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Found 16 results

  1. Happy new years everyone we are in the midst of our winter lull. Weather has been mild so far, here's to it staying as such so the spring run will be good. Anyway not a lot to report, hearing of some short striper still around but not in any numbers. If you decide to give it a shot we would love to hear about it. For me it's rod repair season and gear clean up. On the plus side the days are slowly getting longer and only half dozen weeks or so till it's time to get out again.
  2. If anyone knows what some of the size and creel limits for 2013 are for md can you let me know.I tried looking for them, but I could not find anything. Thanks
  3. Provided by the Department of Natural Recourses. Click Here to Download
  4. Department of Natural Resources On Line License Applications Fishing License (Application) Information about the fishing license COMMERCIAL FISHERIES INFORMATION Boat Registration Form (Application) Instructions for the Boater Registration AN INDIVIDUAL THAT IS LESS THAN 16 YEARS OF AGE IS NOT REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A LICENSE TO FISH. Order Your Hunting or Fishing License ONLINE. Maryland sportsmen, we heard you! We are happy to announce that you may now purchase a hunting or fishing license online 24/7. Order Your Hunting or Fishing License by Phone! You may purchase a hunting or fishing license by making a phone call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call toll-free: 1-800-918-2870. Order Your Hunting or Fishing License by Mail If you wish to download applications for fishing, hunting and boating licenses, you may do so from this page. Mailing instructions are below. You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print your application. All applications should be mailed to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Service Center in your area. Or can be sent to the main office... Maryland Dept of Natural Resources Licensing and Registration Service 580 Taylor Avenue Tawes State Office Building / C-1 Annapolis, Maryland 21401
  5. Hey Guys Sorry for the late reports as we just joined the site. Just Wanted to bring you up to dateWe having been sailing charters every fri sat and sun since 12/26 Bandit Blackfishing Delaware Mon 1/12 <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Had Maryland fishing club on board the Island Current. Headed out to alot more wind then we thought. With the tide against them they were steep. Set up just had a pick, 9lber by mr shin #2. picked at some keepers and shorts but a tough bite. Perfectly trimmed small grennies worke best. When the tide changed and went with the wind the seas laid down but the CURRENT forget it it. Had to get snagged to stop your sinker to get a bite.Went inshore where 16 oz held and caught a few more keepers and shorts. Good life on everything though just tough cond cant wait to be off the moon.Around 30 keepers total today. high hook was 6. Bandit Blackfishing Delaware Fri 1/9 and Sat 1/10 <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Sailed fri and sat with the island current, much better fishing this week Fri we sailed with small group fished to the south in brutal cold with strong nw. Got a good pick on both drops keepers and shorts. We missed a lot bites with bouncing around. Tie for high hook, bob and dennis both had 7 keepers and fish of 10 1/2 and 9lbs were landed. Sat 1/10 The tog chewed real good. High hook Andrew reeled in 17 keepers, witha 9lber Keeping 10. Mr juu and dain combined for 24 keepers retaining there legal limit. Few other limits and most other had 4-7 keepers, most nice size boxers. Fished in 80 ft, current only got strong in the pm. Bandit Delaware Tog Report 1/3-1/4 <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Sailed with Charters on sat and sun. Fishing Was Poor both days for us Wish we had better to report.Fri we got blown out Sat every where we went we just had a scratchy, no come back type bites, with mostly shorts High hook had 3 keepers. The guys were sharp fisherman but they did not cooperate with us. Sun we steamed to the offshore reef got anchored up and only had scratchy bite couple of keepers and a few shorts, shifted around ng, headed back to the sw and lost all anchoring conditions, No breeze like a lake. Coulndt keep even one anchor rope tight. too nice We only picked a few more keepers to 8lbs at the end of the day. Bandit Delaware Blackfish Report Fri 12/26 and 12/27 <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Sail our first trip with the Island Current Boat this season in Delaware Fri. Had Mr Shin and the fishing club aboard. Made 3 drops with good life on all of them. Mr Shin and Shu had there 10 fish limits with nice boxers. Couple other guys had 10 fish limits as well. Most others guys had 4-6 keepers. Had a real strong current, needed 12-16 oz to hold. The guys who leaded up caught Better. If the current was a little less probably wouldhave been even better. On sat we sailed with super calm / flat seas. Got set up on the first spot and had good life all around the boat to 9lbs but it didnt last long at all. Slid and slided all over the place and couldnt sit right without the slide. Pull Your hair out day When we finally got some wind, we aready had the current again. One of those days for us. High Hook had 4 keepers. And the broken one won the pool witha 9lber. Lucky ones had afew keepers but a bunch had none.
