringing the big stick for shark? Anything special we should know? We're looking to head back in May as well, then in August and September. This is going to be our gear test weekend, as my friend has no experience on the beach. We will not have 4x4 (probably not) but are willing to walk several miles from the NPS campsite.
  21. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife - Fishing Licenses Buy your Hunting and Fishing License Online Complimentary Fishing and Hunting Licenses Saltwater Fishing License Information Who needs a fishing license? A person is required to obtain a valid fishing license prior to fishing in inland waters or transporting fish taken from inland waters. A person is required to keep his/her fishing license with him/her at all times while fishing or transporting fish and must exhibit their license for inspection by any warden, department employee, guide or landowner upon request. Possession of fishing tackle in the fields or forest or on the waters or ice of this State without a fishing license is prima facie evidence of fishing in violation of the law. When obtaining a resident license, it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit proof of residency. Maine residents under 16 years or age and nonresidents under 12 years of age may fish without a license. Maine residents (and immediate family members who live with that person ) may fish without a license from their own land if that person owns more than 10 acres of land, lives on that particular piece of land, and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes. In-patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital at Togus may fish without a license within 25 miles of Togus (Note: Patients not under immediate supervision of a hospital representative must have a valid hospital pass while fishing.) Fishing License Fees Resident Fishing Licenses (Prices listed below do not include the agent fee.) Superpack (16 & older) - $200.00 Combination Fishing/Archery (16 & older) - $42.00 Combination Hunting & Fishing (16 & older) - $42.00 Resident Fishing (16 and older) - $25.00 1-Day (24 hour) Fishing (16 & older) - $11.00 Serviceman (resident) Fishing and Hunting (16 & older) - $3.00 Serviceman Dependent Hunting (16 & older) - $10.00 Serviceman Dependent Fishing and Hunting (16 & older) - $20.00 Serviceman - Complimentary Military Supersport - $20.00 Duplicate License - $2.00 Nonresident and Alien Fishing Licenses (Prices listed below do not include the agent fee.) Combination Hunting & Fishing (16 & older) - $149.00 Nonresident Season Fishing (16 and older) - $64.00 15-Day Fishing (16 & older) - $47.00 7-Day Fishing (16 & older) - $43.00 3-Day (72-hour) Fishing (16 & older) - $23.00 1-Day (24 hour) Fishing (16 & older) - $11.00 Junior Fishing (12-15 years) - $16.00 Alien Combination Fishing and Hunting (16 & older) - $190.00 Alien Season Fishing (16 & older) - $84.00 Supersport - $20.00 Duplicate License - $2.00 Other Licenses and Permits Bait Dealer's Licenses Children's Camp License. This license allows any of the boys or girls who are under 16 years of age to fish in the lake or pond adjacent to the camp. For more information, contact the Licensing Division at (207) 287-2571. Fishing Derbies and Tournaments Expiration: Unless otherwise specifically provided, all licenses expire on December 31st of the calendar year for which they were issued. Combination Hunting and Fishing License: A combination hunting and fishing license permits persons 16 years of age or older to fish in inland waters and permits hunting of all legal big game and small game with a firearm, muzzleloader, or bow and arrow. An archery license is required to hunt during the archery and expanded archery seasons on deer, and during the fall turkey hunting season. Combination Fishing and Archery License: A combination fishing and archery license permits persons 16 years of age or older to fish in inland waters and permits hunting of all legal big game and small game with bow and arrow only. Season Fishing License: A season fishing license is required for residents, nonresidents, and aliens 16 years of age or older to fish in the inland waters of Maine. Note: A Maine resident under 16 years of age may fish without a fishing license. A nonresident or alien 12 years of age and under 16 years of age must purchase a junior fishing license. Nonresident Junior Fishing License: A nonresident junior fishing license is required for nonresidents and aliens 12-15 years to fish in the inland waters of Maine. 15-Day Fishing License: A nonresident or alien 16 years of age and older may purchase a 15-day fishing license which permits them to fish in inland waters for the dates specified on the license. A nonresident 15-day fishing license may be exchanged for a non-resident season fishing license upon payment of $12.00 plus the agents fee. 7-Day Fishing License: A nonresident or alien 16 years of age and older may purchase a 7-day fishing license which permits them to fish in inland waters for the dates specified on the license. 3-Day Fishing License: A nonresident or alien 16 years of age and older may purchase a 3-day fishing license which permits them to fish in inland waters for the dates specified on the license. 