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  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. Went out to dinner at Masons in Easton with some friends. Sure enough, skate was on the menu. This is a fairly high end resteraunt (wouldn't think skate would be on the menu) and asked the waitress, just to be sure, "what is skate"? Yep, its the skate we catch. I didn't order it, but my buddies wife ordered it and the meat was fried and was shaped just like a skate wing (half moon). To my suprise, it was very good. Next large skate I catch, it's coming home.
  3. I have some family in town this week so i offered to take my uncle and cousins fishing. We headed out of wise point around 9am and found a nice smooth ride to the highrise. With my uncle, cousin Jim and the wife on board we started by drifting for flounder. Within minutes we had our first flounder on board caught by my wife. It was her first flounder ever but it came up an inch short. I tried around the piles for spades but only had a few nibbles and didnt even see any in the water. On one drift past the piles my uncle caught a nice triggerfish and a few minuts later i had one as well. This was my first trigger. He caught his on squid and mine was caught on shrimp. We continued to drift around hoping for that keeper flounder but after 9 caught and all thrown back we diecided to go to the 4th island. It didnt take long and we started to catch fish. Still no keepers though. Tried for spades at the 4th as well with no luck. We headed back to the highrise and caught a few more throw back flounder and headed in around 4. We ended the day with 12 flounder, all within an inch of legal size, countless huge oystertoads, black sea bass, 2 triggers around 4 lbs, and of course a ray. We caught fish constantly all day and had a great time. The best flounder bait seemed to be minnow/squid combo (best oyster toad bait too!!). I did catch one on a "lead head" with a twister tail tipped with squid while jigging across the bottom. Thanks to everyone that replied to my flounder rig question. We had a great time cating them. Maybe next time we can keep a few.
  4. Ok, why not? The spring get together is in the past for this year. Time to move on! Time to start talking about a summer get together on Assateague. Generally, this happens in August, down past the Bull Pen. Later on, we will set up seperate threads in reference to who's going, what to bring, and who needs a ride. To start with, we can figure on a two-day event, possibly three days. In the poll, vote for what day you would like to see the event START. If you choose Sunday, we'll figure that means Sun-Mon (and Tues?). And of course if you choose Friday, we'll figure the next two or three days. Remember, weekends are more crowded and MAY involve waiting to get on the beach, if you get there after about 8 am. Cast your votes!!
  5. I was catching non-stop doggies last week, so after gut hooking two of them, I decided I was fish hungry. I cleaned them right on the beach, and iced them down. The next day, I cut them into chunks, marinated them in olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and fresh lemon for a few hours. I also threw on a few steaks just in case my experiment didn't turn out as planned. (plus, Carrie won't even touch a doggie) I must say, it was exceptionally good! I put a little butter on while cooking and it was very tender, great flavor (simple ingredients) and I will definitely do it again. Here are also a few pictures of some of the striper from this past weekend, tuna, steaks and corn. I love to grill!
  6. In the past year i have witnessed some very rude and some dangerous moves made by my fellow anglers. Growing up on the Eastern Shore i had a boat at a young age. The very first thing that i was taught by my father was safety and ethics on the water. Most of these ideals that he taught were mainly common sense and courtesy toward other boaters. This past year was my first year fishing the mouth of the bay for strippers. I had a very good first season, but saw things that really bothered me. This past Saturday was just as disappointing as last winter. I had three boats drift so close to my boat that I had to push them away from me with my hands. All while the captain stared in disbelief that I was upset with him. I had my line cut, while anchored, by a boat that passed wide open by my stern within 40ft, and not to mention the wake that he threw over me. One thing that I really don't understand is how people can take the entire bay and feel the need to run at high speeds in between 20 anchored boats on their trip north or south. One of my friends I had on my boat with me is in the USCG. He told me that there is a law in place that will require boaters to have a drivers license within the next few years. I think that this is a great idea. The things I mentioned above aren't just gripes, but concerns of the safety of myself and other anglers. Some things that people can do to better the experience for everyone on the water would be to go around a group of boats that are anchored up instead of through them on your way to your destination. Be conscious of the fishing lines of others, (your hook isn't the only one on bottom). Be aware of your wake and where it is going to head once you've left the area. If it can be proven that it was your wake that caused damage, you are responsible for it. Don't drift or anchor to close to another boat. Be particularly careful when passing or motoring around a boat that contains children. I saw 2 almost get thrown off the other day when a 25ft Parker passed at 1/2 throttle no more than 50ft from their boat. I could go on all day. The bottom line is that most of the anglers out there do know these things and are respectful of others on the water, but its that ever growing percentage that can make a great day on the water aggravating or even dangerous. I'm sure that many will read this and agree. Maybe even have had similar things happen to you. To others, this may piss you off. If so, you are the problem. Keep your boat on the trailer and next to the SUV / station wagon thing.