  6. Folks in the upper Chessie are seeing some cloudy waters from releases at Conowingo. Yellow Perch are still readily available. The Blues are on the way out, the larger ones have fled. Middle Chessie is seeing water temps drop with schools of undersized Stripers. Lower Chessie has a mixed bag of small Blues and small Stripers. Spot is still being caught throughout the region. Surf Zone: On the frontal sands, expect Dogfish, some Skate/Rays and hordes of smaller Blues. Still waiting for the Stripes to show. The inlet and Rt 50 bridge are producing Tog, big Trout, big Blues and some decent Stripes. We're waiting for the big blast, should be here within this week. Let us know how you fared...
  7. Hi my name is David I took my Girlfriend fishing for the first time yesterday. We went to Seneca Creek State Park. It was fun, we dont have boat so were stuck on land. We saw alot of baby fish but that was it. I wanted to know if anyone knew of any places i could take her where we could fish from shore and have a good chance of catching something. Also i looked at getting and inflatable boat and an electric motor to put on the back of it so we could get out on these lakes so we could open up our range of fishing area. Are there any boats that could fit in a super low budget. Thank you for you time and help and i look forward to reading your comments. David
  8. I have also heard that soaking the wound with vinegar works for helping to control the pain. Not sure how true it is, might be a ole'wives tale, but it certainly can't hurt to try it.
  9. Monday, July 21, 2008 Yellow Perch Management Meeting (PASADENA, MD) -The Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association (MSSA) would like to inform you of an important Yellow Perch management meeting scheduled for Monday, July 28th from 7-9pm at the Tawes Building in Annapolis, MD. The purpose of this meeting is to develop specific goals and objectives for the recreational Yellow Perch fishery. The MSSA has been the main source for protecting recreational fishing rights in the state of Maryland for many years and will continue to do so on Monday, July 28th. The MSSA would like to invite all of its members and Chapter Presidents to attend this meeting and support the recreational fishermen of Maryland. The failures of previous Yellow Perch management are obvious and need to be resolved. The MSSA will work closely with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and other stake holders to determine the best Yellow Perch FMP. Marylanders have stood by and watched their fishery given to a group that has no concept of sustainability. This is our time to change that and let the lawmakers know that the recreational fishermen are more involved and determined in restoring and sustaining Yellow Perch populations. Recreational fishing in the state of Maryland has and always will be a staple of economic value and prosperity. Please join the MSSA on Monday, July 28th to change the out-dated and failing management plan for Yellow Perch. Please contact Rick Morin at the DNR if you wish to attend, or by phone at (410)-260-8272. Dave Smith Associate Executive Director Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen's Association, Inc. 8461C Ft. Smallwood Rd. Pasadena, MD 21122 410-255-5535
  10. probally nothing but....... Rehoboth Beach Clears After Reports Of Shark Sighting Rehoboth Beach Patrol cleared the waters on Sunday after reports of sharks in the water. Officials say it could have been a sand shark, a skate or a ray. Captain Kent Buckson says they get sightings at least a couple of times a summer. "We're going to be proactive and protect the public and pull them out for an extended period of time until we feel confident enough that whatever it was, sharks, skates or rays have moved on," Buckson said. Buckson says if you see any kind of marine life in the water to remain calm and tell a lifeguard.