1-Day Fishing License: A resident, nonresident, or alien 16 years of age and older may purchase a 1-day fishing license which permits them to fish in inland waters for the date specified on the license. Note: A 1-day or 3-day fishing license may be exchanged by a Maine resident for a season fishing or combination hunting and fishing license upon payment of the agent fee, plus the difference between that fee and the fee for the annual license. Duplicate License: A duplicate license may be obtained from the license agent who issued original license for $2.00. Supersport: A supersport certificate may be obtained for any of Maine’s hunting and fishing licenses for an additional fee of $20.00. See Supersport Program for more information. Maine Fishing License Revocation Information Anglers should be aware that a conviction for any fishing violation may result in the revocation of their fishing privileges. Fishing Violations with a Minimum Mandatory One Year License Revocation The Commissioner is required by law to suspend a person’s fishing license for at least one year and may suspend all other Department Licenses held by a person if that person is convicted of any one of the following violations: * Introducing fish into inland waters without a permit. * Taking or possessing sport fish in violation of number, amount, or size limits, as it relates to trout, salmon, togue and black bass, whenever the violation involves twice the general bag and possession limit adopted by rule by the Commissioner for that species of fish in that body of water (Title 12, 12602). * Taking fish by snagging (defined by Title 12, 12651). * Importing live bait fish or smelts without a permit (Title 12, 12556). * Buying or selling freshwater sport fish (Title 12, 12609-A). * Taking fish by explosive, poisonous or stupefying substances (Title 12, 12653). Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Law (Title 12) also contains mandatory two, three and five year revocations for convictions of other violations. The revocations listed above apply to violations of fishing laws only. Saltwater Fishing Information The following information is applicable to all the waters of the State within the rise and fall of the tide and within the marine limits of the State, but not including areas above any fishway or dam when the fishway or dam is the dividing line between tidewater and freshwater. The Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is the State agency that is established to conserve and develop marine and estuarine resources. The Bureau of Resource Management promotes and develops recreational and commercial saltwater fisheries through research, technical assistance, and the collection of statistics. The Bureau of Marine Patrol enforces laws and regulations pertaining to saltwater recreational and commercial fishing activities as well as Maine’s boat laws, including operation, registration and safety requirements. For information, contact the DMR at: 21 SHS, Augusta, Maine 04333-0021; telephone: (207) 624-6550. Saltwater angling licenses are not required for recreational saltwater angling. A commercial license is required when any marine species is sold and when more than the recreational bag limits are in possession of the angler. Selling fish without a commercial permit is prohibited. There are regulations covering size, bag limits, possession limits and methods of fishing for, but not limited to the following species: Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Sturgeon, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cod, Haddock, Halibut, Pollack, Redfish, Smelt, Winter/ Summer Flounder, Sharks. Current saltwater fishing information can be obtained by contacting the Recreational Marine Fisheries Program, Maine DMR, PO Box 8, West Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575. Telephone: (207) 633-9500. Freshwater fish (brown trout, black bass-largemouth and smallmouth, black crappie, rainbow trout, chain pickerel, and landlocked salmon) regulations in coastal waters. All rules governing methods of taking, size, bag, and possession limits conform with the general law open water fishing regulations found in this book, except that the minimum length limit on brown trout and rainbow trout in coastal waters is 14 inches. It is unlawful to fish for or take freshwater fish by any means other than hook and line. It is unlawful to snag freshwater fish. Atlantic Salmon The angling season for Atlantic salmon in Maine is CLOSED YEAR ROUND until further notice. It is unlawful, by State of Maine mandate, to angle, take or possess any Atlantic salmon from all Maine waters (including coastal waters). Atlantic Salmon are regulated by the Atlantic Salmon Commission, 650 State Street, Bangor Mental Health Facility, Bangor, ME 04401; (207) 941-4449. Information regarding Atlantic salmon can be obtained directly from the Commission. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna are regulated by the Federal Government. Permit information can be obtained from the National Marine Fisheries Service, Atlantic Tuna Program, Northeast Regional Office,1 Blackburn Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930-2298; Phone: 888-872-8862. Sturgeon: It is unlawful to take, catch, possess, or destroy any shortnose or Atlantic sturgeon from the coastal waters of Maine. Striped Bass: Maine’s striped bass regulations cover all Maine coastal waters up to the head of tide in all rivers. In addition, there are special regulations in effect on some rivers. Contact the Department of Marine Resources for current size restrictions, season dates, and bag limits. Gear restrictions: Gear is restricted to hook and line only. Use of a gaff to land a striped bass is illegal.