  7. I had the pleasure of participating in the 15th Annual Children's Fishing Clinic that was held today at the James River Fishing Pier in Newport News Virginia. This was a great event with over 200 kids and countless volunteers. Each child was given a Zebco combo, hat, shirt and lunch. This was a fun event for all involved and I am sure that there were a couple of future Master Anglers in the crowd. Here are some of the pictures I took today.
  8. I am coming up to OCMD next weekend and would like to do somne fishing. I have not fished much in this area. We are staying on 33rd st and i know there is a little dock on the bay right there. i would like to try to fish it. can anyone please give me some advise when it comes to rigs and bait? i currently have some fireball rigs, fish finder rigs, and squid rigs. I also have gotcha plugs, top water poppers, x rap rapalas, and jigging spoons. also, what types of fish are bitting this time of year? we will be fishing mostly in the am between 5:30 and 10:00 any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  9. I am going after the biters specifically next week. I figure it is time to target them, because whether you target them or not, they are gonna be there. I figured next week's tides look good, with a high tide shortly after dark. The plan is to drive out on the beach around 6 pm, hopefully find a good hole, and then give it a go with big baits and wire til around 11 or midnight. I don't have the luxury of being able to spend the whole night like I would prefer. Perhaps a few times later in the summer. So here is my question in regards to tides. Do you experienced sharkers pay attention to tides at all when sharking, or do you just chuck out the fresh fish and hope for the best? My thinking is that the higher the tide the closer the sharks will come and thus less of a cast needed with the big baits. Last year, on the couple of ocasions that I stayed out all night, I caught (or at least had hookups) on all tides, so I am wondering if it matters or was that coincidence. Tight lines all. Matt in Salisbury
  11. OK every one for those of you that don't know what the Spring Fling is, here's a brief run down several years ago when this site was young a hand full of us here on Atlantic Anglers got together to do some fishing and just hang out and have a cook out on Assateague island for the day. As some will remember the first year was a little wet but others were very nice. The reason for this thread is to try and nail down a date for the Fling it will be held in May the questions the need to be answered are to have a one day or two day Fling so people will have a better change to come so the dates that I'm suggestion are. 1. Saturday May 22 2. Friday May 21 and 22 3.Saturday May 29 4.Friday May 28 and 29 This thread will run for the next month or so and then others will follow with more information.
  12. I have repaired most of our member avatars (small picture next to your name). Please log in and make sure you avatar is displayed properly next to each post. If you do not see your avatar, click here and choose an image to use. You can also go to this page: Thanks!