  11. Bluefin Tuna are continue to dominate the offshore scene. Bigger fish have shown up. Fish in the 70 lb to 100 lb range are in the reachable waters off Ocean City. The biggest fish topped the scales at over 140 lb. Our customers are reporting nice quanities of BFT at the hambone, chicken bone, parking lot, & Masseys canyon. A few yellowfin showed yesterday , the best of it was in the hotdog area,1 boat while bluefing hooked and landed a 63 lb cobia which was 3 lb short of the Maryland. State record. Bluefish have thinned out but are still mixed in with the bluefin catches at the above mentioned spots. We also hear that the Norfolk Canyon is holding some YFT as well as White and Blue Marlin. The weather conditions look fishable for the next 4-5 days. From the nicest Marina on the East Coast, Sunset Marina on July 4th: "Phat Boyz" released 4 bluefin and kept 2 at the chicken bone. "Fin-Ness" released 12 bluefin and kept 2 while fishing the hambone. "Osprey" released 7 bluefin and kept 2 bluefin and a dolphin at the Massey's. "Zipper" released 5 bluefin and kept 2 at the Parking lot. "Evil Eye" fished the hambone and caught a bluefin and 5 bluefish. "Marli" released 3 bluefin and kept 1, and a king mackeral at the parking lot. "Shadowfax" released a blue marlin at the 50 fathom line. July 3rd: The "Marli" went to the Parking Lot and caught 2 yellowfins, 1 bluefin and released another 6 bluefins in the 80-100 lb range. Note: Please keep in mind that fish have tails when using this report to decide where to fish. Weather Report: TODAY VARIABLE WINDS AROUND 10 KT...BECOMING SE. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. SHOWERS AND TSTMS LIKELY. TONIGHT S WINDS 5 TO 10 KT. SEAS 2 TO 3 FT. SHOWERS AND TSTMS LIKELY. SUN SE WINDS 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. SHOWERS AND TSTMS LIKELY. SUN NIGHT S WINDS 10 TO 15 KT WITH GUSTS TO 20 KT. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. A CHANCE OF SHOWERS AND TSTMS. MON SW WINDS 10 TO 15 KT WITH GUSTS TO 20 KT. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. A CHANCE OF SHOWERS AND TSTMS. MON NIGHT SW WINDS 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. A CHANCE OF SHOWERS AND TSTMS. TUE SW WINDS 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. A CHANCE OF SHOWERS AND TSTMS. WED SW WINDS 10 TO 15 KT...BECOMING W 5 TO 10 KT AFTER MIDNIGHT. SEAS 2 TO 4 FT. A CHANCE OF SHOWERS AND TSTMS. WINDS AND SEAS HIGHER IN AND NEAR TSTMS. Here is a consolidated 3-day water temp shot:
  12. Things are slowly picking up, nice water temps though. ST's and SB's and being caught, although still on the small side. Let us know how you did, fish or no fish. Go get 'em!
  13. The water is heating up nicely, should be "dippable" soon. The larger toothy critters will be at the shore anytime, time to throw a line in. As usual, please post the details of your excursion, fish or no fish.
  14. I have been getting help from my Mother with the actual state pages design. She has been working on them for the past 6 months trying to get all the data she could to make this state site as informative as possible. She has done countless hours of research, web design and dealing with my pigheadedness. She is new to the forum and her username is Happy2fish. Please feel free to give any advice that you feel necessary and updates that need to be made to the state information pages. You may see the page for Delaware by clicking here. You may see the page for Maryland by clicking here. You may see the page for Virginia by clicking here. Thanks for a great welcome and we are all looking forward to your advice and knowledge. Please post your thoughts here.
  15. We need your expertise for Maryland fishing! Post your reports and pictures. Did you get a picture of your trophy fish? Share your best fishing story and maybe even your favorite spots. Feel free to brag a little.
  16. I'm not very satisfied with the forum titles. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Example: Maryland Fishing Forum and Discussion: Fishing the Ocean City, and Assateague surf can produce.... Offshore fishermen experience....