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Found 158 results

  1. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  2. Provided by the Department of Natural Recourses. Click Here to Download
  3. Hey did anyone ever get a fine in <acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym> for having their front rod rack blocking the license plate? I got nailed for $60 dollars this morning by some young hot shot cop.
  4. First post to the forum, my name is john, retired firefighter-crt. I live in salisbury, md. Started fishing ai back in the early 70's, got away when they imposed the vehicle limit. I try to go to buxton or ocracoke island now about 6 - 8 times a year for the drum run. Started back at ai last year, wow ! How the island has changed, and not for the better. I drive a black mazda xtra cab with a cap, and fire dept plates. If you see me on the beach, please stop by.
  5. Hello, I'll be staying in Kitty Hawk the last week of April and was wondering if someone could fill me in on what is required for me to get my truck on the beach as far a s a permit. What about a fishing licence, does <acronym title="North Carolina">NC</acronym> require one to surf fish? I'll be coming down from <acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym>. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Tim
  7. Been a bit since I've been on but have to say I like the Maryland:redface: Flag to get to this board. I have to say even though I might be a bit bias...I think <acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym></acronym></acronym> has the coolest state flag of all 50 states.
  8. looking to get a pair of waders for surf fishing obx and ocean city md areas. never owned a pair. would it be better to get rubber or neoprene. i know neoprene is warmer, but will rubber work if you layer underneath? would use them in march/april and oct/nov. any advise or opinions? thanks
  9. I'm headed south from my usual fishing spots of Ocean City, MD & the Chesapeake, for a week in Garden City Dec 13-20. I've been there a number of times in spring, summer & fall, but this is the first winter trip. Can I expect to find anything in the surf or the channel behind Garden City? I'm guessing this time of year the GC pier is closed?
  10. Anglers in MD and VA will also need a FIN number this year. For more info on the FIN number go to or call the toll free number and get it in a few minutes. 1-888-MRIP411 (1-888-674-7411) </pre>
  11. Hello To All, I am relatively new to this site and like what I see so far. I have fished my entire life but have mainly stuck to fresh water. I would like to branch out in to saltwater, esp in the OC, MD area. I have access to a house there year round. I purchased an 11 ft SeaStriker Beach Runner last year to do some surf fishing and now I'd like to purchase another rod, smaller to use in the surf and for pier fishing. I am currently looking at the Ugly Stik Big Water. Any suggestions for size? I am currently looking at either a 7 or 8 ft. Is this a good length? M or H action? Also, any suggestions for a good reel to match it up with? Thanks
  12. I was at the west <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym> ramp on Sunday and talked to a guy who said he had notified DNR after seeing people on top of the south jetty keeping undersized fish. A little while later, here comes the boat with the suspects, about 10 of them. DNR jumps out on them at the ramp and a DNR boat pulls in behind them. After checking things over, out comes the citation books. Next thing you know, DNR takes most of them and the boat away, presumably to the DNR office. A couple of their cohorts had driven into the lot just before the poachers arrived-I'm guessing they were there perhaps to quickly spirit away the fish while the rest of them pulled and secured the boat. Not this time, boys... Great job, DNR!
  13. Had an awesome day of trolling today with Capt George Prenant, Capt Steve and Joe. Put a few nice fish in the box. Major adrenaline aboard the Stormy Petrel.
  14. awesome day of fishin yesterday at the mouth of the south. fish/birds everywhere. we had a blast. here are a few pics. striperdave
  15. Rain is pretty much gone, surf is rough and winds will be N-NW 12-15 all day with temps in the mid to upper 40s.
  16. new to the site, seems to be very informative. wondering how everyones doin in the <acronym title="Maryland">md</acronym>/<acronym title="Delaware">de</acronym> surf, i here the big stripers are still up north, anyone havin any luck yet with the big boys? im on the middle bay in <acronym title="Maryland">md</acronym> and usually only get to fish from jetties and local marinas at night under the lights, lookin to plan a trip to the beach, but want to time it right. any info appreciated.
  17. I am trying to get to the beach around Oct. 16 and wondered where the "Hot Spot" was Assateaue or Outer banks? Looking for Striper or Drum from the surf, but want best chance to bring something into the beach. Please point me in the right direction:happy3: Thank you!
  18. I caught this about a month back while fishing in Ocean City, MD was wondering what it was?
  19. Aviation items including a helicopter What are your comments? <i>More from the Maryland DNR Website</i> This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  20. Deep Creek Lake State Park roads ramp and beach area will be heavily congested for most of the day on Sunday September 20 2009 What are your comments? <i>More from the Maryland DNR Website</i> This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  21. Been getting out a bit lately, now that I have the bottom painted and got the boat back. Spot are good size, even pan size, they are scattered all over, got to search for them. Got out Tuesday from about 3pm until dark. The weather was pretty snotty, wind, rain, 3-4' rollers with white caps. Live-lined Spot and butterflied 'em, nothing hitting... Called it a night as the sun fell out of the sky. Wednesday: Wind was kicking up, waves all over the place. Used the Spot from the live well, still no takers. Got too rough, water kept plowing in the transom well and it got a little shaky trying to stand on the aft deck. Called it a day (early) and went back to do some more work on the boat. I'll be back out Tuesday, froze the leftover Spot (about 20 of 'em) and will catch a few live to use in conjunction with the dead ones (chunks). Still looking for suggestions for Blues in the Solomons area, if anyone has 'em....
  22. Hi Guys, I hail from PA and especially enjoy surf and jetty fishing in DE, and MD.
  23. All DNR Administrative Offices Will be Closed on Friday Sept 4th and Monday Sept 7th What are your comments? <i>More from the Maryland DNR Website</i> This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  24. Maryland Park Service today announced the dates for waterfowl hunting for migratory AP Atlantic Population Canada Geese at Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area NRMA What are your comments? <i>More from the Maryland DNR Website</i> This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  25. Maryland Park Service announced today the 2009 2010 dates for archery and firearms deer hunts at Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area NRMA. As in the past all hunts will be by permit only What are your comments? <i>More from the Maryland DNR Website</i> This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.