  13. 2010 Spring Fling May 22 just south of the Pull Pen Well first of all welcome to the Spring Fling, what is it? I’ll try and answer most of your questions. The members of this site got together in the spring for a get together to meet others from Atlantic Anglers fishing forum to fish, talk and get to know everyone a little better. Since then we all have met some new friends and fishing buddies. And now get together for a Spring fling for rock fish and Summer fling for sharks. Now it’s time for the Spring Fling in 2010 in the next few weeks you will see more post on this such as, Who needs a ride, What to bring to the fling, Who’s coming or head count and so on. Don’t feel left out, not all that come fish, some come just to talk and socialize. In the past we have had a cook out on the beach with everyone bring something, wile were soaking bait so here’s a list of things that would be nice to have, if any one can bring anything on the list just copy the list and repost it with what you want to bring or just post it and I will edit the list. And if you see something I have missed just go ahead and add it to the list. Just remember to bring your own drink. Thanks again and see you at the Fling. Main Dish ~ Fish ~everyone J firewood needed ~ Bait ~ Coolers ~ ffemtreed (1 150qt cooler) Ice ~ ffemtreed (cooler will be filled with ice) Drinks ~ Tables/tailgate ~ ocsnapper (1) Gas grills or charcoal ~ ffemtreed(kettle charcoal grill) Hamburgers ~ Hamburger rolls ~ Hotdogs ~ Hotdog rolls ~ Ketchup/Mustard/Relish ~ ocsnapper Tomatoes/Onions/Toppings ~ ocsnapper Chips ~ Plates/forks ~ ocsnapper Napkins/Paper towels ~ ocsnapper Side dishes ~ Desserts ~ Hand washing ~ ffemtreed (i'll have my camper) Trash bags ~ Clean up ~ EVERYONE .Thanks to everyone for all their support. David ( ocsnapper )
  14. Another beautiful day on the bay thanks to the Good LORD! spent the day trollin with capt steve goins on the sandpiper and capt jerry swartz. good company as always, and alot of experience and knowledge to be shared from the both of them. I was able to land my personal best rockfish at 41" 26lbs 22" girth. i was so pumped and remained in that state for the rest of the trip. it happened at about 830/900 am on the way back rod. tandem chutes with big eye black heads and 9" white shad, she was double hooked and def not getting loose, thanks again to capt steve and jerry for there knowledge and experience for puttin me on this fish. the next fish was a fiesty 39"er that jerry landed, i believe that was a board rod with tandem chutes with blue glitter shad 9". the rest of the day consisted of pretty steady action, a few 34/36" fish and a few 28/29". what an awesome day on the bay, weather couldnt have been better. here are some photos and video of our trip. IF ANYONE WANTS TO GET HOOKED UP WITH THERE PERSONAL BEST I RECOMMEND FISHING WITH CAPT STEVE GOINS ON THE SANDPIPER Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing on Sandpiper: Deale, Maryland link to short video of capt jerry's 39"er
  15. hi all fished <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym> this past weekend (friday night and saturday morning) aand between the three of us got the big skunk:BangHead:. wont be able to get back down till next weekend (7,8,9) and ideas if the bite woll pick up?
  16. Thursday I had the pleasure of filming a new TV show Fishing Florida. Originally we were scheduled to film last month but Mother Nature made quick work of that. Bait was a challenge, the Skyway Bridge was very rough making tossing a cast net very difficult. I hit the flats chumming for white baits and had a well full in 30 minutes. A short run and I was welcoming Jason and the Fishing Florida team. It was a unique experience having microphones and wires running through my fishing shirt. We had one camera on board and another on a chase boat. First stop we chased big trout near the beach. The bite was slow resulting in 2 trout and a mackerel in 30 minutes of fishing. I wanted to get the crew on mackerel but a quick search and bumpy ride deterred our efforts and we ran back inside. With the high tide nearing 2.5’ we hit a local Mangrove Island and quickly found a big school of large 30” plus redfish. My second cast resulted in a solid hookup and great fight from a 33” golden bruiser. This red took me into then out of the mangroves then under the boat. Each time the red saw the boat it went nuts. My next bait was crushed but I miss the hook set. For the next hour we watched 50-100 jumbo redfish swim back and forth through our baits. Lock jaw set in quickly and these reds were done chewing. The day didn’t get much better as we had to work hard to get a few trout to eat. We had good tides but a very tuff bite. The recent windy days has the water looking milky which I am sure played a role. Captain Steven Markovich Tampa Bay Fishing Charters | On The Mark Charters
  17. Hi ! Everyone I hope all had a great winter. I'm glad to see some nice fish being caught. I hope one has my name on it lol !! I have made some major changes to the store and still more to come over the next month and a half. We will have subs and sandwiches and fried chicken again. All made to order for you to take to the beach. I do have fresh bunker, fresh shucked sea clams, live minnows, live bloodworms, and live night crawlers. Good Luck Fishing for our big Rockfish !!! Thank You Shanan
  18. Well it appears at long last the first big schools of blues are starting to show in the Va Beach area giving us shorebound anglers something to finally catch along with the croakers which have picked up over the last week or so! Check the ususal places from Sandbridge all the way up to Cape Henry to the CBBT and to The Spit and take your light tackle and Gotcha plug with you and ya should be able to get into a few. Looks like I will get my gear ready and do the same, nothing like pluging on light tackle, fun stuff! While a few and very few small flounder have been picked up from the shore, look for that to improve over the next few weeks (according to my logs ) if we can get some decent air temps warming the water up just a touch more!