  22. Lady Pamela II Sportfishing Charters Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045 March 16th Joe, an avid fisherman that lives locally, caught a 9 ft Hammerhead Shark last week with Captain Paul and me and wanted more. This time, he brought his brother in law Bobby along to experience the fight. We left Lauderdale Marina rarin’ to go with our trolling spread ready to hit the water. Once we reached the 70 ft mark, we were catching King Mackerel after King Mackerel after King Mackerel. Joe had his heart set on a Sailfish today, but the water looked the same from 100 ft - 400 ft so I decided to set up 5 miles north of Port Everglades. Our spread consisted of two kites, one big bait on the left long and two live goggle eyes on the right short and right long. Joe is familiar with the waiting game and the bite was not instant. We waited patiently and it paid off. I noticed the rod move slightly and then even more, “Tip rod! Tip rod!” As soon as the rod doubled over, I punched the boat ahead to set the hook. Joe got Bobby in the chair to take down this Mako Shark and he did. Soon I will be writing a report about a giant Swordfish with Joe, he is one lucky Texan. March 19th Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is a creative way to socialize with clients, guests and employees in a stress free environment. Today, Ray & Larry brought a few business clients aboard the Lady Pamela for an all day fishing charter and had a great time. For the first few hours of fishing, the Mahi - Mahi were busting bait on the troll left and right. We caught 20 Dolphin fish, all too short to keep. After we had to leave the Mahi alone, we headed to a shipwreck to see who was home. Wreck fishing was red hot; we went 3 for 4 on the Amberjack bite and fought a 50lb Warsaw Grouper out of the wreck. Now Ray had dinner covered. We moved in to shallower water and our first drop produced a nice size Cobia. Wreck fishing made up for all those short Mahi! Tight Lines! Captain David Ide Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045
  23. I've been using the small Avet SX 5.3:1 MC reel since last year......and I love how that thing casts.........I was thinking about stepping up in size this year to the Avet JX single speed MC model.....either 4.6 or 6.0 Is any one out there using the JX 4.6 or 6.0 MC single speed reels ? If so, how do you like them ??? Braid or Mono ? I'd probably be throwing a 12' rod rated to 8 ounces.... Thanks, Stan
  24. Redfish are starting to show up with better consistency than anytime Captain Steven has seen the last 3 months. While temperatures are still on the below normal side 70 degree days have slowly raised the water temperatures out of the 50’s and into the 60’s. The increase has enticed reds to push up onto local flats. Finding schools has been easier getting the redfish to chew is another story. Captain Little Jim of Hook Setting charters reported finding a school of large redfish but none would chew. Captain Jim did manage 4 redfish 18-20” on a smaller school on shrimp. Captain Justin of Hot Spots charters also has found schooling reds on Tampa Bay’s south shore with a similar theme slow to chew. Look for these fish to turn on quickly with a 10 day forecast featuring mid 70 temperatures and longer days. This week I managed several reds 18-22” all taken on Gulp shrimp and cut ladyfish. Along with the redfish and trout Captain Steven has scored on large 30-45 pound Black Drum. These monsters are schooling in 3’ of water in lower Tampa Bay. Once located its game on! Gulp shrimp 3 or 4” on Mission jig heads work great. Be sure and use a quality jig head on these bruisers, poor quality jigs hooks will straighten under the pressure of 40 pounds. I took a quick look for bait at the North Skyway Bridge and did mark some baitfish on my depth finder. No large shows but a positive sign. Look for the water to quickly rise to 65-66 and watch the action turn on. The redfish bite will turn on and snook will start to feed after a long hard winter. Captain Steven
  25. I departed Lynhaven Inlet In Virginia Beach, Virginia at 0645 hrs to a flat and glassy Chesapeake Bay. I fished around the First, Third and Fourth Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. I managed to catch three Tau Tog and kept one about 17″, all on fiddler crab. It was a slow bite but it was a gorgeous day, so it did not matter. Some people I talked to caught their limit and some caught none, sounds like fishing. I was back at the ramp by 1230 hrs cause I had some other plans for the afternoon. The air temp was 40 deg. when I left and 75 when I got back. I covered 22 miles and burned 4.8 gals. Here some pictures from today.