  19. Could be some early fish in the mix with a partial spawn going on this week, wouldn't surprise me to be 14-10 days earlier than usual this year. The big spawn will still happen over the next 3 weeks but fish from the northern bay and <acronym title="Virginia">VA</acronym> could cruise by the delmarva beaches in the next 10 days. If water temps stay up it may put them in range. miserable bay fishing reports however, stocks are WAY down over past years. Fisheries mgt needs to get their hands out of the kitty and their heads out of their arses. RAPID decline since the heyday of the striper rebound 2002-2004 ish.
  20. Hello All, Headed down to Bethany next weekend. We chartered a boat down in Ocean City on Fri but I would like to spend Fri night and the better part of Sat surf fishing. we are staying on 8th street (i think). I have never surf fished this far north (mainly Outer Banks). any advise on rigs or bait for the surf? i'd like to lay into some stipers. any chace at that? thanks for the help
  21. One of the great parts of being a professional Captain is the people you meet. One of my favorite charters has to be father & son teams. Wednesday it was a pleasure to welcome back Barry and his son Nolan for another day on the water. Last year Nolan caught just about every species of fish in Tampa Bay! If I recall correctly I believe he took 8 or 10 different species of fish. After Sundays rain and cold front things had settled down I was optimistic for a quality outing. First stop was the top secret Black drum location. So much for secrets by 845 there was 20 boats chasing drum. Our first cast was immediately slammed by a large drum. Sadly the fish quickly broke free. We used the trolling motor to quietly ease up on the school and once again hooked up. It was game on with over 50 pounds of Black drum on one end and 90 pound Nolan on the other end. Nolan was amazing to say the least, using a medium action rods he worked the Drum to the boat 3 or 4 times over 20 minutes. Finally Dad jumped in and had the Drum boat side in another 10 minutes. We took pictures and jumped back into the action. By now boats were chasing the school. it’s imperative to wait and be patient and not pressure the school. They drum headed to deeper water and not seen again the next few hours. Trust me be patient and keep the school happy and you will get your shot at a true inshore giant. We rounded out the balance of the day catching Trout, Ladyfish, Catfish and Pinfish. The water had cooled from Sundays storm and was very murky is spots. The 7 day forecast is outstanding with warm, sunny days. Look for waters temperatures jump from 66 to 70 quickly. Captain Steven Markovich Florida Fishing Charters | On The Mark Fishing Charters | Tampa Bay | Clearwater | Boca Grande
  22. We left Wednesday around 10:00pm in the hopes of catching the 5:00am ferry but by Rodanthe it was obvious we'd miss by a hair so we slowed down and got some fresh supplies etc. My day had started at around 8:00 am the day before as I took a 6hr round trip to get the best bait possible with the winds we'd been having. I had a feeling there would be no bait on the islands until Thursday afternoon and I was right. I was a very popular guy on the beach with 100lbs of the hottest commodity going with the wind out of the South and made a bunch of new friends. We had lines in by 7:15 or so and we were out on the bar fishing in the crowds. Being a Delmarva meat dunker the scene just wasn't for me and I didn't have a ton of confidence in the location...although there was one real sweet spot to our left that some guys had staked out pretty good. After no sleep and getting beat around on the bar for 5 hours it was time to go, the water had climbed to 62 degrees and I figured we'd have just as good a shot putting out a Delmarva spread and fishing from shore at many of the overlooked breaks and fantastic locations on the way south. Around noon we moved with the expectation of fishing through the night. We found a very subtle spot quiet a bit north of the crowd and had no one around for 500 yds or so. We set up a 6 rod spread on the edges of the bars and hole and settled in. On this trip we fished all Barrier Island Magnum heavers that I've been working on for 18 months...they certainly tested out. For much of the trip 10oz was required in our location to stay on the edges and on the bite. I told Tyler that on the incoming we'd be in the fish, maybe not as many as the crowd south but we should find some away from the fray. Around 3:00 the doggies switched from spineys to smoothies (normally indicates warmer water and drum for me) and I knew we were close to being in the fish. Nearly exactly at the high tide mark a low rider rung spinner I was fishing bowed up in the spike and squealed off and I was in to the first drum of the trip. I have to say there is an added challenge as folks are riding by to keep a low profile with a 46" fish on but we did a pretty good job of keeping the info and location quiet save for a few folks that stopped to watch. After a long snowy winter,10 hours on the road, and being up for 34 hours it was a very gratifying fish especially in March. Tyler was Johnny on the spot with the camera as usual and no I wasn't trying to match my top and waders... There were high fives all around and some celebration beers for my first fish of the season and my first big drum on a spinning rod (which was key tossing big weights into a 20+ SE wind). About 2 hours later at dark there was a similar occurrence. By this time the water was looking real nice, the sun was low and we were tossing mongo bunker chunks thinking the fish would be in closer with the falling sun. That was indeed the case and a 48" fat and angry sansaspot drum took my bait and I enjoyed a fantastic fight at one point faking like I had tangled my lines as some fisherman drove past...can't trust a drum fisherman... As it got dark my confidence continued to climb and we lit up the rods for a long night of spring drummin'. It didn't take long for another screaming run and this time it was Tyler's turn to get in on the action on his first night fish fight. With all those lines, the wind, and the current it is almost as much work clearing the lines as it is fighting the fish but we got it done and released another March drum (about 47" this time). Reports from down the beach were sparse so we felt pretty good about moving from the mix and scoring these private hole drum. We stuck it out until around 10:00 when our eyes and bodies couldn't take it any longer. I had set up the truck for napping on the beach but we heard they were kicking folks off the night before so we opted for a room at Blackbeard's and decided to sleep in arriving for the incoming tide again after a massive breakfast at Pony Island. We didn't hit the beach until 12:00 at just about dead low tide and decided to fish until the front hit the beach right around high tide. I made the call that we'd also be leaving early rather than sticking out the 35kt NE winds and waiting until Saturday night to get back out. After our success the day before we felt pretty good about the trip and content with our three nice fish. Friday was tough fishing with 10oz sliding quite a bit on the hard 25kt SW blow, you could only get about 8 minutes with your bait in the zone before you were washed into the hole and started to get sanded in. It was quite an orchestrated system re-baiting and casting 5 rods in specific sequence with all the current, wind, and line in the water...the dozen or so dogfish didn't help either. Around 3:00 we started to get smoothies rather than spineys and an hour later I was bowed up again right on que. A 44" fish hit the beach around 4:00 and our confidence climbed again thinking of a repeat. The pic doesn't do the water justice, it looked like we were offshore it was so blue, just a beautiful afternoon...for now... Not long after I landed this fish Tyler bowed up again but the current, tangles, and fish took us well down the beach away from the camera and we released our 5th big drum of the trip. Not long after we got back as we watched the front approach I commented to Ty that every time I've been on the beach when a front line hit I bowed up almost at the instant of the weather change, 3 for 3 is more than conicidence to me so we watched the rods and the front approach knowing that all hell was going to break loose weather wise in the next 10 minutes. Sure as the sun rises just before the temps dropped 17 degrees and the wind did a 180 and increased 15kts on top of the 20kts it was pushing prior a rod doubled over and Tyler was into his 3rd fish of the trip a cheating 40" with shoulders like I've never seen on a smaller fish and it put up one hell of a fight. It was old man and the sea style as the surf began to blow 20ft in the air and it turned dark and cold in an instant. I cleared the lines knowing that we'd be packing up and heading home after 3 nice fish a piece and getting it all right for a change. We got the days, the temps, the winds, the bait, the location and the gear all dialed in. There is some pretty interesting background shots in this series, check out the front. Now 4 for 4 when a front hits the beach. Ferry ride was fun too!
  23. Captain Steven like many local guides are taking full advantage of the annual Black Drum blitz. The massive schools have been on the flats in lower Tampa Bay for 3 weeks. Saturday’s game plan was simple, depart O’Neill’s at 7 am and arrive and be hunting Drum at sunup. Good plan but not a drum insight. Next stop Tampa Bay’s eastern shoreline which was disappointing at best. A few trout were all that we could get to play. About now Captain Steven was feeling poorly making poor decisions. Hindsight is always 20 20 but the best plan would have been to attack trout on the flats like the previous days. Back to the Drum, the school was located in deeper water closer to the Skyway Bridge around noon. It was a smaller school with 20 boats all in close proximity. The school was moving quickly but those in the way found the Drum still eager to chew. This Captain could not get on top of the school. The final stopped produced many hits plus the biggest trout of the day on a live shrimp. Captain Steven Markovich Florida Fishing Charters | On The Mark Fishing Charters | Tampa Bay | Clearwater | Boca Grande
  24. Happy Easter It appears our fabulous run of Black Drum has ended for 2010. Sunday morning I was unable to find the school then a double check around noon yielded the same results. It was a great 4 weeks for Captain’s Stevens anglers who got to tangle with these mega bruisers up to 50 pounds. Good news inshore water temperatures rose above 70 degrees. I ran to the Skyway Bridge and found whitebait in good quantity 100 yards from the pilings. Silver Clark spoons were quickly deployed with instant results. The drag screaming run of 25” Mackerel on light tackle is a blast. These speedsters were trashing in and out of the bait schools. A rapid retrieve is a must to take mackerel a big change from slow bouncing jigs during winter. Mackerel seem to feed endlessly, find the school and the action will be nonstop. Trout were quick to chase 4” silver DOA CAL shad jerk baits and DOA Glo shrimp on a popping cork in 3-5’ of water. Trout love lush grass and clean water so find the two in 3-5’ of water and its game on. We did not target redfish but Captain Justin Asherman reported catching several redfish on white baits. Justin reported the schools were large 100+ fish but overall they were finicky feeders. Pinellas Point was loaded with big Ladyfish Sunday. Jigs retrieved quickly were met time after time with jumping Ladies. The sun was high and the wind was calm allowing great visuals of Ladyfish chasing baits. The weather outlook is rosy with warm sunny days and no rain in sight the next 10 days. Tampa Bay is shallow and warms rapidly. Look for the baitfish migration to kick into high gear with Mackerel pouring in followed by Kingfish. Captain Steven Markovich Florida Fishing Charters | On The Mark Fishing Charters | Tampa Bay | Clearwater | Boca Grande
  25. The weather looks SO unbelievable this weekend that I just may go to the beach Saturday and Sunday this weekend an/or next weekend. This will be my first time surf fishing since last year. What are the catch length/type requirements? Is there a guide I can find? Who will be down?